Your Guardian Angel: A Short Prose


Summary:This is a story about a girl who usually feels gloomy found a guy who made her day.

At dawn, the atmosphere in Cempaka high school already seems crowded with students wearing unusual uniform attributes. Apparently, that morning the school held MOS (Student Orientation) for Cempaka high school students’, year 2008/2009.

At 07:00 am, all new students gathered in the school yard for opening ceremony by Mr. Rinto, Cempaka high school’s principal. After the opening ceremony, the president of student council introduced himself and gave an introduction about MOS.

Meanwhile, a group of three girls were gossiping about the head of student’s council. Nindy said, “Guys, what do you think about Billy? Isn’t he so charming? Oh God I’m falling in love at the first sight!”

“Oh my, what a coquettish girl! But I admit that Billy is a handsome boy, and yes, I am also melting.” Tania agreed with Nindy’s.

They both laughed. While Nindy and Tania laughed, Milly, a girl who lined up next to Tania, seemed gloomy.

“Okay, so that was the introduction of MOS and the activities for the next 3 days. Afterward, you will be gathered in school hall for a further explanation from the other council members. Thank you. ”

“Milly, are you alright? You are so quiet since the opening ceremony.” Nindy asked.

“Hmm… its ok, I just feel uncomfortable during the ceremony, the weather is so hot. Anyway what make you guys so cheerful while the sun shines so bright?”

“During the ceremony, Tania and I just focused on Billy, so we don’t care about the weather.”

“Oh God, don’t you realize about our good-looking student council?” Tania asked.

“Anyway, I envy you Milly. You have similar name with Billy. Milly-Billy sounds cute right? It is like destiny. But, you are in relationship with Rico so I believe that you won’t betray me.”

“Although Milly won’t, I think Billy’s supposed to be my boyfriend. Who is the first one who recognizes his charm?” Nindy said.

“Fine we’ll see who’ll win. I’m sure he will be amazed by my inner and outer beauty.”

At last bell rang and all of the students have to go back to the school hall. The day was provided with the information about school environment, teachers and staffs, student achievements, and extracurricular activities. Billy was one of the outstanding students in chemistry at Cempaka high school and he was also the futsal captain team. In coincidence, Billy was the companion during MOS in Milly’s class.

“What do you think about our MOS activities? Is it exciting? I would like to know your opinion about it. You can say anything. If there is no one who wants to say his or her opinion I’ll choose randomly.“

“Boooo“ the class replied synchronously. Out of expectation, the class was excited to say their opinion. They were so pleased with the school environment and happy to be the part of Cempaka high school. Among the cheerful students of class X-1, Billy noticed one of the students who looked blue. Milly realized Billy was staring at her. Milly felt awkward so she decided to move her sight to Lina who was speaking in front of the class. Finally the first day of MOS ended. The students were allowed to go home. Because of heavy rain outside, Milly was still waiting at the shelter near the school parking lot. The rain had begun to subside; Billy had just finished from a meeting council. He glanced toward to the parking lot and noticed that Milly was waiting alone at the Shelter.

“Mill, are you alone? Where are Tania and Nindy?” Billy asked all of sudden.

“Hmm they already went home. Anyway, what are you doing up to this late?”

“I just finished the meeting council. By the way where do you live? Do you want a ride?”

“I live in Jalan Nangka. Thank you for the ride. I’ve been waiting for an hour but the one who was going to pick me up hasn’t arrived yet. Do you mind to wait me making a phone call?”

“Yes, please.”

Finally, they arrived at Milly’s house. Milly asked Billy if he wanted to come inside. Billy looked around in the living room. There was a picture of a cute toddler laughing happily with a 5-year-boy. It drew Billy’s attention.

“Is that you with your brother? You both look like twins.”

Milly suddenly looked sad, but Billy did not notice. He focused on the photo in the living room. He felt curious about her. Suddenly Milly’s mother came to the living room and greeted Billy.

“You must be Billy. Milly said that you gave her a ride. Thanks a lot for your kindness.”

“It’s ok, ma’am, my house is not far away from yours.”

Milly’s mother looked pale. Although she was not feeling well, she stayed still. At 6.00 she invited Billy to have dinner. Milly’s mother said since the death of Milly’s father 5 years ago, Milly often looked unhappy. For some reason after hearing it Billy felt so compelled to protect that girl. The next day, Billy asked Milly for a ride to the school. Tania and Nindy felt jealous to her.

“How sweet, I really envy you. You have similar name, he gives you attention in the class, and he also gave you a ride? ” Nindy asked. [Sarcastically]

“You both look like a couple but I still have feelings for him. Please don’t break up with Rico, Mill. Give me a chance to get Billy’s heart.” Tania said.

“Relax guys I already told you I only treat Billy as my brother.”

“I believe in you. Hopefully Billy can replace your brother who…. “Nindy’s words suddenly interrupted. “I’m sorry, Mill.”

At the age of 7, Milly’s brother died hit by a car while playing with Milly. The death of her brother made her feel guilty.

Milly said to herself. “Could it be that God does not want me to continue blaming myself thus He sends a replacement figure of my brother inside of Billy’s? Or is it called destiny? ”

Thank you to:

· Nadira Dhaifina, Nurina Azyyati, Fristisa Indah, Syifa Nurlatifah, Intan Artika P as proofreaders.




Word Count: (996)

Link for work dramatization.

Special thanks to Risma Widyaningtias (My best friend in Universitas Diponegoro as the dramatization’s drawer)

One thought on “Your Guardian Angel: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120145/G

    In my opinion, the short prose has a storyline which is light and fairly easy to be understood. When I read the beginning of this short prose, my mind immediately drifted to the lives of teenagers in high school which are often told in the soap opera. Other than that, characteristics of the characters in this short prose are also quite clearly defined where in teenagers’ lives in high school, there are always portrayed coquettish teenagers (the characteristics are clearly defined from their conversations contained in this short prose), a handsome boy who is liked by many girls, and also the main girl character who is liked by a handsome boy. One thing that makes this short prose more interesting is the conflict experienced by Milly. Overall, I like the story.

    Word count: 131


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