Love is Horrible : Radio Drama


Narrator : One day, there are three friends. The one of them is a girl, but they assumed her like a boys. They are bestfriend when they met at the office. They arrived at Hotel at 06.00 PM, it was raining. Actually , they doesn’t like something sudden, but it was the instruction of their boss to go to Toronto immediately because the following day they had to see their company’s colleague. Moreover , one of them to hear a little conflict among their when one of their friend’s does not go on that day. And then they have checked in a large room in that hotel.

(darrr… sound of the door)

Izal : “ I am so tired. I wanna sleep , please don’t disturb me !!! “

Lucas : “ what ??? this is early morning to sleep my bro, can you hear me?

Narrator : Lucas’s bully him with take the pillow on the head’s izal.

Izal : “Hey, what are you doing?”( izal curiously)

“Moving your fuckin’ stuffs. This is my bed”

Laras : “Hey, there are just two beds here, we must share each other!”

Lucas : “I don’t care. Just sleep on the carpet.”

Narrator : Laras Couldn’t control her emotion, She started beating Lucas. And Izal Said it to Lucas and beat him directly.

Izal : “Feel this pleasure, baby”

Narrator : Izal didn’t beat him back. He just chuckled and went out from the room. He tried to make Laras calm.

Izal : “It’s enough.” (deep Breathing)

Laras : “I’m sorry, Lucas. I’m out of control.” ( Feeling Dispointed)

Narrator : After that Izal decided to take a bath. While laras and lucas has to be usual again. They are watching television with drinking a cup coffee. At the moment, Laras asked Lucas something


Laras : “What do you think about izal ? Can we cooperate with him?”

Lucas : “I don’t know, Laras. Let it flow.” (shook his head)

Narrator : izal was a new officer in my office. He had just worked there for 3 months. He was an introvert guy. In the office, Laras is the only one who was close to him. Laras liked his personality. Laras know that he was phlegmatic, professional to the job, and very care about me.

After Izal had finished took a bath, it was Lucas’s turn to take a bath. Laras was rather sleepy, so she decided to take a little sleep. Before sleeping, Lucas talked to laras.

Lucas : “I want to go outside looking for cigarettes. Do you want something to buy?”

Laras : “No, I don’t, but I will accompany you,”.

Lucas : “Don’t worry. I can go alone. Just take a rest,”

Narrator : Then Lucas went out and Laras slept on the bed. A few moments later, Laras woke up. She heard something crowded from the outside. She looked for izal but he wasn’t in the room. Laras thought he was outside to find out what happened. Curiously,Laras went out from the room and asked a man who was walking through my room. He looked hastily.

Laras : “I’m sorry, Sir, what’s going on?”

Big Man : “There is a man killed in the park of the hotel,”

Narrator : Laras went downstairs and to the park quickly. How shocked Laras was when laras was saw izal’s stomach was punctured by a knife. Laras Sought Izal immediately, but she couldn’t find him. Then laras went to the room.

It made laras more shocked. She found Cole holding knife while izal sprawled and bloodied.

Laras “What are you doing? Izal!” (asked loudly).

Izal : “Hey, Laras.”

Narrator : He only said that, pulled Laras’s hand in, and closed the door.

Laras “What’s wrong with you? Are you aware of doing this?”.

Izal : “Yeah, I’m very aware. I don’t want people beside you but me. Stay beside me, Laras. Hug me, please”

Laras “What? You’re crazy!” (angrily).

Izal : “No, I’m not crazy. I love you Laras. I did this because I love you. I’m jealous of Lucas and don’t want a guy like Lucas disturbs yourself. I often found you and Lucas were in conflicts. I only want you to be happy beside me, so I killed this guys,” ( explained )\

Laras : “I cannot believe it happens to you.”

Narrator : Izal tried to run but Laras’s hand was in lucas’s grip. Izal insisted to hug me.

Izal kicked her leg but he still held laras’s hand. Emotionally, Izal grabbed his knife and stabbed his neck. He relinquished Laras’s hand and began to fell down.

Laras couldn’t move for a while, didn’t believe what She had done. he just sat on the floor, lamenting what had just happened. she thought he had to run out, but lucas would not.

Lucas only sat there till the police came and brought laras here.

words count : 817

Thanks to Laras and Izal for Dramatization my Radio Drama
Link for Dramatization :

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