A Monday For Her: A Poem


Summary: A woman starts to hate Monday when she finds that the woman she loves is having sex with her friend.

Monday is great

Tuesday is great

Wednesday is great

Every day is great

She always keeps that in mind

She never has a favorite day

Because every day is her favorite day

So this is Monday

When the most of humans hate the day

She smiles as she combs her short hair

She squints her eyes when she finds her hairline just wrong

Then she puts down the comb

Then she uses her own right hand to tidy up her hair

And she smiles once again

Smiles to her bedroom mirror

And she smiles once again

To make sure she is ready for Monday

She locks her apartment unit

She walks to the parking lot

She grabs her helmet

Then she rides her Tiger

She stops somewhere

Somewhere she often visits

Where aroma of espresso will always be the perfume

She walks straight to where the barista stands

She says something

Something she wants this morning

Caramel Macchiato is the one

Afterwards she turns back her body

She walks slowly to table 9

A perfect spot with perfect number

As she approaches, she stands still beside the sofa

She stares outside through transparent glass

She stares at a man, a manly man

The man wears a black shirt that matches with his beige pants

His hands are rather hairy, a thin beard just perfectly covers his chin

His body is too hot, maybe he works out a lot

Yes, he is hot

Apparently his hot body attracts every girl but her

Yes, but her

A chick with Caramel Macchiato

She turns her view to her table

She pulls the table slightly and sits down

She looks outside, that hot man is gone

Too bad, she thinks

No, the ‘too bad’ is neither because the hot man is gone

Nor because the good view has vanished

But for her feelings

She feels nothing

She feels hollow

She has never been in a relationship before

Neither with a man nor a woman

She never liked moreover loved anyone beside her family

She just does not know why

She never wonders why

She regards it like it does not matter

On this Monday

She gulps the Caramel Macchiato two times

She licks her own lips with a single lick

Then she puts the glass down on her table

On this Monday

She sits pensively, she stares at her glass

Not for long

Five minutes later she stands up

She walks away from her table

She walks away from her unfinished drink

She enters a restroom at the corner

She sees a girl of same age as her

The girl stands in front of a sink

Stares at her own reflection in a mirror above the sink

Afterwards she takes her magenta blouse off

The Caramel Macchiato girl does not let her body move

She does not let her eyes blink

One thing and the only one she let is her heart to thump

Let it be

After her magenta blouse off, she takes her bra off

So the Caramel Macchiato girl trembles

Trembling to see the girl’s plump topless body

Trembling to see the girl’s black long hair covering her naked back

Trembling too much until she shivers

She turns back her body and steps off from the restroom

She walks back to her 9 table

Sits for a moment just to take a gulp of her Caramel Macchiato

Take a gulp, then take a gulp again until the glass is empty

Then she goes back to her apartment

The Monday is gone

Only the Monday is gone

Not her memory of the day

Hour by hour, day by day

The topless girl is always on her mind

The magenta blouse girl always haunts her dreams

She wants to meet the black-haired girl again

She wants to see her again

But how? When? Where?

There her smartphone rings

A short message shows

A friend of her needs her

Needs her to do something with her friend’s laptop

So they make an appointment

So the Caramel Macchiato girl promises to visit her friend next Monday

Time flies

The sun of Monday rises

Caramel Macchiato girl combs her hair

She smiles to her mirror then goes out

Hand of the Caramel Macchiato girl knocks her friend’s house door

The door opens and shows a girl who always haunts her from inside her friend’s house

So it is clear

So that is her destiny

So this is her happiness

So this is Monday

She is happy

Irma, that is the magenta blouse girl’s name

So she is Irma

So she is the ghost that haunts the Caramel Macchiato girl

So she is her Monday

On this Monday

Now this is the time for Caramel Macchiato girl to do her friend’s laptop


Alone in somebody’s living room

Weird. Her friend leaves her alone, so does Irma

20 minutes passed

1200 seconds passed

She feels that she has to go to restroom

So she stands up and walks to the restroom

As she walks towards the restroom, she passes a room

A room with half-open door

She sees her friend and Irma are both naked

She sees her magenta blouse girl kissing her friend

On this Monday

She feels a thunder strikes her heart

She feels heavy rain coming from her eyes

Then she runs off

Flees from her friend’s house

Flees from reality

Also tries to flee from memory about the magenta blouse girl

On this Monday

She hates Monday

Special thanks to:

  • Lucy Turner, a friend from Croatia, for recording and helping me with the dramatization work.
  • Rizki Puji Gustian, a friend from B class, for proofreading and pointing out my grammar mistakes.
  • Ineza Rachma Putri, a friend from F class, for proofreading and pointing out my grammar mistakes.


