Finals Guidelines

Most of these are copy-pasted from midterm guidelines, but it bears repeating. There are several new points we added for the Final postings. P.S. You will receive minus points for posting without following the guidelines. Please read everything again and make sure your post is proper.

Grade Rubric for Midterms and Finals and Script Technicalities posts are still available.


Please read carefully and follow all the steps and you should be able to post your assignment just fine. Please use the assigned posting format. Failure(s) to follow the format will result in reduction of your final score. Or at worst case, the instructors will not consider your post as the  final assignment submission.

If you have any question about posting your assignment (no matter how trivial it is) at this point, post your question as comment on this postWe’ll try to respond to your question as soon as possible. We’ll also try to keep everything in order, so help yourself by helping us to respond to your question faster by keeping all comments about final assignment here in this post.


// basic rules.

1| Your final assignment’s deadline is 20 June 2014, 23:59. Don’t miss that. We will not make any exception. Final assignment is worth 25% of your overall grade.

Reminder: We heavily condemn act of plagiarism in any kindAll the submitted assignments should be your own original work. (check how you should list your reference below).

By posting your work on this blog, you are responsible for your own original work. We have read your comments. We have read your draft. We have shared discussion in class sessions. We know your writing style. We will know if you are trying to post any work that is not yours. We can consult with other instructors from other classes you attend to discuss your (writing) skills. Also, you are not the only one in the universe who can use google search.

Please refrain from such dishonest act. Respect other people’s works and, most of all, respect your own work.

If you have another question, post it as comment on this postIf not, we shall go to the next step.

2| All assignments should be emailed to this address: By sending an email to the address, your email will be directly posted on the scribere blog.

This email address should be used for posting only final assignment. It will expire few seconds after the designated deadline, just like how the comment post closed at midnight, so you know the drill.

3| That said, remember that you cannot edit your assignment, just like you cannot edit your comment. So check, double checkTRIPLE CHECK, your writing before you send it to the blog.

4| If at this point you are experiencing any kind of confusion, post your question as comment on this post. Check your friends’ question first though, they may have asked (and experienced) the same confusion.

You’ve done this before. You can do this again!


//And some intricate details.

Things you should not forget.

5| The subject of your email should be the title and the format of your work.

For example:

Thrumming The Brew: A Stageplay; or
Biggy Starburst: Songs Lyric.

We can go on and on but we think you get the point by now.

6| There’s a detailed example of what the content of your email should be. Supporting Example is still available, you can always consult that post before posting here. You can use the template of the content to arrange your assignment and copy your work as inside the guide brackets and use it.

NOTE: We decided that it’d be too much hardwork for you if we ask you to format your work. There’s no need to add html code for Courier New font and script-formatting if you are not familiar with it. Just make sure your line spacing is proper; we can help you with additional formatting if necessary.

7| Include your thank you notes and references list.

Thank you notes are a list of names of people that have kindly help you to shape your work better; for example your proofreaders, your biggest supporters in writing your assignment. (but not your parents and/or partner). Fellow classmates who proofread their friends’ work will get extra point. Just make sure your friend list you as your proofreader.

References list is a list of all the links, other works, other form of ‘inspirations’ that have helped you shape and write your assignment; for example, Ziggy Stardust Album and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet that have given you ideas to write Biggy Starburst: A Song Lyrics, a  bitter love story between two stars from different galaxies.

8| If at this point you are experiencing yet another kind of confusion, post your question as comment on this post. Check your friends’ question first though, they may have asked (and experienced) the same confusion.

That’s just the way it goes. You’re almost done!

We posted Grade Rubric – Midterms and Finals. It should give extra insight of how we are going to read your story. Make sure you set your priorities right.

9| Write your total word count. Write it!

10| Include the link for your work dramatization at the end of the post.

We prefer you to include the work dramatization along with the post. If you are able to do that, you’re golden!

Yet as we discussed in class and if you have difficulties to include it directly in your email, there will a post for posting only the dramatization link. We will set up a special entry post for you to put your work dramatization link on the comment.

The deadline for work dramatization link is also Friday, 20 June 2014, 23:59.

11| You’re almost there. Last step! Please check, double check, TRIPLE CHECK, your post at this point. If it’s all good, all you need to do is pressing the ‘send‘ button and send your email away.


Once your email is sent, you’re all done with your (second to last) Creative Writing assignment.



 //Last but by far the least.

