A Coward Little Elephant and A Rascal Small Bear: Radio Drama‏


Summary: The story is about a rascal small bear trying to scare a coward little elephant when he is walking around the wood to look for food.

Once upon a time, there was a bear, Teddy, who was watching a coward elephant, Eli, walking from a river to the wood. He was starving and decided to look for food in the wood. Because the wood was so dark and creepy, he walked very slowly.

(Eli’s footsteps.)

Teddy: Whoa, there’s an elephant! Um, why’s he walking so slowly? Is he afraid of the dark? …Aha!

(Sounds of bushes.)

Eli: Ugh. All I wanted was just walking around the forest for a while, but why do I have to get hungry in the middle of this dark place…

(Teddy making sounds in the bushes.)

Eli (gasping): What’s that creepy sound? Hmm, no, no. Mom said that I’m a big brave elephant who’s never afraid of anything!

The coward Eli was trying to strengthen his heart to keep going. However, Teddy didn’t want to stop to scare him. Until, Eli began to notice Teddy’s existence.

Eli: Who’s that in the bushes?

Teddy (whispering to himself): Oh, no! I might be flat to the ground if he knew I am here.

Because Teddy was afraid to confess, he was silent, thinking how to not make the elephant angry and stomp him. Eli stepped to the bushes where Teddy was hiding.

Eli: Hey! Who’s there?

(Sounds of the leaves of the bushes brushed by Eli’s trunk.)

Teddy (whispering to himself): Aha! I got an idea!

Out of the sudden, Teddy made a monster sound it really shocked Eli.

(Sounds of roaring.)

(Sounds of Eli falling to the ground.)


Eli (shouting then sobbing): Heeelp! There’s a monster here! Don’t eat me, Mr. Monster. My flesh is bitter and very not delicious. Even, my butt has some scabies and my ears have a lot of fleas. So, please don’t eat me.

(Teddy laughing and showing up.)

Eli: You… You are a bear?? So, you’re just a bear and not a monster?

Teddy (laughing): Who says I’m a monster, coward? Shame on you! Big body but small guts!

Eli: How dare you making fun of me! As an apology, I want you to accompany me to find food and return to the river.

Teddy: What? Accompanying you? Nah. A ah. I’m not the bad guy here. This is all your fault, coward. Just go there alone.

Eli: You little rascal! You should apologize for scaring me!

Teddy: Um, I don’t think so. Anyway, you know what? Yesterday, somebody saw a dinosaur ghost! It must’ve been really hungry, because it hasn’t eaten for thousand years. Brave yourself. Bye!

Eli: Hey! Wait! Aren’t you afraid? Hey! Bear!


The sky was getting dark while Eli was getting scared because of the “dinosaur ghost” thing.

Eli: What should I do? If the sun set and I’m still here, there would be not just the dinosaur ghost who would eat me, even wolves and tigers could eat me too. Okay, calm down. Just be cool.

(Eli whistling.)

After a long walk, he bumped into something big.

(Eli bumping into something.)

After seeing what he bumped into, he immediately ran to the opposite direction and hide behind a big tree.

(Eli asking while hiding.)

Eli: Are you a monster?

Uncle Tiddy: No…

Eli: Are you a dinosaur ghost?

Uncle Tiddy (slightly laughing): Of course not.

Eli: You’re definitely not the lion king, huh?

Uncle Tiddy (laughing): Of course not. I’m a bear.

Eli: A bear?

(Eli showing up.)

Uncle Tiddy: Yes, a bear. How could you forget me, Eli? We used to play together in the river.

Eli: The river? Um, don’t tell me that you are…

Uncle Tiddy: Yes. I am Uncle Tiddy. I’m your mom’s friend. Um, anyway, I wonder why you’re walking alone in the wood. Where’s your mom?

Eli: My mom’s going to another wood leaving me alone bored playing in the river so I walk around here. I’m hungry, and in the middle of the wood there was a little rascal bear. He tried to scare me because he knew that I am so afraid.

Uncle Tiddy: Oh, you met Teddy already?

Eli: Teddy?

Uncle Tiddy: Yes, Teddy. That little rascal bear you meant. He must be Teddy, my nephew. Looks like he got bored of waiting me fishing.

Knowing that Teddy was his nephew, Eli told his idea to take revenge on Teddy to Uncle Tiddy so that he wouldn’t be rascal again. Then, Eli and Uncle Tiddy walked retracing the wood to look for Teddy.

And, there Teddy was; lying under a shady tree, enjoying his own time.

(The wind blowing through the shady tree.)

Teddy: I can be more excited. Having a big coward elephant afraid of the lie I made up. Hahaha. He is so stupid.

(Suddenly, the ground was shaking.)

Teddy: Wha…what’s going on here? Is it an earthquake?

Teddy (shouting): Oh, no! Uncle! Help me, Uncle! Where’re you?

Teddy: Um, wait. There’s no volcano near here. That’s not impossible if the ground was shaking because of earthquake. Um, is it… Is it a real dinosaur ghost?

(From the bushes, there was laughing sounds of Eli and Uncle Tiddy.)

Eli and Uncle Tiddy could not stand it anymore. Eli were laughing and bubbling out of the bushes.

Teddy: Elephant?

(Uncle Tiddy followed Eli out of the bushes.)

Teddy: Uncle? What’s going on here? Were you trying to scare me?

Eli (laughing): You’re so funny when you’re afraid, Teddy.

Teddy: Ugh. Uncle, you know this coward elephant?

Uncle Tiddy: Yes. Teddy, you shouldn’t be too rascal to Eli. No one will help us if we do bad things.

Teddy: That was his fault, Uncle. Why is he so coward?

Uncle Tiddy: What about the dinosaur ghost story you told him?

Teddy: Um, okay, I’m not supposed to do that. Well then, I’m sorry, Eli.

Eli: Okay, no problem, Teddy.

After that, Eli and Teddy were being closer than ever.

The end.

Background Music: The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Robert John.

Thank you to:

1. Annisa Setyarti Putri (Class F) for proofreading my work and correcting my mistaken grammar.

2. Khansa Larasati (voice of Eli), Annisa Setyarti Putri (voice of Teddy), and Widiani Esthaviandini (Class F) for helping me on making the work dramatization.

Word Count: (980)


Link for work dramatization:


2 thoughts on “A Coward Little Elephant and A Rascal Small Bear: Radio Drama‏

  1. 180410120116/F

    The story is simple yet it gives fresh feeling, maybe because I rarely read or watch children’s stories like this nowadays. It reminds me of my childhood where my mother used to read me some fables before the sleeping time. The plot is easy to understand and the background music fits perfectly with the story, makes the listeners instantly recognized where the setting is. However, the voices in dramatization are not stable, so it is a little bit disappointed. Fortunately, the sound effects you used helps the drama became more alive. Overall, aside from the voice problems, I think your drama is quite good and unique.

    Word count: 106


  2. 180410120143/G

    The story is very simple and heartwarming. It would be perfect for children, especially with the cute loveable characters and obvious morale at the end. However, I think that the dramatization is poorly made. The transition between the sound effects (for example: Eli’s footsteps and sounds of bushes) and conversations are not smooth. Because of this, the story becomes fragmented instead of a whole unity. I also want to point out that in the middle, the narrator pronounces the name “Eli” differently. This causes confusion. One last thing is that at some parts, I could hear background noises, such as people talking. Recording at a quieter environment should fix that.

    (110 words)


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