Threaten: A Poet


Summary: it is a poem about a girl who is so desperate. She really loves a man but he does not really love her because of his past and that girl cannot be him.

Threaten: A Poem

She is infront of a ware.
She start combing her hair.
She sit on a black chair.
With a man who wanna go somewhere.

Thinking of him made her sad.
“Why he do this to me?”, she said.
Wanted someone to be his mirror.
“If you can’t, just close the door”.

Do you really love me darling?
Your eyes is scrolling.
I can’t be you, baby.
Please change your mind and love me.

And he say it aloud to me:
I don’t love you, honey.
You can’t be me and you’ll never be.
I can’ forget my past, sweety.

Only her who can be me.
She is good like the songs of ACDC.
She is my first love, not a stranger.
I can’t forget her.

Can I cry or kill my self after I hear that?
Can I just sit here and try to forget our memories?
Can I just forget about anything you said?
Or I just go to sleep and have a bad dream about you?

You’re like a 10 years old but you’re 20.
There’s no other like you in this planet.
Even the twins are not same.
So, what do you expect from me?

I’m trying to leave him and give me a rest.
But he don’t want to see me with someone else.
Why he do this to me, to be honest?
Like dove in prison, no it is nest.

I always know the end of this story.
In the end, I will always crawling back to you.
No matter what you say or do to me.
I just want to be your girl.

My mom told me that I’m just little girl.
I don’t understand about love either.
I’m not ready to face this problem.
When a man equal dog.

I was sat in my room when my mom start screaming.
“Baby, come here watch a news with me. It will give you an advice to face your problem”,she said.
I sit and start wondering about my mom’s word.
And I saw a young girl kill her boyfriend because he hurt her so much.

So I got a point why my mom wanted me to watch the news.
With a big smile my brain dancing and my lips start whistling.
Oh mom I love you so much, you change me, you change my life.
I let Lucifer take my soul, let him control me.

In the dark he ask me to do something.
“Please make a poet and write your pathetic story”.
So I write this poet.
Thanks to my mom and this is for you, my lovely boyfriend.

Honey, let it flow.
Nobody won’t know.
You’ll die tomorrow.

Hey, he will be okay.
He don’t love you anyway.
You’re not his type.
Let’s count from one to five.

In this pain I will show you.
That love can change you.
That love can kill you.
That love can hurt you.

So good bye my love.
Now I’m wearing a glove.
From head to toe the bullets dance.
Your blood taste is so sweet like France.

Thank you Nurina who support me to write this weird poem. Tommy who gaves me an inspiration. BFLA and Edelweiss who give me a things to thinks everynight And Armelia who “adulated” my poem hehehe. Thank you!

518 words.

4 thoughts on “Threaten: A Poet

  1. 180410120145/G

    Actually, the poem has a deep meaning. While I read the poem, I also could feel what the girl at the poem feels. Perhaps it is because I am a girl too. The story which is told at the poem can be experienced by any girl. In the poem, the girl seemed to talk not to one person, but she talked to the boy, to herself, and to reader. I think, through the poem she also wants to share her story to other girl who probably experiences a story like her. The plot of the poem is clear enough in which at the beginning, she still did not know what she had to do, in the middle of the poem her mother came to help her in solving her problem, and at the end she finally could solve it.


  2. 180410120074/D

    Although this poem is not fully grammatically correct, creating such a rhyme is difficult. Thus I praise the writer for finding the creative word to end the verse in rhyme. The two significant things are not only organized in rhyme tidily, but this poem is also narrated like the writer talking to herself, being disappointed. Thus, the reader can sense the feeling when the writer turns to be insane, angry, and sad because of her boyfriend. I think this poem is a kind of feminism poem which respects the independent woman who does not need man, as the poem ends with, “So good bye my love.”

    (106 words)


  3. 180410120098

    I think this poem is kind of great because the writer can really make me get the feeling. I like the story line when the girl is being confused and sad. Then she changes herself from innocent to psychopath because of her mother. In this poem, the writer is talking to herself and in the same time, she makes me who read this poem feel sorry for her. The writer combined a ryhme and no-rhyme poem it will be good if she can make pure-rhyme-poem but over all, this poem is psychopaticly great!


  4. 180410120068

    The writer gave us an unexpected story in the middle of this poem. Like most teenagers, the girl fell in love with her crush but he cannot gave his love for her. She was sad and her mother gave her a solution from news, kill her crush. She followed her mother’s suggestion and killed her crush with a gun. When I read this poem, for the first time, It seems the girl wanted to suicide. However, in the end of this poem, I was surprised because she acted psychopaticly and killed her crush. I disagree with Nurina’s comment. I guess grammar is not too important.


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