A Passing Second: Short Film

180410120038 – Kelas B

Summary: A short film about love and time.


Ext. Apartment Rooftop, United States – Morning – Now (17 June 2014)

LS The sky is blue and calm.

MS Tommax sits at the gazebo on the rooftop, blankly gaze the surroundings and then he closes his eyes.

(His phone suddenly rings.)

Tommax: Yes.

Cerys’s Mom: Tommax, darling.

(The conversations continue in muffled.)

Tommax: Is that true?

Cerys’s Mom: Yes, sweetheart.

Tommax: (Deeply breaths, then throw his gaze to another side.) Alright.

Cerys’s Mom: Thanks, Tommax.

Tommax: (Can not speak any word.)

(*BEEP* the sound of hanging phone)

MS Tommax stands near to the edge of the rooftop and then closes his eyes, again.

The screen fades out and turns into black.

LS The airplane takes off from the airport.

Movie intro begins.


Ext. Town Park, Jatinangor – Afternoon – The Previous Time (18 May 2010)

LS The sun shines warmly through interstice of the leaves on the tree.

LS Tommax and Cerys sit together on the bench in silence.

Cerys: (Opens her bag, and draws out a piece of paper. Then, she starts drawing on it.)

Tommax: (Watch her drawing carefully) Hey, what is it?

Cerys: (Keep drawing and drawing.)

Tommax: (Smiles.)

Cerys: (Finishes her drawing and shows it to Tommax.)

Tommax: (Look at the drawing and then he smiles.)

Cerys: What is it, Tommax? How do you think?

Tommax: (Can’t say any of words. Then he caresses her hair.)

CU Cerys cheerfully smiles.

CU Tommax smiles in doubt.


Int. Café, Jatinangor – Night – The Previous Time (19 May 2010)

CU The lamp light is calm and peace.

MS Tommax sits in one of the café tables hold one sheet of paper in each hand.

Tommax: (Read one of the papers carefully, and then he takes a look to the other paper. After he look both of the papers, he breaths heavily while throwing his gaze to the surroundings.)

MS Cerys comes in to the café. She walks to the tables in which Tommax sits.

Cerys: Hi, honey!

Tommax: Oh hi, Cerys.

Cerys: I am sorry I came late. You must have been waiting for me for ages.

Tommax: That’s alright. (He paused for a moment) It is a stunning night, right?

Cerys: Yes it is. Just like two creations of God who are falling love each other. Just like our love. (Grabs and holds Tommax hands.)

Tommax: It truly is dear.

Cerys: (Giggles.) Tommax, what is that? (She points at one of the paper which is laid on the table.)

Tommax: Oh, I just wanted to show you this. (He gives the paper to her.)

Cerys: (Reads the paper and then she exclaims.) Wow! Congratulations dear! I am happy to hear the news. Why don’t you tell me before?

Tommax: It is because I don’t want to make you feel down on me. I’m afraid you’ll sad to hear this.

Cerys: (Holds Tommax’s hands.) Our love is greater than the distance between Jatinangor and USA. Period. You shouldn’t be afraid of anything, dear.

Tommax & Cerys: (Smiles)

Camera fades out.


Ext. Hospital – The Previous Time (1 June 2014)

LS Cerys and her mother sit at the hospital corridor, waiting in a state of anxiety.

LS Doctor comes over them while holding a sheet of paper in his hand. He gives the letter to Cerys’s mother.

Cerys’s Mom: (Restlessly receives the letter from the doctor, then she reads it.)Oh, my… (She can not continue her word.)

Cerys: What does it say, mom? (Cerys takes the letter from her mom, and reads it. She is startled and unintentionally drops the letter. The tears began falling from her eyes. She hugs her mother tightly while she is crying.)

CU The letter is on the floor.


The Previous Time (15 June 2014)

CU The phone screens show the discomposing conversation between Tommax and Cerys.

Camera fades out.


Int. Hotel Room, Jatinangor – Now (18 June 2014)

CU The phone screen.


MS Tommax changes his shirt into a black suit

CU He buttons up his shirt.

MS He takes his phone and leaves the hotel room.


Ext. Town Cemetery, Jatinangor – Now (18 June 2014)

CU Tommax walks to the cemetery.

MS Everybody gathers in the funeral. Cerys’s mother comes over Tommax while crying, and then she hugs him.

LS The sky is peace and calm.


CU The pastor gives the sermon.

CU Tommax can not hide his grief.

MS The sermon is finished. Other people say their mourning to Cerys’s mother and Tommax.

LS/BS People leaves the cemetery.

CU Tommax puts out the wedding rings from his pocket, and places one of which on Cerys’s grave after he puts on the other. He also places the flower on her grave.

MS Tommax stares at the grave sadly, while Cerys stands beside him smiling.


(814 Words)

Thank you list:

– God, the Almighty.

– Melinda Megahri Putri, my girlfriend, for lending me the camera for the movie shooting.

– All my beloved friends and casts Bimo, Olfath, Rizky, Parastika, Mutiara Hapsari, Amanda, and Monica Maulidia.

– 235firefly, youtuber, for letting me use his aircraft video.

Reference list:

– Toilet room, a place where all inspiration comes from.

– Adhitia Sofyan – When The Big Blue Sky Collapse

– My personal experience.

– The nature.

