A Poem for You: A Poem


Summary: A girl who always waits for her boyfriend who never cares to her.

Hey you, how are you?
Hey you, how is your feeling?
Hey you, where are you?
Hey you, what are you doing?

I look my Smartphone and hope there is a message from you
I look my mobile phone and hope there is a call from you
I look my window and hope outside of my room there are you
I look in front of my door and hope there are letters from you

You never know that I always wait for your presence
You never know that I miss the day you used to care
You never know that I always worry your absence
You never know that I always think about you anytime, anywhere

It is always hurt when I see you can update your status through your Smartphone
Sharing your feeling and your words on social media
But when I look at my mine, there is no message from you in my mobile phone
Perhaps you think that sending me your message is not a good idea

My tears stream down like rain falls from the sky
The heavy rain which can fall anywhere
You never know that almost every night I cry
Even though I know that you do not care

Sometimes it hurts when I remember
The days when you always care about me
The days when you and me can go together
But now, you are even not seen by me

You never tell me to do what I should do
Whether I have to wait for you or leave you
Even though I also do not know what to do
But the fact is that I still really need you

Sometimes I feel that you are really not fair
Every time you think that I do something wrong
You let me tossed around like dust in the air
Every time you do it to me, I know that it is wrong

I am a girl who has heart and feeling
Do you think that I cannot feel the pain?
I am not a doll or an inanimate thing
I can shed tears like sky sheds rain

I always hope that someday you can understand
Hoping you know how I am here waiting for you
You know that it has been long time that my patience can stand
Because you know that I have great hopes for you

I am just afraid if you will never be like before
Because you have been making me waiting for you again and again
Such a shell waiting a sweep of waves on the shore
Just to feel something caused by your treatment, pain

I know that you do not like if I protest to you
I know that you will increasingly ignore me
Because you say that my protest only disturbs you
But now you cannot hold me

I want to tell you that I cannot wait any longer
Waiting for you who never know how my feeling is
Through this poem, I want to tell you that I want it over
I want you know that I cannot stand so long for this

Word Count: 540


Dramatization link: https://soundcloud.com/rahzanif/a-poem-for-you-a-poem

One thought on “A Poem for You: A Poem

  1. 180410120147/G

    I am interested to discuss about how you manage the words in your poem that the rhyme organized well from the beginning until the end. To be honest, for me, it is hard to manage the words and make a good rhyme like you did. Moreover, the story of the poem is also interesting. Is it based on your experience? However, if only you add a dramatization for your poem, it would be great, because I think it is important to make a dramatization so the reader can feel the story, but overall, I like your poem and I can feel it quietly.

    (103 words)


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