Short Announcement: Our Schedule

If you read this before Wednesday is over, then you can find The Usual Suspect weekly post below; it’s still open till midnight.


We’d like to make a short announcement to let you know we decide to shift few of the schedules ahead to give you ample time to focus on your finals.

1) We originally plan Speed to be discussed at the end of May but we’re shifting the discussion a week earlier. Please check the blog for Speed weekly comment post on Monday, 19 May. Deadline for this comment assignment will be on Wednesday, 21 May 2014, 23.59. This decision was made because we believe you will be more focused on your finals draft if you finish all your comments before May ends.

2) As a reminder, we’re going to hold a quiz on meeting on 22/23 May 2014. Please make sure you attend the class. We’re going to watch a short documentary film; you will be required to write comment in class and submitted it at the end of meeting.

3) And, we know it’s still weeks away, but just an official heads up: you will need to submit your draft for finals on Monday, 2 June 2014. Details of draft submission will be more or less the same with midterms guidelines. Any additional detail will be discussed in class.

4) Finals blog posting will be around the second week of June. We haven’t decided the date yet, but you’ll be among the first to know.


Have a nice long weekend. We’ll see you next week. Good night.

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