Dramatization link:

15 thoughts on “A Passing Second: Short Film

  1. 180410120040/A

    The script is quite interesting, but I think the dramatization will be better if the voice of each player is sounded. So not only the backsongs are heard, but also the players’ voice. I think it would be better so that the viewers do not get bored and keep watching this cute-yet-sad movie. In addition, I really like the song that chosen by the director, the songs are match to the situation on the script. Overall, the story is quite simple, but there is a lesson that I got; distance is not a problem, no matter how far it is, love can break it down. (105 words)


    • I was planning to put on the sound of the dialogue in this movie at the first time, but I think it would be rigid and awkward for the casts (especially myself :p) to speak a language which is not their native language if I do so. Thanks for the compliment Dira. I am very glad that you got some lessons from my movie. :)


  2. 180410120037 / B

    After watching the dramatization, i feel that this short movie has a quite strong emotion. Even this drama was lack of conversation or dialogue, the gesture of each actor and its facial expression taken using Close Up mode was good enough to deliver the emotion to the watcher. But, i think this short movie would be look nicer if the shooting was supported by the well lighting especially in close up mode. For example, the scene 2 would be looked more great if the camera was not against the light, and the scene 6 can be looked nicer if you put the good lighting in it so we can saw Tommax changes his suit clearly. But overall, your work is greatly nice. Two thumbs up!

    Word Count : 124


    • I agree with your opinion that the lighting was poor. I realized it too when I was finishing the editing of this movie.
      If only I could reverse the time.. :p

      Thanks, Muti. I will try my best on my next movie project. Your compliment really makes up my day. :D


  3. Dimas Bimo

    I think this is a good film, the movie script is well-written and the storyline itself is quite clear. As for the dramatization, it has a good choice of the back sounds for the dramatization and the way you make the film is not bad. But I think there is some plot twist in this movie that does not appear in the film script. That is the way you portray in the film shows that during the lifetime, Ceres and her mother is a Muslim but at the funeral scene, why is there a pastor giving the sermon in the funeral and not an “us adz” who leads a prayer. It is confusing me very much

    117 word


  4. Peni Rizki
    180410120035/ B

    What a good movie scenario! You successfully created a new sad ending movie. Besides due to the pleasant appearance of some sweet drama movies, this one has many special elements. I like how you matched the storyline with the place settings, which breaks the limited spots in Jatinangor. Besides, the conflicts in the movie scripts are very total, for instance, the diseases suffered by Cerys: Ataxia Telangiectasia, Cerebral Contusion, and Diffuse Axonal Injury; also your leaving to Harvard, USA. The characterization and the background music are managed well, like in 11:34: the existence of the priest completes the mourning atmosphere in the cemetery, supported by the chosen background song. All those elements are supporting each other and become a good packaging. Good job! :)

    Word count: 124


  5. 180410120069

    In my opinion, the story consisted in this film script is quite common and simple. It is about a young couple who are in love to each other, then have to face a bitter fact that they are separated by a distance. I really like the way “the distance” is presented in this film script. The first distance presented is a distance that separated Tommax and Cerys between USA and Jatinangor. This distance is indeed clearly seen. Besides this distance, I also see that Tommax and Cerys are separated again by “other distance.” It is a distance that existed because Cerys dies and leaves Tommax forever. Later, I think the characterization of Tommax, is so well-built in this script. It is seen from his sayings (in scene 5) and his action (in scene 7, when he puts flower and ring on Cerys’ cemetery).

    Word Count: 144


    • Your comment really summarizes up the story plot of the movie. That means you got the story in whole. Thanks for watching my movie, Lidya. I chose the simple theme for this movie in order to make the viewers enjoying every second of this movie completely. A work of art is something to be enjoyed not to be confused, right? :) Thanks again, Lid.


  6. 180410120074/D

    I love the way you make the settings seem so real. When the script says it is in the USA, you successfully make me believe that it is in the USA because you use a rooftop, a so-western style. But the setting I like the most is when it is in the cemetery. I know exactly where it is but you make it like in the real cemetery. The feeling is like in San Diego Hills. The pastor, the atmosphere, the green grass also be the elements which add the feelings and make it like a real cemetery. Anyway, it is a well-done movie. Love is timeless, indeed.
    (108 words)


    • The process of thinking in deciding the place and tricked it up to look like a cemetery was really hard for me and especially for the cameramen of the scene. Thank you very much for giving your compliment on this detail, Nurin! That surely pay off all of the hard work. :)


  7. 180410120140/G

    After watching this film, I feel like I want to cry. This film is very touching and poignant. The plot that moves back and forth makes this film looks very romantic. The most touching aspect in this film is the songs. You choose very suitable songs which build such an impression. Actually, the mellow songs that support this ongoing film makes me feel emotional. I think that I feel the grief like the main character in this film. The angle of the camera itself becomes the shortage that I can feel in this film, for example how the camera shot the land that you chose as a grave. For me, the grave looks more rounded than it should. If you paid more attention to this thing, I am sure that your film would be more amazing. Overall, this film is great.

    (141 words)


    • Yes, I also realize that the grave look round. :)) It was the only thing that look like a grave in the shooting place at that time. I could not do the shooting in a real graveyard at that time for some reasons. Yet, the cameramen at that time, Olfath, had done his best to make it look like a real grave; I can’t thank him enough for his hard work. I will do my best on my next movie project. Thanks, Dil.


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