The Journey of Demon Slayer : A short prose


Summary : a story about a young man and his comrades who fight the demon.

In ancient time, there was a legend about a man who defeated the demon king. At that time the world was dominated by a demon race called Vizard .Upon a sudden, a man appeared with his comrades to fight the Vizard army. After a great battle with the vizard army, the demon king was sealed inside a huge statue in castle. Peace had been restored, but the demon would still exist and gather power while waiting for the right time to break free.
A millennium later a young man lives in a village called armament. He was an orphan named Kuro. He had a dream to become a traveler. He always practiced to use a sword to protect himself when he travels one day. When he practices in mountain near his village, suddenly there was a smoke from his village. He immediately went to the village. After arriving in the village he saw corpse of the villagers. He saw a child attacked by a demon and tried to help him.
Kuro felt anxious because all of his attacks from him had no effect on the demon. On the other hand, he got attacked once by the demon and he was seriously injured.
Suddenly came a mysterious man help him and slay the demon only by single attack. He was amazed to the power of that man.
“What are you?”
“I am Allen Walker the demon slayer, why you fight the demon although you do not have the power to fight the demon?”
“Why the demons strike our village?”
“Because the demon try to resurrect their king by created a chaos in this world. So the demon king would got the power to break free”
“i must protect the children even I had to risk my life. Please taught me how to become a demon slayer. ”
“Sorry I cannot accept you as my pupil, because not everyone can be a demon slayer.”
“Please I beg you; I want to become a demon slayer for avenging my villagers.”
“I cannot take you as pupil if you want to become a demon slayer just because you feel hatred.”
“Pleeeeeeeeease, I will try to call use the power for protecting people”
“Okay if that your purpose, but do not blame me if you lost your life in training.”
“Okay sir.”
They started the training to become a demon slayer.
Two years later they separated because Kuro want to defeat the demon king and Allen had own concern. Kuro heard a rumor about the demon king in demon castle which is located in the northern island. The traveler went to desert to reach a town, but in desert he fought many poisonous monsters. He was wounded and poisoned by the monster. Soon he collapses in the middle of desert.
When he woke up, he was in room with broken ceiling, no window and no one was around. A couple of minutes later came a woman with white robe. She introduced herself as Windy.
“Who are you?”
“I am Windy”
“Where am I? Why I am here?”
“In hut near the town, you are here because my friend and I found you in the middle of desert and we carry you to this place”
“Why do you not bring me to the town? Where are my wounds from the previous fight?”
“The town had been destroyed by Vizard 5 days ago and only my friend and I who survive from that event, you healed by me because I can use white magic like heal and esuna”
Came a man wear ninja suits and brought wakizaki from the door
“Who are you? Are you her friend who brings me here?”
“I am Junpei, yes it was me. Why were you in the desert anyway?”
“I try to go to demon castle to preventing resurrection of demon king. Do you want join me?”
“It is a great idea and I do not have a purpose to life except bring peace to this world.”
Then the party departed north to the demon king castle, but in the middle of the journey they met with powerful demon named Lucifer. Then they strike the demon with all their ability.

They killed Lucifer and were exhausted. Then they got surrounded by many demons. They thought they would not survive from demons.

All the demons vanished in a glance then someone stood in front of them. He was Allen Walker.
“Thanks’ for helping us Allen, If you did not come here what will happen to us? Maybe we were dead meat.”
“It is my duty to help my pupil, let’s take a rest and continue the journey when you all are ready”
“yes, sir’
After taking a rest they continue the journey to demon castle. After several days they arrived in front of demon castle and in the front of them there are many demons. Then the fierce battle began.

They managed to defeat the demon in front of the castle. Inside the castle there was only one demon, but he was very strong not like the demon they faced before. They used all their best technique like Kuro’s omnislash, Wendy’s Holy magic, Junpei’s ninjutsu, and Allen’s renzokuken. But the demon was not affected by their skill. The demon just attack once and all the party suffered a severe wound. They thought they did not have a chance to kill that demon, but Allen had an idea to kill that demon.
“You all must leave this place right now”
“Why? If we all cannot beat that monster why you think you can do that alone?
“Just listen to me!!!”
They left Allen alone in the castle, when they are outside suddenly there is an explosion. They realized that Allen used a sacrifice technique to kill that demon.
Finally Kuro and his comrade succeeded to prevent the resurrection of the demon king, but it costed his master life. Then peace had been restored in that world.

