The Twins And The Pendants : A Short Story

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Summary :

The short story about vengeance Ryan to ex-boyfriend his sister ( Bondan). He ruined Bondan’s family with very ruthless. What has been experienced to her sister, it must happen to bondan family, that’s what he want.

First, he fired Bondan from his work, raped Bondan’s wife, killed Bondan’s wife, and he abduct Bondan’s children. He was setting the scenario that Dani and Meta being relationship, and Ryan send to Meta a package ( The Pendant, and Two Photos), then Meta shocked and ultimately suicided, because she was ashamed of what she had done. He also kill Dani and Bondan in prison. After that Ryan kill his self, because his mission its over.


“Gubrakkk” slammed the door so hard the sound coming from manager’s room. Seen a man with disheveled clothing, and angry face. He is walking toward the elevator and heading to the car park. After that, seen a car “red jazz” toward the north with the high speed. It turned out the car and stopped at the bar. The man is Bondan. He just got fired from his job “Damn. I’ve been working there since five years ago, the bastard (boss) was accusing me of corruption 100 million” he told to the bar owner,. Riki. He was bondan’s friend in high school. “Did you ever do that?” Riki said and look him “you believe me, right? I never did corruption, Give me a bottle of beer, I need it.” While sitting on a chair in the bar, then Riki bought him a bottle of beer to be drunk by him.

After he finished a bottle of beer, he left the bar soon. He was going back to home. He would tell that bad news to his wife. He parked his car at the yard. The house seemed to be so quiet, and he walked to the door and opened. He called his wife “honey… where are you?, I’m home ” nobody answered. He walked to his room,and his wife was not there, and then he walked to his baby’s room, perhaps his wife was there.

He was really shocked to see his wife lying on his baby’s room floor with naked “ oh no. Honey what happend” bondan said while embracing his wife. He turned out his wife and she had died, and he saw to his crib, but he did not see his babies there. Twenty years later, he saw a young woman who get off from a bus. The bus was from Garut to Jakarta. She had long black hair, and with slightly slanted eyes. Her name is Meta. She came to Jakarta in order to find a job, and to find the real father. She had birthmark on her left arm.

In a morning, a car parked in front of the office entrance. From that car a man came out with a brown coat and carrying a black bag. He is Danny (the owner and CEO of the company). He walked in to the office, exact in front of the elevator there was a man came up to him, the man said “Sir, the new secretary which you requested has started to work today” . “good, tell to her to meet me in my room” Danny said with a very authoritative.

Apparently, the woman who became his secretary was so pretty and he liked her. Meta also like the boss and they establish a relationship. During the lunch time, Meta told to Danny, if she came to Jakarta not only to find the job, but also to find her father, named Bondan. One day, he heard from his friend about Bondan. He was in a prison in Jakarta, He told about it to Meta., Then, she came to that prison to meet that man. She talked with him. Then she shown her birthmark on to prove that she is his daughter. Bondan shocked, and he cried and embraced Meta, and then he tell tothat he had twins. “ Boy and Girl”, but he never knew where his son is. He thought his son had died.

Sunday afternoon, Meta was relaxing in her apartment, suddenly at guy came to deliver a package for her. The package contained the pendant like heart shape. Its color is maroon, like hers, and from another package there are two photos. The first one was her boyfriend photo,and the second one was a little boy who was holding the pendant. Behind the photo of little boy there was an inscription (The Twin). She remembered what her father said, she had a brother and dont know where he was., whether he still alive or die. She realized that he is her brother. However, she had became his girlfriend and slept with him. Meta shocked and ultimately suicided, because she was ashamed of what she had done. On the afternoon, Danny came to the Meta’s apartment to pick her for dinner. He was entering the Meta’s room, and she had died. He saw a smal box beside Meta. There were two pendants and his photos in the box. He remembered when he was a little boy and lived in an orphanage before he was adopted by a rich family, he also had a pendant. He was angry, because his parents had thrown him at orphanage, then he got rid of it.

Dani brought the pendants to Meta’s father in prison. therein prison, he showed the prendants to Bondan. Bondan shocked, because those are birthday gifts for his ex-wife, named Ratih. “Where did you get it?”Bondan asked., “This is Meta’s one, and this is mine, when I was a little boy” Danny answered. Danny said to Bondan. Bondan was crying and told him about the pendant. Then, Bondan said that he was Bondan’s son and Meta was his twin sister.

Suddenly, an old man came to them with a laugh. He walked to Bondan and took that pendant from bondan. .” Who are you?” Bondan said. “ Bondan, Bondan. Do you remember 25 years ago? What have you done to Ratih.”,” what do you mean, I dont know who are you, and what do you want from me?, “ now, you will know who I am, I am Ryan, and I’m Ratih’s Brother, and I also have ruined your family. First I’m the mastermind you’re fired from your work, second I had raped your wife and I kill her, third I had brought your babies ( the twins), then I bring up them for look you all ruined like what you did to my sister. the last one I had look it.” Then Ryan take a gun (dooor) he shoot Danny, and next (door) he shoot Bondan, too. “We finish this game Bondan” ( dooorrrr) he shoot himself.

Thanks to Armyria Oktavia, and Fajri Adrianto for correcting my grammar.
Thanks to Prima Nanda, and Dido Wendi that read my short story.


“Old Boy” movie that gave me an idea to write short story. The character Joe in this movie is an alcoholic who abducted by a stranger, and he is lock up in a room during twenty years. Plot in this movie unprectable, because there are some charecter appears behind the story such as “ Mia “ she is Joe’s doughter, “ Adrian Doyle Pryce” he is Joe’s enemy.

Word Count: (1.011)

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