The Perfect Coincidence of Anomaly: A Short Prose


Summary: A story about a struggle of a guy in the edge of his life to survive a sort of “zombie apocalypse” until an “anomaly” happened to him.


(Anomaly (n): something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected.)

“Urgh… Argh!”
“..ughh… Yes! …Yes yes yes!”

That was the sound I made from the glorious escape I just have performed. I’ve been stuck in a bloody elevator for hours. I should have been sitting in my desk, doing the stupidest and the most boring thing in the world, or, I would’ve probably been walking around some random town to “persuade” people to buy this thing I’ve always carried around that no one would buy. Who in their right mind want to be a sales person and most importantly, buy a goddamn pain reliever?

Haah, and now I have to climb this cable. Wait, how long is this cable? Hmm, I still can see the end of it, so I guess it is not too far away. Speaking of cable, I suddenly remember this one particular woman I saw in office several days ago. She was fixing cables of the front desk of my office. I mean, a girl, fixing cable? What an odd thing to do. And she’s wearing a uniform. Is she working in this company? She was beautiful and had such nice red hair. In this modern world full of arrogant and so-called “classy” women, a beautiful girl like her could be doing something more valuable and profitable than just being a sort of mechanic.

Anyway, I shouldn’t be thinking about that, I got my life to fix.


Okay now I have escaped the bloody elevator, let’s move on. What’s the next thing to do? Oh yeah, I’ve got to go to the boss’ office. But wait, why is it so empty and… Silent? Since this morning, people have been acting weird. And also I have been hearing a rumour about this “spreading virus” that got people flu all around the town. Well, I don’t know and don’t care much about that, I should have been in my boss’ office by 8.20, and now I’m two hours late. Where is everybody? It has been weird from the first place. How does no one come and fix the bloody elevator in this company so big?

“Well, let’s move on, shall we?” said I to myself.

Since the elevator is not working, I have to take the stairs now.

Ah! I heard sounds from the floor above! There must be people there. I know it’s weird, I’ve never missed anybody before, but this odd day have made me miss being in contact with people.

Woah, what are those people doing circling around like that? And… they’re all acting weird. The sound they make was just some kind of moans and growls. Ah! That’s my boss! But wait, something’s wrong. There’s… blood all over the floor and people’s bodies. What in the stupid world have happened to everyone? What are they doing?

“Oh my God.” exclaimed I,

“Oh my arsing God in a box!”

My obnoxious boss has just ripped a girl’s hand and eats it alive? Wait, Holy shit! she still is alive! She still is moving her body and start to eating a guy beside her! Wait, is she even… “alive”?

It doesn’t look good. Is it all because this “virus” that people’ve been talking about? Why is it turning people into something they are not? And they’re eating each other! I have to run. Like, right now. They are all moving together and I can’t do shit when they come after me.

Well, shit! What a cliché. Now they are looking at me, and really are coming after me. RUN! I have to get out of this building.


Oh, this day couldn’t be more satisfying. I should have known that the entrance gate will be blocked by those strange creatures. Where should I go now? I have to go somewhere safe.

Hmm… Well, that Mini Market would do. The cashier has bulletproof glass and of course, gun. I probably can get rid of these creatures with the gun and go off right after.


Well shit. Of course. Looking at this situation, the owner had probably brought his gun with him. Stupid. Now I’m stuck. Again.

All my life, I’ve been trying to get people to listen to me, recognizing the existence of me, or at least, buying this thing that I’ve always carried around…
Why in the lovely world it has to be happened at near-the-end of my life?

It would not take them a long time to break the glass.

”….Is it the end of me?”

I haven’t said hi for the last time to Timmy. Oh, Timmy, you’ve always been my company when no one would listen to me. I hope you didn’t turn into some kind of monstrous dog.

Well I guess this is it, folks” Stupidly I’m talking to the creatures.

Now I surrender, I don’t know what will save me anymore. It has to be a miracle, something unexpected and unlikely to be happened in this kind of situation.

But it was just about then, those creatures turned their heads around.
And I saw something… Red.
I’m not quite sure it was blood splattered around his head or it really is his head.
Oh no, I was wrong, it’s a “her”!
It’s the girl I saw the other day… The mechanic girl!
She is not only beautiful, but… Strong! She beats the hell out of everyone there by using a some kind of Katana! I should feel ashamed of myself by incapable of doing anything. I have to say something to her now.

Whoops, no need, she’s walking towards me.

Hello, are you okay?” said her.

“God no, that should be my question, Are you okay?”

“Haha, I’m okay. I’m the one who saved you, remember? Besides, I’ve always wanted to do that. I’m enjoying this “zombie” apocalypse.” said her burdenlessly.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. You sure are extraordinary, random girl.”

Haha please, call me Anna.”


“Yeah, Anna, Anna Molly.”


Thank you to Mr. Dimas Arbrianto and Mrs. Nadira Dhaifina for your guidance and advice :*

Also Mrs. Word, Of course, I cannot write this without you.

Anna Molly by Incubus. LightGrenades Album. Sony Music
The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. AMC studios.

Word Count: (955)

Link for dramatization.

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Coincidence of Anomaly: A Short Prose

  1. 180410110128/C

    ‘I’ is very funny from the way he describe his surroundings. He always cursing every now and then yet even though ‘I’ is trapped in zombie apocalypse, he does not seems scared and become panic or paranoid because he still making a funny narration along the story. For example when he is talking about Timmy, his best companion. However I think you should not use quotation mark for sound in the narration, like in “Crack”, because it can be miss interpret as dialogue by readers.

    Last, this story reminded me to Shaun of the dead because of funny tone which ‘I’ made with his narration through the story.


    • Well, to be quite frank, the real reference of this story is, actually, Shaun of The Dead. I mean, who doesn’t love the combo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost?!

      (you know, I just want to make it looked more “smart-ee” therefore I put The Walking Dead there, even though I’m not sure whether it really helps or not hahaha) Thank you for your comment anyway, I really appreciate it!


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