Unspoken: Short Prose


Summary: The story is about a boy who tries to say something, yet unspoken.


The sun radiated its light broiling. Emerging through the ventilation of one classroom where Dennis studied. Making the students who sat near the windows felt that their cheeks were getting burned. Outside the building, tonggerets’ssound made the situation bleaker. We could see that as if there was a pool in the school yard. It was one thirty at noon. Dennis was the student of number one International high school in Padang. It was the best school in the city. He sat in the very back of the class laying his chin to the table, half-heartedly looking to the teacher who explained about math theories in front of the class. For a moment, he looked like paying attention to what his teacher explained. But what actually happened was he did not paying attention at all, not even a single word of him. His mind was already in his home imagining that he took a rest in a sofa, playing his favorite games and eating snacks. He felt so bored at that time so as many of his friends looked like it too. He didn’t know why his friends felt the same but the heat might be the most reason they felt so bored. Although they knew that the class would be over soon about fifteen minutes more, they still could not hide their bored-face. On his boredom, he thought that the educational system now was not right. It wasn’t effective and it was tiresome. It became worst if there was any additional subject until four P.M. He thought about that for long, but he couldn’t say his thoughts not to his friends, not even to his parents. He was that type of person.

‘’Alright, who can answer question number ten?’’ the teacher asked. One student, the cleverest student in the class, raised her hand and walked slowly to the front to answer it. But when she was walking, the bell buzzed. All students shouted happily and prepared to go home, so as Dennis. To reach the house, he had to board a bus from school bus stop to the nearest bus stop from his house and then continued by walking about two blocks more. It was extremely hot that day. He sat in the bus stop with other people as well. Beside him, there was a man whose shirt had already wet by his sweat. There was also a very bad smell that could make people faint. He thought that the smell came from the man. It came from his sweat body, and he thought he might not use any deodorant. His head felt numb, the smell hurted his nose like he got stung by some sharp things. He was wondering why people did not use any deodorant in this modern time. Didn’t they watch any deodorant commercial that often appeared in the TV? For a moment, he would like to move away from the man, but the bus stop had full of people. So, he had to bear with it until the bus arrived. Suddenly, he saw the bus approaching to the bus stop. It was like the fresh air of the heaven for Dennis because he could be free from the shackles of that man’s smell. The bus was full, but fortunately, he made it to sit in one of the chairs. ‘’Why don’t you help picking that old man stuffs?’’ said a woman to the man in back. ‘’Why is there no man letting me sit in his chair?’’ murmured the woman but clear enough to Dennis hearing. He was confused about the woman. He thought that why she ordered the man to help the old man. Why didn’t she help the man by herself because she was the one who closest to the old man? He could just smile slightly to that.

Dennis had finally arrived in his destination. He went down from the bus then he suddenly felt shocked because he saw Monique out from the bus too. She was a girl he liked from the very first he went to the school. ‘’Hey Dennis, you live near here?’’ she asked. ‘’Well, err, yeah.’’ The sweat flew from his forehead. He didn’t sure if it was from the heat or from his feeling. ‘’Yeah, it is two blocks from here.’’ He added. ‘’What a coincidence, my house is also two blocks from here. Let’s walk together then.’’ She said. ‘’Err, okay.’’ They walked together through the street. Dennis could not think clearly because of his nervousness. He could smell her perfume, but he could not recognize the perfume. He was just sure that it was not a cheap one. She was a talkative person. She did not stop talking on the entire walk. But, he didn’t care, he felt so happy because he got a chance to look her closely. He could see her thick black hair, her sharp beautiful nose, even her sexy pink lips that still talking about school stuffs. Dennis accidentally smiled because of that. He barely remembered about his nervous feeling back then. It was turned out to be a happy feeling. He wished that this would not be over soon. But it became so hard when he realized that they had arrived on their block. ‘’Well, my house is here, where’s yours?” said Monique. ‘’There,’’ he pointed to the house at the end of the road. Dennis felt disappointed. He expected to be stay longer with her. Then, suddenly, his heart thumped so fast. He knew that he must say something, but he didn’t know what to say. His minds flew thinking that what will be the response of her. He was afraid whether she would be angry or not but he realized that he had to say it no matter what. There would be no more chance to it. Then, he collected his gut and started saying. ‘’Err, Monique, before we separate, err I want to say something….’’

Thank you to:
Rizki Puji Gustian (Giving comments, ideas, and correcting grammar of the work.

Dimas Bimo Prakoso (Giving comments and ideas of the work.
Orwell, G. 1949. Nineteen Eighty-Four. London: Secker and Warburg.
Carver, R. 1981. One More Thing. New York: Knopf.

Word Count: 995
Link for dramatization.

2 thoughts on “Unspoken: Short Prose

  1. 180410120026/B

    Some things are better left unspoken. That line suddenly crossed my mind when I read your story. I have to agree with Dennis’ decision not to say a word upon the educational system or the bad-smelled man beside him. Those are acceptable because I assume he wants to avoid the flame. However, the next coming event with Monique is frustrating me. Why would you leave your readers hanging there? I desperately wonder whether or not Dennis will say what I think he is thinking. Apart from that, I like your story because you simply portray usual, realistic event in life which is my favorite type of story. Sorry for making too personal.

    Work count: 112 words


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