The President: A Poem

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Summary: The poem reviews our era generated by presidents turned out, while aiming to find the perfect leadership Indonesia deserves.

The president

Part I: The Founding Father

When people felt hopeless,

Struggling through the pain for many years,

Came a man with hopes

A man with visions and characters;

The man who fought for freedom,

The man who sacrificed,

The man who made dreams come true– the dream of freedom,

The man who made the nation grow like a beard.

But, when everything seemed right and harmonized,

Problem of ideology followed, came to the ground;

The problem that changed everything;

The problem that made the man fall from his command.

Part II: The Dictator

A man who served for his nation,

Rising as an army killed the entire traitor.

A pride war hero of his country,

The man rose for his reign.

When construction done in the every corner of country,

Made him a father of construction;

Build a lot of changes in the nation;

The country became tiger in Asian.

When the nation grown

A global crisis occurred.

Thirty- four years ruling.

Making the only dictator fell from his crown.

Part III: The Descendant One

When the reform began in beloved country,

All rose against the tyrant regime.

A man shown becomes the new ruler.

The descendant one risen.

When the descendant one ruled,

Other nation felt brave to harm the beloved nation

Another country fell free to claim,

Claim for the land of Timor

Part IV: The Relaxed One

Being elected to rule the country,

The new leader with a lot sense of humor;

The relaxed one brought peace to the country.

Peace and liberty to every religion.

When masses of modifications done.

Policy became controversial.

An army marched to presidential palace.

The leader with short pants fell with relaxed.

Part V: The Lady

A brave lady daughter of the first,

The vice who became the new leader,

Substituting to the old failure,

Made changes but, also followed by failure.

It came when she stabilized the economy.

It came when Commission for Corruption made.

But, it came when state’s assets were sold.

Not yet reached the end of the power the lady had to fall.

Part VI: The Better One

The first leader elected by his own people.

The man who fought against corruption

Stabilizing economy in the first decade

Four years serving with excellent achievement

A man with a great leadership and responsibility,

The next four years shown the truth,

A great man with a bad faction,

Corruption on the inside showed its quality

The time when the great leader power was nearly end.

A great leader who served for two decade,

Eight years he served and made many of transforms to us.

And it was the fall of a great leader and his factions.

Part VII Closing: Finding a Perfect Leader

When time has come, the time for changes,

One had fallen and one must rise.

Looking for the new and perfect leader to serve the country,

A man who could make tiger in Asia serves well.

There’s a man with his horse.

There’s a man with squared-motive shirt

There’s a man with mud-flow problem.

There’s a man with his guitar.

When it came to choose, it became difficult.

Choose for the next four years.

A better leader is hard to find.

Shall the best be the victory.

Word Count: 543


Langston Hughes. (1943).Freedom’s Plow. Retrieved April 22, 2014, from

Langston Hughes. (1938). Let America be America Again Retrieved April 22, 2014, from

Thanks to:

Zulfikar Fauzi who corrected my grammar

Link for dramatization.

2 thoughts on “The President: A Poem

  1. 180410120025

    I love how you construe the notion of Indonesian’s presidential regime through stanzas. It’s beautiful. It must be strenuous for you tofocus not only on the predicaments happening on the in-between era but also to the triangulation. Indeed, how you build the plot from the very beginning to the finalé symmetrically illustrates the plot of the narrative. Overall I love the concept but the poem would have been more genuinely uplifting if you paid more attention to the rhyme and the sounds. What’s more interesting is the inclusion of “guitar” in the last Part, which fizzles the “seriousness” of the context to a form of amusement that would surprise the reader.

    Words: 111


  2. 180410120027/B

    I can see that the election for Indonesia’s next president has become your inspiration to compose this poem. It should be said that I’m proud there is a young man who still concerns with his country through a poem, instead of being apathetic like what I often find in the current young generation.

    However, I feel a little bit bothered by the Part VI; the diction shows your alignments towards the sixth president, Mr. SBY. It is fine, though, it means you are his admirer. It is just too obvious; you repeat the word “great” five times in it, added by a “better” and “excellent”.

    Moreover, it would be nice if you are consistent in using rhymes and syllables in every line, because I think that is the beauty of poems, its symmetry and orderliness. I believe your poem can be improved more because the idea is already great. (149 words)


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