Link for work dramatization: https://soundcloud.com/enjelpuspa/a-monday-for-her-poem

9 thoughts on “A Monday For Her: A Poem

  1. 180410120123/F

    Enjelita, I think your poem is quite good. It’s clear that your poem is about lesbian. As far as I read your poem, I can’t really understand your poem. I think my problem is about your plot. I get confuse with your plot when I read your poem. Especially the part when she went to restroom and did some things in restroom, doesn’t she in the café’s restroom? So, why she did that? Is it contains the real meaning from that part or only denotation? And, about the dramatization, I’m disappointed with it. I think it’ll be better if you do that by yourself. It’s because the dramatization is not clear enough. Besides, I think there is no relation between your background story and your friend from Croatia. I like your voice more Enjelita. :)

    Word count: 134


    • 180410120112 / F

      Hi, Meutia. Thanks for your comment and the compliment.
      As for your problem about my plot, perhaps your problem is not with my plot but with the way you read it. I am sure you were reading my poem too fast. I think it is clear enough to understand that the Caramel Macchiato girl was doing nothing but staring at the magenta blouse girl while she (the magenta blouse girl) was taking off her clothes.

      I am really sorry about your disappointment, but let me get this straight. I asked my Croatian friend to do the dramatization not because she has a relation with my poem but because she has a different accent with me in speaking English.

      I know the audio is quite low in loud speaker but it is not if you hear it using earphones :)


      • Hmm. Maybe you’re right. Maybe i read your poem too fast.
        Oh, I thought it’ll be a relation between the story and your Croatia friend. When i read your special thanks, i thought the background is in Croatia so you made your dramatization with Croatia accent. Now, it’s clear.
        it’s a good work. thank you. i enjoyed your work.


  2. 180410120116/ F

    The idea is interesting and unique, and I like how you bravely put lesbian topic in a poem. The words you used are not that difficult which helps me to understand the plot. You successfully portrayed lesbian in the poem, but somehow the poem lacks of feeling, like I did not feel the sadness or betrayed feeling when the Caramel Macchiato girl found that Irma was having sex with her friend. The dramatization of the poem also did not help much, maybe adding some sound effects or songs in the background could help. Nevertheless, even though it lacks a little, the poem is still good for me.

    Word count: 109


    • 180410120112 / F

      Hi, Laras. Thanks for your comment and the compliment.
      I must admit that my aim is that the readers can imagine not feel every described situation in the poem, so I tried to write it clearly. I tried to write and describe every single thing even a little thing, for instance: “She licks her own lips with a single lick”.

      Thank you for giving a suggestion for the dramatization work. As I have told you earlier, my aim is the readers’ imagination. So I guess background music has more potential to build a feeling than a imagination. Again, I also think that sound effect is not fit my writing since it is a poem not radio drama :)


  3. 180410120007/A

    I think the short story you made is very creative and interesting, because I hardly ever read a poem with the theme of a pair of lesbians, I really like how you convey the content of the poem and the language is easy to understand. You successfully display theme lesbian on your poem. But there is one thing that makes me confuse, it is about your plot, maybe you can trace and make it clear so I could more easily figure out the storyline in this poem, over all your work is very good, and I like your voice in the work dramatization. Good job.

    word count: 105


    • 180410120112 / F

      Thanks a lot for your compliment. I am glad. :)

      About your confusion, I apologize for it. But in my humble opinion about my own writing, the plot is clear enough to understand. I even had three proofreaders before my work posted to make sure the plot, dictions, and grammar is just right also understandable. I recommend you to read my poem once again slowly, because I find that it kinda hard to get my poem meaning if the readers read it too fast.

      Ah, about the voice in the dramatization work, that is not my voice but Lucy’s. She is a good friend of mine from Croatia. I asked her to do the dramatization because she has a different accent with me which is (I hope) would make the dramatization more exciting.

      Thank you for your comment.


      • 180410120112 / F

        Sorry, I meant “are” not “is” in “I even had three proofreaders before my work posted to make sure the plot, dictions, and grammar is just right also understandable.”


  4. 180410120112 / F

    Sorry, I meant “are” not “is” in “I even had three proofreaders before my work posted to make sure the plot, dictions, and grammar is just right also understandable.”


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