The Red Mirror: A Short Prose


Summary: It is a story about a little family that consists of mother and two children, who are fighting with something evil in their new house.


Through a highway, I drove an old brown Cadillac to Pennsylvania with my family. My family and I were heading to our new house in Pennsylvania. Two hours later, we reached the destination. There was a big house surrounded by a lake and a forest on the back side of the house. I thought it was a perfect place for us to undergo our daily activities.

“Whooaa! It’s awesome! Mom, I want to see my room!” shouted my sister, Anna.

“Check it on the second floor, honey!” answered my mother, Mary, who was still tidying up our stuff with the workers in the living room.

My attention focused on one thing which was in the living room, a wooden cupboard covered with reddish dull mirror. I was staring on it seriously.

“Is there anything you need, master?” asked a middle-aged man appeared behind me.

“Whooaaa! You scared me!” I fell down suddenly, “Who the hell are you?!” I tried to stand up.

“Honey, he is Gustav, the housekeeper. From now on, he works for us. Be nice!” said my mother.

“Master, if you need something, just tell me,” said Gustav as he went to the backyard.

I was quite surprised by what happened a few minutes ago. Then I went on a little trip to the beautiful lake and the small forest behind the house to look for something good. Unfortunately, the weather was very cloudy, and the atmosphere was quite calm. It was a perfect place to take a break from activities by enjoying the environment. All of a sudden, on the other side of the lake, I saw someone that seemed to be staring at me, but I thought it was just a shadow. I could not see him clearly because it was foggy. A few moments later, the figure slowly disappeared. It began to rain, so I came back to the house.

We had been living in that house for five days when something strange occurred. We found pieces of bloody human bodies on the backside of my house. I thought it was a nightmare in our real life. We began to worry about all of this, especially when I saw the blood that pooled around the house. And then, I tried to investigate what was happening. The next day, when I passed and looked on the surface of the mirror, I saw a little crack.

“They are waiting for us, the traitors of God. Believe it! God will save us, master,” Gustav whispered to me with a stressful face.

“What are you talking about? Is there any connection between this mirror and all phenomena that happened before?? Tell me Gustav!”

I tried to find out the root of these problems. After I insisted him, he finally explained it clearly.

Actually, this phenomenon had happened for decades. It was related with the red mirror that we had in the house. The area had been surrounded by several kinds of hellish creatures, and the function of the mirror was to protect this house from beasts which were waiting for us at the outside. They were trying to take our soul to be brought down to hell as sacrifices. Once the mirror was cracked, the dimensional equilibrium between our world and their world became unstable, as if, the mirror became a double-edged sword. The beasts could cross dimensions, but they could not attack us because we were protected by the mirror. The only way that we could use to eliminate them was to break the mirror, but it needed two people to break it from the outside of the house.

On Sunday evening, we prepared everything that we needed. When it was getting dark, Anna and I walked on the backyard in order to attract those beasts. The wind was blowing very strong. Suddenly, the beasts appeared from the small forest with several terrifying forms, and the biggest one was a Cerberus, a dog with three fiery heads from hell. We were very scared and spontaneously ran into the house to meet Gustav, who had brought the mirror to the other side of the backyard. When we were almost there, Cerberus was already in the backyard and it tried to hit Gustav with its tail very quickly. Gustav dodged the attack, and he flied to make a counterattack by kicking one of Cerberus’s heads. In fact, Gustav was an angel from heaven assigned by God to resolve this mess.

I tried to move the mirror to the other side. Anna helped me by holding the mirror, and I gave a sign to Gustav, who was still fighting the dog. After Gustav gave the ultimate punch to Cerberus, he took the dog to the mirror. Before they left, Gustav said his last word to us.

“Good bye, kids…” said Gustav.

“Gustaaaaaaaavvvvvvvv…!!!!” Anna shouted.

Soon, Gustav dragged the dog into the mirror. While the mirror was emitting very bright light, as soon as possible I broke it. The mirror shattered into small pieces, and the nightmare was over. It was quiet for a moment.

“Anna…it’s over. Let’s go back. I know how you feel,” said I as I hugged her.

“I know. It sucks.” said Anna as she went inside.

The next day, the sun was shining brightly, and the rain had stopped. Maybe it was the first time for Anna and me to see something strange that made us traumatic, especially my sister. Actually, I did not understand what happened yesterday. It needed two days to bring the situation back to normal and to clean up the rest of the mess. Finally, my mother came home and told us that we had to move again to New York because of her unfinished business. She felt worried if she had to leave her children alone, so we left the house to seek a new life, again. As we left the house, there was a shadow standing and grinning to us from the distance, and then it disappeared.


Thank you to Sky Sucahyo and Dimas Arbrianto for proofreading.


– Wan, James. (2013). The Conjuring. United States: Warner Bros. Pictures

– Wan, James. (2010). Insidious. United States: Warner Bros. Pictures

– Edgar Allan Poe’s The Black Cat

Word Count: (999)

Link for work dramatization.

2 thoughts on “The Red Mirror: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120054/C

    At first, I thought that the plot of the story will be the same as The Conjuring plot since the early paragraphs tell quite similar situation with the film first scene. But in the next paragraph, I find that there are some differences that raise my curiosity to read the full story. I think the story is interesting because when I read the story I always presume what happen next to the characters of this story. In the part when the narrator decided to break the red mirror with her sister with the help of Gustav, I do not suppose that two young girls will do such dangerous thing without any hesitation and fear.
    (114 words)


  2. When did their mother leave them in the first place? I need to reread this story three times to figure out what’s point I’ve been missed. Actually, this story has the potential for the plot but you put too many elements and the scenes shift too accelerated. It makes this story all over the place. Is the shadow was one of the “human bodies” on their house’s backside? Is it the previous owner of the house? You explain the phenomenon well but it makes no room for the characters to directly take more actions. I think it is one important aspect in order to feel the thrills. I do not really feel it but the clarity of your dramatization covered the flaw. This story will be a good movie but I think you are not success enough distorting the idea into a short prose.

    Naomi Maharani

    word count: 144


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