Bad Luck of Love: A Radio Drama

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Summary: A funny romantic story about a young man who trying to express his feeling but he had a lot of bad luck and silly events.

Good morning, Listeners! Hopefully this morning is still as bright as your aura in running your daily routines in home, in school, even in office. While other people are still dreaming beautifully with their warm blankets, or even just sleep after staying up all night because of the faculty task which is quite tiring. Well, I will read a romantic humorous story that will accompany your activities in this morning. Enjoy it.

This story is about a young man who falling in love with a pretty girl. So, he tried to express his feeling with a lot of ways in order to get her attention. But, he always got a bad luck when he doing something to getting closer to the girl.

One day, a young man called Patrick was walking in a backyard of the school. As a new student, he wants to walk around to see all parts of the school. With a comic titled “Detective Conan”, he walking slowly while reading the comic. Suddenly, a volley ball hit his face quickly until he fell.

Then, a beautiful girl approached him and said, “Are you okay?”, then he replied, “It is okay, I’m fine,” without realizing that his nose has been bleeding [oh, poor man].

Since that time, he was falling in love with the girl. Almost every day, he always pays attention to her and follows her wherever she goes even in the library. One day, when he realized that the girl will approach him, he immediately picked up a book and pretended to read it with a serious face. When she began approaching him, she asked with her pretty smile,

“Do you like sewing?” “What?” he was surprised.

Then he saw the cover book which he hold on his hand and realized that it was titled “Let’s Learn to Sew”.

Then she said, “I’m Emma. Sorry about your injury, I did not mean it.” “Oh, it’s okay. It’s just small injury. My name is Patrick, good to see you again.” “So I am. Well, uhm… I have to go. Bye.” “Oh, okay. Bye!,” he replied with a shy face. Then, she left him by walking slowly out from the library.

Well, Listeners! Before I continue the next part of this story, I am going to play a song to accompany your sunny morning. Here it’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Pentatonix.

[The music is playing]

Day by day, he was being more interested with her. When the school bell was ringing, he was following her secretly. But when he saw a cat in the middle of the street, he paused to move the cat in the roadside. He realized that Emma was far away, and then he tried to follow her quickly. But, when he was passing through a small bridge, he slipped and fell into the river with his bag, books, even his bike has been floating on the water surface. Not far from the river, there were children who were playing and saw the incident.

Then they ran up to him while shouting, “GO HELP HIIIIIIM!”, and they helping Patrick quickly.

Then he said, “Thank you, kids. I’m fine, it’s okay. Now, you should go home,” but one of them replied, “It is okay, we want to be a hero. So, we will take you back to your home.”

[Hahaha, how funny they are!] He had no choice except walking back to the home with a wet uniform and embarrassed face while was accompanied by a group of children who are obsessed to be a true hero.

Then, one day before the English class would be start, Patrick was walking to the toilet while brought his English book. But, when he was in the toilet, he heard the conversation between Thomas and Jeremy, the most popular boys in the school. They were talking about Emma whom Thomas wants to be his next girlfriend. After heard that, he was broken heart. He was so sad until few days later.

In the Friday night, Patrick was very frustration then he decided to walk around the beach near from his house. During that night, he wants to forget anything about Emma and tried to move on. While he walking in the side of the beach, he saw a beautiful girl was walking alone with her white dress. Then he said, “Oh my God, please keep safe me from any devil around me. I swear, I will not be frustrated any more just because of a girl. But please, don’t let me see another creature like that ghost”. Then, the girl whom he supposed as a ghost was walking getting closer to him but he was being more afraid. And then….

“Patrick? What are you doing here?”

“Hah? Please, stay away from me. Don’t kill me, please. I want to stay alive.”

“Hey, it’s me, Emma”.

“Emma, what are you doing here alone?”

“Well, I love beach. I always walk here alone. And you?”

“Oh, well, I… I just… uhm, may I say something to you?”


“Well, actually, I’m interested to you since we met at the first time. So, I’m tried to express this feeling but I couldn’t. I think, this is my chance to do it.”

“Uhm, actually, I have falling in love with someone.”

“Oh…. it’s okay”.

“And he is you.”

Finally, he found his love with all the bad luck which he got.

I think this story is quite interesting, isn’t it? When you falling in love with someone, sometimes, the effort is needed when a lot of obstacles block your way. It doesn’t mean that God is not on your side, but God want you to realize how much efforts have you did to achieve what you want.

And to completing your perfect day, I will play the song of Avicii with “Addicted to You”. Thanks for listening and see you tomorrow morning.

[The music is playing]

Word Count: 1000

Thanks to Wiwin C. and Shiendy Q. for giving inspiration and sharing their personal experiences to this assignment.


Welcome To Night Vale “Pilot” by Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink

Dramatization link:

4 thoughts on “Bad Luck of Love: A Radio Drama

  1. Felicia. M.Y

    The story presents comedy story which is built by the characters and the plot. Then it entertains me as a reader. “Bad luck” is built by Patrick helps to build the element of comedy in the story. Although the plot is fragmented because this radio drama tries to present any music, but it is not made me being bored. I am also entertained with the back sounds of dramatization. The back sound can help the listeners to be able to describe how the story is. However the tone of narrator is not built the condition which the story wants to build. I as listener cannot get the element of comedy when I listen to the dramatization. Overall, I was entertained when I read this radio drama. (126)


  2. 180410120008/A

    In my opinion, this radio drama is too direct, because it tells an unlucky person who chases his love and just gets it in the end. The conversations between the narratives are not balance. Moreover, the narrative is too long like a fairy tale because the narrator extensively presents the presentation. The narrator in radio drama is very important. I think the story is present in a unique way. Even though it is a love story, the author also put a humorous story so that the listeners can laugh. Unfortunately, this radio drama is lack of background songs. Meanwhile, the selection of songs and sound effects are sufficient to provide an overview of what is happening.

    Word count: 117


  3. 180410120129/G

    This story is pretty good to make me curious about the ending, whether he will get the girl or not. The obstacles that he got make the story more exciting, especially when he knew that Thomas was his rival to get attention from Emma. But I think he should not have a broken heart and give up, but instead should try again, again and again even harder than before to compete against Thomas. The last, in my opinion you don’t have to put the whole song in this radio drama. You just need to put some parts of the song, so the portion of the song is not much longer than the story.

    Word count: 114 words


  4. 180410120145/G

    In my opinion, this script of radio drama is good. It makes me interested because it does not only tell the story of radio drama, but there are opening, bridging to the story coupled with the existence of an interlude song that makes the radio drama not monotonous, and closing in this work. I think, they make listeners really feel like listening to the radio and make listeners curious to what happen next in the story after the interlude. Other than that, the story of this radio drama is also interesting. The mild romance story coupled with humor in the story make it pleasant to be heard.

    Word count: 107


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