12| We fully understand that you may have difficulties to keep track with everything regarding posting. Therefore we are giving you 2 (two) chances to post your assignment.

If you are not satisfied with your first post (because of its format fail, grammar problems, or any other reason), just post your second post before deadline.

You are only allowed to post twice. Any other post after the second will be deleted. We also will only consider your last post–if you only post once, we consider it as your finals assignment; if you post twice, we consider your last post as your assignment.

13| We, the instructors, will need to modify your posted work with a text cut.

However, we do not have the rights to edit, cut, or add anything to your work. Any adjustment done to your work will only be done for the sake of keeping the blog neat and tidy. All modification will be done before Monday, 23 June 2014.

14| And as we mentioned earlier, we have rights to put posts that are not using the specific format on hold or for consideration.

If you see your post disappear from the blog, it is probably because we put them on pending list for not using the requested format. Shall that happened, you can post your second post with adjustment and we will consider it as your final assignment.

15| You will be required to drop comments for your friends’ work after posting period ends, as additional assignment. All post will be tag along the weekend and you can start commenting on your friend’s post by Monday, 23 June 2014.

So check back around then.Your comments will add points to your own assignment and complete the cycle of creative writing classes madness.

General comment week rules.

Starting from Monday, 23 June all the way to to Friday, 27 June 2014, you are required to drop comments on your friends’ works. Each of you should drop 3 (three) comments on 3 (three) works under the tag #finals. (You are allowed to post more than 3 comments, but we will only grade 3 of your comments; so make sure every comment is within rules. We have the rights to decide which ones we will grade.)

These tags could serve as your starting point.

#kelas A | #kelas B | #kelas C | #kelas D | #kelas E | #kelas F | #kelas G
#short prose | #poem | #sonnet | #radio drama | #film script | #song lyrics

As usual, just like our weekly post, your comment should be within range of 100-150 words. Don’t forget to include your NPM/Class; your comments count as additional points for your finals score.

Please include your thoughts/arguments/praises/critiques on how the story works or how the story appeals to you. We also encourage discussions in the comments’ thread. The writer could certainly respond to the commenter’s opinion and vice versa.

Just keep your wording polite and language clear to avoid misunderstanding. Also, keep the discussion about the work presented–avoid small talks and empty praises, please. We’re all here to read your story and discuss how story works in creative writing framework.

P.S. The sooner you completed this last task, the faster you are freed from your Creative Writing classes. :)

16| Grading will begin after posting deadline all the way through the comments period.

17| Again, we cannot stress enough, if you have any question, post your question as comment on this post. Check your friends’ question first though, they may have asked (and experienced) the same confusion.


Thank you for reading this seemingly endless guidelines carefully. Again, you’ve done this before, you can definitely do this again. You can start posting tonight, tomorrow, by the weekend, or later on Friday an hour before deadline, whichever suits you best.

This is your last guidelines. We’ll be waiting for your story. Good luck.


13 thoughts on “Finals Guidelines

  1. Bu, maaf, postingan saya kenapa terpotong ditengah-tengah ya bu? Padahal saya sudah mengirimnya lengkap beserta link dramatisasi, sinyal internet saya juga sedang tidak bermasalah. Saya sudah mengirim emailnya sebanyak 2 kali, tetapi tetap sama saja. Bagaimana ya bu? Mohon bantuannya. Terima kasih.


    • It could be your email browser. Try to Close your browser first. Re-open it and go to your email inbox. Use clean compose option. (don’t use reply to or forward template). Copy your work from word, paste and match style it on your compose box.

      Do all the steps again and then post it.

      Let me know if you fail again; give your the link of your failed posts.


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  3. ibu, maaf saya sudah kirim tapi cuma ada subjectnya saja. teksnya tidak ada bu. saya sudah kirim ulang tapi masih sama. bagaimana ya bu? mohon bantuannya :(


  4. iya bu maaf saya juga sama seperti itu, sudah di kirim beberapa kali tapi masih belum muncul juga padahal sudah mengikuti cara yang ada di contoh bu. yang muncul hanya judulnya saja :((


    • Seperti yang mana?

      Coba copy paste tulisanmu ke body email. Bukan file word yang di-attach ke email. Perhatikan juga badan emailnya. Coba pakai rubah setting tulisan email kamu dari “rich text format” ke “plain text”.

      Bila semua langkah sudah diikuti seharusnya post kamu sudah ada di blog. Pastikan lagi.


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