This Is All Because of Her: A Short Prose


Summary: Peter, who is a musician, loved his girlfriend so much. Until one day…

Los Angeles, 07-06-2013, 08.00 PM

There will be a nice party tonight at my house. I have to go out of my room in the next 40 minutes. But before that, I want to call up my memories about what had happened a year ago. That night was so special because it was my birthday celebration night. At least, I thought it was special until my ex-girlfriend told me something important that came out of her mouth.


New York, 07-06-2012

On Saturday night, as usual, Natalie and I went to a club at 10th Ave in New York City. But that night was different because it was the worst night that I have ever experienced in my life and even worse than the night when my producer kicked me out of his record studio. Before that “worst night” happened, Natalie had gone somewhere and I thought that she went to a restroom. But it felt strange that she brought her cell phone with her and left her clutch bag. Ten minutes later, she came back holding Phillip’s hand. She was crying.

“What’s the matter?” I asked her.

“Sorry.” She still crying.

“What the hell are you doin’ here? I want to celebrate my birthday with Natalie only tonight. We still have another party tomorrow!” I said to Phillip angrily although he is my best friend.

Phillip’s hand was still in Natalie’s hand and Natalie kept on crying.

He said “Sorry, buddy.” and then he kissed Natalie in front of me and I saw that clearly.

I didn’t see Natalie’s face because after their ‘hot kiss scene’, I punched Phillip, right in his nose. We were fighting in that club.

“What do you mean by ‘sorry’, huh? What’d you do to my Natalie?” I said in the middle of our bloody fight.

“Well, see? Natalie needs me because you can’t always be right next to her. She needed you, but you threw her away.”

“What? When did I do that?”

“Last night!” Natalie said in her cry. “I went to your house when my agency told me that I don’t get the part in the runway next week. I cried crazily on my way to your house, but then you texted me to don’t bother you because you were too busy with your work.”

“So why didn’t you just text me back and say that you need me?” I replied.

“Text you back? It would be useless. You are still the same. You hate when there are people around you when you are working. Then I called Phillip and he took me to his place immediately. I forgot my problem because of him that night.” she answered and still cried.

“So is it clear, buddy?” said Phillip with his disgusting face. Without a word I punched him once again and left the club. The last thing I saw was Natalie still crying with Phillip’s jacket wrapped around her body. That was the worst birthday present ever.


I was still thinking about Natalie. I wondered what she was doing with Phillip. In the middle of my sadness, I remembered the day when she first said ‘Hello!’, the day when she came to my house with a delicious apple pie that she made by herself, and the day when I saw her eyes. I remembered how much she loved to dance, how much she loved her job as a model, and how much she loved me. I had a big regret because I realized that I WAS WRONG. Then from those memories, I wrote two songs; When You Were My Girlfriend and Can I Move On?


I called my family in Hawaii because I didn’t come home for that Christmas. After 30 minutes talking on the phone, someone came to my house. I wondered who that was. Then I opened the door and Phillip was in front of me. There was silence for a while.

“Hi, buddy.” he said.

“Hi, and now you still call me ‘buddy’ huh?” I answered with my peevish face.

“Oh calm down, buddy. Can I come in? I have something to tell you.”

“Sure, but I want to buy some tape to stick my hand and make sure that I won’t hit you.”

“Hey, don’t worry. I won’t make you hit me.” he said.

I gave him a can beer from the fridge. I braced myself because one thing that came to my mind was he would say that he wanted to marry Natalie.

“I was wrong, buddy. Natalie…” he took a long breath. “She ran away with all my money.”

“What do you mean?”

“All she needs is just your money. You often took her to a night club and she was having fun with her friends with all your money. Didn’t you realize that?”

“Well, actually it was fine because we were together before. My money was her money too.” I said.

“Ok, I forget that you are a musician who has so much money, but what about me? Don’t you know that I’m in the middle of my bankruptcy because of her?” he told me.

What he just said at that time was the best Christmas gift in my life. I was so happy because of two things. First, Phillip and I became a friend again. Second, I could write my best songs because of his story; She Is Natalie and Money.


Los Angeles, 07-06-2013, 08.35 PM

Here I am. Make a better life in LA as the best musician, have fun with all my friends and I take Phillip next to me as my manager and also as my best friend. And now, I’ll show you my hits songs:

When You Were My Girlfriend

Can I Move On?

She Is Natalie, and


And this is all because of her, Natalie.

Thank you to Senny Selviany (Class C) and Bruno Mars for the beautiful songs that inspired me.


Bruno Mars’ song When I Was Your Man

Bruno Mars’ song Move On

Bruno Mars’ song Natalie

Bruno Mars’ song Money Make Her Smile

Word count: 971

Link for work dramatization:

3 thoughts on “This Is All Because of Her: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120056
    Kelas B

    I think, the plot flows naturally but there are some parts in this story that make it incoherent. First, Peter and Phillip are friends, aren’t they? Even if he wants to spend the night only with Natalie, he can simply talk to him. So, I do not think Peter has to be that angry against his friend’s coming at the club. Second, the kissing part seems so bizarre. I mean, how can a friend appear, apologize, and kiss his friend’s lover in front of him all of a sudden? Honestly I wish you could replace it into the cheating part when Natalie and Phillip were kissing and Peter caught them red-handed and finally punched his friend’s face, it would make sense. Overall, this is such a good story and I love the way you wrote the ending of this story. (words:139)


  2. 180410120118 / A

    Overall, the story is quite interesting. I like the idea of putting Bruno Mars’ songs as references. But the plot is lack of details and a little bit anti-climax. I think it needs more explanation in the beginning because I could not understand why they are suddenly fighting in the club. It also needs the explanation about Peter and Natalie’s relationship, how long and how far their relationship is, because it is too bad that the summary and the title are intriguing. But overall it is a good story. Maybe because it is limited to 1000 words so it can’t be very detailed. And again, I like the idea of your short prose.

    (113 words)


  3. 180410120045

    First of all, I like your story. But, there is one part that I think does not work on your story. In my opinion, the part when Natalie goes somewhere and comes back holding Phillip’s hand and is crying does not seem coherent. I mean, I thought Natalie’s crying because Phillip hurt her, but then it’s revealed that Natalie’s dating Phillips. I mean why is she crying? Is it because of guilt of cheating on Peter, or what? Because I think if it’s because of guilt why does Natalie engage in the ‘hot kiss scene’ in front of Peter?
    Nevertheless, I like the climax of the story when it’s revealed that Natalie runs away with all Phillip’s money. And I really like the part when Peter’s remembering about Natalie on 08-10-2012. It gives me goosebumps.

    (135 words)


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