The Blue Orchid: Short Prose

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Summary: Short prose for children. It tells about grandchildren who broke her promise and made her grandmother left.

“Morning, my dearest! Wake up! You have to go to school today. It is your first time for you to go to school.” said the 60-year-old Mrs. Gosling.

She came to Lily’s bedroom and trying to open her door.

“Knock knock knock.” Mrs. Gosling tapped Lily’s door.

“Yes, grandma! Sorry, I did not hear your voice.” Then, Lily opened her door.

“Thank you, my pretty grandma for waking me up this morning.” Lily kissed Mrs. Gosling on the forehead.

After Lily prepared herself, she went to school by bicycle. Mrs. Gosling just saw Lily, who was 6 years old, from the house door with smile in her face. Every time while Lily went to school, Mrs. Gosling just waited her until she came back to house. Day by day, that routines happened and Mrs. Gosling always felt lonely while Lily went to school.

Mrs. Gosling and Lily lived together when Lily’s parents had died in an accident. The accident happened when Lily was 2 years. She always asked Mrs. Gosling how her parents look like, how her parents loves her and why her parents left her forever. Every that question was said from Lily, Mrs. Gosling always answered with her tears in her face.

One day, Lily came back late, so Mrs. Gosling worried. She waited about 30 minutes in terrace but she did not come. So, she put her sweater, locked her house’s door, and went to look for Lily. About one hour, Mrs. Gosling did not meet anyone. She cried on the street where a flower shop standing on the corner.

She just saw to that flower shop, which had many colors of flowers. She said, “If I have times anymore to live together with my pretty grandchildren, Lily, I will give her many flowers to tell her that I don’t want to separate with her anymore because I love her so much.” Mrs. Gosling walked to intersection of the street and sat on the red chair.

The wind was so cold. She started to cough several times.

For 2 years, she had gotten cough. When Lily knew that the grandmother got cough in several times, she asked to her grandmother to go to doctor. But her grandmother always pretended to be okay. She did not have money to pay the doctor, she always used her money for Lily’s happiness. She sat in red chair, she decided to go to her house hoping that there was Lily in her house. While she arrived, she did not see anyone. She cried on the terrace, then she felt tired and she slept in her wooden chair.

“Grandma, grandma! Wake up, I come back!.” She kissed Mrs. Gosling’s forehead.

“Look at this, grandma. I have my drawing for you.” And then Mrs. Gosling woke up because of her.

She hugged Lily tightly and said, “Where have you been, honey? I have been looking for you. I was afraid if something wrong happened to you. Are you okay?” She kissed Lily’s forehead and her tears fell down.

“Grandma, I am okay. I just made a drawing with my friends on the school’s park. Sorry for making you affraid, I just have fun with my friends.” She said that with big smile in her face.

On Sunday morning….

“Grandma…….wake up! Today is the first sunday in April. We should go to outside.”

“Yes, honey. I want to show you beautiful place today.”

“Wow, it must be great! Come on, grandma. We have to prepare now. ”

The weather was very nice. The people were busy with their activities. About 30 minutes, they arrived in front of the florist. They could see “Tulips Florist” with white-colored font and pink on the background.

“Look at this. It’s so beautiful. What is the name of this flowers?” She pointed to blue flowers which has beautiful sepals.

“This is Orchid, honey.” Said Mrs. Gosling.

“Grandma, I want some Orchid flowers for our backyard. Do you want it too?”

“Hmmm. Sure, but I think it is better if we buy the Orchid seeds. We can plant them together. What do you think, honey?” Mrs. Gosling smiled to Lily.

“Wow, It is a good idea, grandma.” Said Lily with hugging Mrs. Gosling.

Arriving in their house, they dug the ground on the park and sowed the seeds.

“Honey, please keep this Orchid for me. You have to pour the water for them every morning and evening. When you lazy to keep this flowers, they can wither.” Said Mrs. Gosling.

“What will happen when they are withered? We can buy the Orchid seeds again and plant them together. Am I right?”

“Yes, you are. But if they are withered, you will be left by someone you love.” Said Mrs. Gosling with smile on her a pale face. “Do you want to promise?”

“I promise, grandma!”

First month until eighth month, Lily always pour the water every morning and evening. Mrs. Gosling was very happy because she did not break her promise. But in ninth month, Lily started to break her promise. She was lazy to pour the water and the manures. The Orchid flowers became withered, they were not beautiful anymore.

In February….

“Grandma….I come back! I have many stories that I have to share with you.”

Lily looked for Mrs. Gosling, but she didn’t find anyone.

“Grandma…where are you? Grandma! Grandma!” Lily shouted. Then, Lily was panic. Her grandmother never left their house when Lily went to school.

She saw a paper on the pot, and there were sentences: “My dearest, look at the Orchid flowers, they are not beautiful. You break your promise. I wish you could keep them. Forgive me for leaving you now. I hope you are okay. I love you, honey. Take care.”

After reading the letters, she cried and hugged the paper so tight.

Word Count: 970

Thank you to:
– Nastassja Elfrinita who gives me some informations.
– Rizka Anggun who gives me the tittle for this short story.

Link for the dramatization.

3 thoughts on “The Blue Orchid: Short Prose

  1. The story is quite touching. How lily loves her grandmother and how Mrs. Gosling loves her grandchild. This story teaches children to love their parents or their grandparents. But I get confusing the end of the story. I don’t understand the reason why his grandmother leaves lily . For me a bit excessive if the reason is just because flowers because the story tells how his grandmother really loves lily. This is just my opinion no offense.


  2. 1804 1012 0131

    Well, honestly I burst into tears when I read this story. My grandma loves orchid flowers and she filled her little backyard with it, but since she passed away the backyard did not look beautiful as it used to be. The plot is understandable and I can feel how Lily’s grandma loves her so much. But I was just curious about what happened to her grandma. Did she go away just like that because Lily did not take care of the flowers or she died? I bet there must be some reasons why she left. This story somehow reminds me to an anime movie “ano hi mita hana no namae”.


  3. 180410120042/A

    This story tells us about the moral value. how we keep our promises from someone who we loved.The Blue Orchid tells us not only about moral value but also about Love. When the love is shared and when love movement into The Blue Orchid that Lily will to keep. i am not understand with the grandmother’s attitude, when she leave the only one grandchild that she really love so much? why grandmother leave her alone? i didn’t get any detail about what’s happenned in the story but most of all this story was good and entertaining. I think that the story is really suitable for a children.


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