Are We Friend or “Friend”? : A Radio Drama


Summary: story is about two best friends who in fact they are falling in love to each other, but they won’t to reveal it because they both are shy.


Introduction: The main characters of this scenario are Dito and Putri who are friends. They are very close and they often talked about everything. In fact they are falling in love to each other, but they don’t want to reveal it because they are shy.

#Scene 1


(Knock the table)

Dito: I think, I’m too early to go to campus. It’s still 6:20 A.M and this canteen is quiet. Mr. Abdul hasn’t come, whereas now is fit to drink coffee.

Putri (shout to surprise): Woy, it’s still morning, stop spacing out.

Dito: Please don’t surprise me like that.

Putri: Ups, sorry.

Dito: Hey why do you also come this early?

Putri: Damn, you text me to accompany you weirdo.

Dito (laugh): Don’t be mad girl, I’m just kidding.

Putri: Wuuuu. Oh I have sandwich that I made for you. Here for you, you haven’t get a breakfast right?

Dito: Thank you Put, you know what I need now.

Putri: Of course I know you Dit, we know each other since 3 years ago. (Phone rings) I thought it was Gery who texts me.

Dito: Oh Gery.

Putri: Are you jealous? (Laugh)

Dito: You’re over confident, of course no. Why do I need to be jealous?

Putri: Ok, just eat that sandwich. Here drink for you.

Dito: Thank you.

Putri: There is sauce at your lips. Here I’ll clean it. (Music) Why are you staring at me like that?

Dito: It’s very nice to have a friend who cares to me. You care to me more than my ex.

Putri: Why do you suddenly talk like that?

Dito: No, I just want to thank you.

Putri: You’re welcome weirdo.

Dito: It’s almost time for Presentation class.

Putri: You’re right. Let’s move on.


#Scene 2

(Movie sound)

Dito: What do you think about this movie?

Putri: This movie is so romantic. I wish my love story can be like that.

Dito: I think this movie is weird. It is impossible that a vampire can fall in love to a human.

Putri: In fact, I don’t really care about the story, but the vampire is handsome.

Dito: Yeah, he is handsome just like me.

Putri: Hmmm….

Dito: How about you and Gery anyway?

Putri: Please don’t talk about him. He seldom calls me.

Dito: Ok. My bad. Thank you for being a nice friend and always pay attention to me.

Putri: No problem weirdo.

Dito: May I ask you something. Is that possible if we fall in love between us? (Music)

Putri: Are you drunk?

Dito: No, I’m just asking.

Putri: There is nothing impossible. Why do you hold my hand since the movie start?

Dito: I only want to feel you.

Putri: It’s not like you weirdo, you are so soft.

Dito: You don’t know I can be so soft to woman too. Do you love me?

Putri: You’re drunk weirdo.

Dito: Please just answer it and be honest to me.

Putri: Emmm…. Yes I love you.

Dito: Pardon me? (Little laugh)

Putri: Ah stop it.

Dito: I beg on you once more please.

Putri: Yes I love you Dito.

Dito (kiss at forehead): Love you too.

Putri: You are suddenly so romantic weirdo.

Dito: Just watch the movie again.


#Scene 3

(People Chattering)

Putri: Hey, what are you doing in canteen?

Dito: I’m just drinking coffee.

Putri: Here I bring you fried rice.

Dito: Thank you my friend.

Putri: Friend?

Dito: Yes friend, why?

Putri: Nothing.

Dito: I eat your food.

Putri: Ok, go on.

Dito (Ringtone): Who is it? Oh Clara.

Putri: Who is Clara?

Dito: My friend, she invites me to watch a movie on theatre.

Putri: Oh.

Dito: Is there anything wrong about it??

Putri: Nothing. Just eat that food before it is getting cold.

Dito: Hey please tell me why?

Putri: No, maybe I’m just over confident. I do not know why do you just call me friend after what’s happening in movie theatre.

Dito: What should I do? You still have boyfriend.

Putri: Oh maybe you’re right.

Dito: Well, I didn’t ask us to be my girlfriend.

Putri: Ok, I’m sorry. I’ll go to class, if you’ve finished just bring that to the class. Just for your information, I’ve done with Gery after what’s happened in the theatre.

Dito: I know that from your friend.

Putri: What? So, why do you treat me like this?

Dito(Music): I only want you to tell me directly about your relationship. May I ask you something?

Putri: What is it?

Dito: Do you want to be mine?

Putri: Are you serious?

Dito: Yes, I’m serious honey.

Putri: Yes I want to be yours.

Dito: Thank you and please forgive me honey.

Putri: Ok weirdo.



Thank you very much to Anthea and Cynthia who help me make the dramatization


-Based on my friend and my story.

Word count: 794

Link for dramatization:


2 thoughts on “Are We Friend or “Friend”? : A Radio Drama

  1. 180410110193/A

    I think your radio drama is interesting. The story is simple and it makes people easy to understand, but there are some things that can make your radio drama better. First is the conflict of the drama. I think the conflict is too mainstream. The story is already simple and in my opinion the conflict should be more complex so that the radio drama will be more interesting. Second is between scene one and scene two and scene two and scene three have to be added a bridge. If there is no bridge between those scenes, the listener will be confused. Third is you should be more expressive with your voice in dramatization of your radio drama because in radio drama we use our voice to make the story alive.


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