Track: A Short Prose


Summary: Kwan must choose her track in Bangkok city. Will she just go straight or stuck?

God! I do not like this English subject and I do not like Miss Makhornsirisri. For the God’s sake! She looks like Dolores Umbridge. The one thing that I like from this world is tom yum goong. Thinking about that delicious food in the middle of the English class is making me hungry, as always.

“All students pay respect to the teacher!” shouted the prefect, Somsak.

“Sawasdee krub/ Sawasdee ka!” all of the X-4 students shout it cheerfully like the fanboys who get a free ticket for AKB48 concert.

The end time of the school is the best part of my life. Finally, I can back to home peacefully, eat my precious tom yum goong and then I will watch Sai Sueb Delivery drama together with my lovely grandmother. I love my flat life.

“Kwan! Kwan! Hello! Kwan!”


“Ah! You always like that. You always listening to your mp3 and never listening what I said. I hate you, Kwan!” said Ploy, my best friend that I ever had.

“Ploy, I am so sorry. So, what would you like to say?” said I.

“Are you decided to make a short story about your flat life, Kwan?”

“What do you mean?” I do not understand what she said. I am blank.

“Stupid! That is your songthaew. Go away and do not forget to write a short story for Miss Makhornsirisri’s class. The deadline is next Friday. I hope you remember it. Bye, Kwan!” shouted Ploy. At the same time, she pushes me into the songthaew sadistically.

Songthaew is the best traditional transportation that Thailand ever had. In this unique transportation, I can read my Nichijou manga and listen to my Sek Loso’s songs. Besides that, I can meet with a lot of people that have the different style and characteristic in this transportation. I swear for God! Last year, I met Bradley Cooper in this transportation. However, I wonder, why this songthaew is empty today? There are only me, that sitting in the corner of songthaew, and two men that have a strange style. I am really sure that the man who wears a beanie is Korean and the man who wears a yamaka is Jew. Am I cool, right? I am not a witch or mind reader, but I know everything.

“Do you know where is Siam Square?” asked the Korean to the Jew with his strange English accent. Hey! Wait! He is so cute and handso

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