Script Writing Technicalities

So. I received several questions and consultation requests about script (film/radio/ads) writing. We finished our last class last week and there’d be no chance for office hours consultation; I also cannot accept any office hours consultation request this time. Still, I believe that it would be useful (and fair) for all of you if I compose a simple how-to post about script writing technicalities for everyone.

Time is not permitting me to post today so if you’re interested, you will have to wait. Sorry for that. I’ll try to put the post up under two days. That said, I strongly suggest you to keep on writing your story in the mean time. My post will deal only with the technicalities, not with the content or the story.

I’ll put the link here in the post when it’s ready. Stay tune.

It’s up over on this link right here.

Keep on writing and have fun!

P.S. Final assignment posting guidelines will be up first thing next week.


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