Thank you to:

-Achmad Ridwan Noer, a librarian, for reading and checking my grammar.
– Irfan Reza Herdiansyah, a cell phone credit merchant, for reading and giving his advice to my story.
-Khairul Dzakirin, a DotA player for giving his ideas for name of the technique.

Reference List:

-Final Fantasy (Game)
-OST Final Fantasy

Word count : 999

Link for work dramatization.

6 thoughts on “The Journey of Demon Slayer : A short prose

  1. 180410120044/C

    The story is great, man. The plot is kind of general but I like how the story goes. It’s just unfortunate that Kuro is not explained fully in the story (maybe because of the words limit) that I find this character is as just usual as the other for in the end of the story it is not Kuro who destroy the demon king. What I see in the story is that Kuro and his comrades only have a little part in the story. The one that really have an effect on the story is Allen Walker, the master of demon-slayer.
    Overall, I enjoyed the story; I hope there is a sequel for it.
    (words count: 114)


  2. 180410110171/A

    The story is actually quite good, but in my opinion the conflict is too simple, so that I do not really get the suspense from the story. The scene is also not too far from the place where the characters have to face the monster, so I think it is quite boring. Maybe the reason of it, is because the limited of word given to you, but still I think it will be better if you just take one scene from the story and make the conflict quite big from it. The introduction of the characters is also seem to be forced, so it is quite difficult for the reader to identify them.

    Word count: 113


  3. 180410120059/C

    The narrator in the story was third person narrator that recognized the main character from inside. The narrator seemed to know Kuro, since the narrator could tell his background, his dream, and his daily activity that Kuro always did in mountain. The narrator used Kuro as vocalizer and described the story by using Kuro`s sense for instance when the narrator known what Kuro saw after arriving in his village and what Kuro felt when he attacked the demon. However, the narrator suddenly expanded his/her vocalizer since the narrator did not only know what Kuro thought, but also knowing his friend thought. For instance when they met Lucifer and one demon inside the castle, the narrator said “They thought they would not survive from demons” and “They though they did not have a chance to kill that demon.” From that time until the end, the narrator used Kuro`s team as the vocalizer.

    (150 words)


  4. Fadhlan Hafiyyan
    180410120048/ A
    Focusing my sense on how the character got intertwined during the story, the first that I depict the protagonist on the story was Kuro. This is reasonable since I saw Kuro had his position moving toward the plots (moving-plot). However, there is an additional character appeared in the middle of the story that is Allen Walker. I think he is someone who has more guts and pretty much stronger than Kuro, the one I thought was the man character. I do feel Allen is more appropriate becoming the protagonist than Kuro for he was told more in the climax of the story.
    Words : 102


  5. 180410120011/A

    Your story is a little bit plain,in the middle I guess. Your story also remind me with a movie about abraham lincoln the vampire slayer (I forgot its title though), when you mentioned about kuro who wants to be allen’s pupil to bring a peace. And I am a little bit upset that in the end of your story, it is not kuro who kills the king of demon, but allen who sacrifice himself. In my opinion, all the things that allen teaches to kuro are a waste. It is seems like kuro is just an ordinary man who just has courage, but not strong enough to kills the demons. But well, it is quite an amazing story ^-^.

    Word count: 118


  6. Fidhika Fitrah

    I like the title of your story. The title reminds me to the anime ‘Ao No Exorcist’ about the demon that obsesses human soul. Honestly this story is quite boring. It is because you didn’t explain when they were fighting with the demon. The story makes the reader easily to guess what’s happening next. You can focus in one or two fighting because it can makes the readers interest to the story. For the ending maybe you can add the dramatization when Allen tries to explode his body with Kuro tries to avoid Allen and his friend drag Kuro to let Allen kill the demon with his own way.


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