Tale of Elisia: A poem


Summary: A short chronicle of a goddess, a lover and a sinner in my universe.


Start by pulling my sister out of the fire and

hoping that she will forget the vessel.

She was supposed to be an angel but they took her

from that light and turned her into something brittle,

something that forgets what her hands are for when they aren’t snatching.

Then she met him

She tells him about the people who live

beneath the ground

not dead, not dead at all

just below

She wants him to believe

All the prayers did not start with her name

they do talk about her still

She did not flinch at the blood in his father eyes

and they keep shouting

but her father doesn’t hear

She spends hours working up the courage

to asking how much weight

there is on her mother chest

She saw him were an open wound

a bright red cut that wanted to stain the world

and pretending his fists are kisses

There are bruises on her heel

There are bruises on her chest

There are bruises on her hair

There are bruises on her smile

There are bruises on her sight

There are bruises on her sense

There are bruises on her neck

There are bruises on her thigh

There are bruises on her organs

There are bruises on her vindication

There are bruises on her walls

There are bruises on her coffin

There are bruises on her hope

Oh, sister dearest

You said he was beautiful

You said he was all golden

You said he was love

They chased you

They hunted you down

You cursed

He forgot

And here this girl

The girl knows your home and wiping the blood off of your chin

The girl tries to talk with you but you can’t get the words out

The girl slips her fingers inside your gaping heart and pulls the darkness out,

little by little, and laugh.

The girl good for your soul, everything is human about her

The girl drags you to the River where all hands pray

The girl thinks you are days away from the Mountain

The girl begs you to stay on her lair

The girl promises never turns her back on you

The girl shines brightly

The girl is magically beautiful

But sister,

The River loves her the most

The River adores her the most

The River feels a pang of envy

The River covers your eyes

You trip

You hurt

You cry

You run

She lost


Start by pushing my brother onto a jar of ice spikes and

hoping that he reminisces the lid

He was supposed to be a knight but they led him away from

that war and turned him into something wicked

something that forgets what his heart for when it wasn’t burning

Then he met her

He whispered her lullaby

He brushed her feathers

He mopped her liquid

He spanked her tongue

He confounded her thoughts

He yanked her legs

He stabbed her minions

He felt on her lap

He swore an oath

He loved

He fed up

He dazed

Oh, brother darling

When you grew your fangs, you sucked the secretion

When you kicked your mother, you are always forgiven

When you hurled your father, we gave you a nation

When you annoyed by the buzz, we killed the peasant

But brother,

When you spilled pomegranate seeds from her chest, we went mad

When you let the Anger slapped her face, we went hate

When you pushed her towards them, we went sad

When we finally taught her to flap, you went rad

We worshipped her blade

We have our faith

We have no regret


Where is the ending of my beginning?

When my people hysterically pointing and laughing

When my mother busy outweighing

When my man saw me as a target and knocked me down

When a girl has my soul and buried it inside her eyes

When I was wandering around with no guts

When I was having no trust on my mind

When I uttered a cry of despair

I think of him when I think of valor

I think of her when I think of anchor

I think of him when I think of belonging

I think of her when I think of leaving

The monster inside me

The monster inside my mother

The monster inside them

And you, my fairest Monster

If I had met you at a different time

When they didn’t hate my body

And I didn’t hate my body

If I had met you at a different place

When they didn’t own my blade

And I didn’t own my blade

No one has bitter object to thrown

No one needs to borrow one’s bone

No one leaves their room to my chamber

No one feels the shame

But Monster,

That’s not how this story goes

That’s not what the world offers to us

That’s not the ending that everyone wished for

Because for a hundred miles through the hills

The Mountain and The River keeps howling

Acknowledging how and why our bond still exists

Wondering what kind of stream on your cheek

Shooting my wings with the Debris

I’ll forgive them when I’m older

I’ll stop blaming when I’m lighter

My voice starts working

His face shows up on their iris

They sentenced me

My beloved Monster,

I fought so hard to be this cruel

What day was it when we met?

When you took my breath from my throat

When you cleansed up the edges of my sword

I cannot recall

I sigh

It is exactly like today

I smirk

The scenery

The smell

The air

All red.

Thanks to:

– Putri Sari Dewi N.A my best friend in Universitas Indonesia who introduced me to her sister whose life never ceases to amaze me and make this poem happened.

– Nadira Dhaifina, the busy proofreader.

– Intan Artika Putri, the mood booster [also the reader].


-The goddess’s personal life
-The Last of Us: Left Behind
– Janel Drewis- Where did you sleep last night

Word Count: 960

Link for dramatization

2 thoughts on “Tale of Elisia: A poem

  1. 180410100202/E
    It’s a nice work I think, and I want to scapture your words within your story through the plot you made, which is brought nature’s reflection such as river, and some of human’s body. Wherefor, they seem to be just put in there, for some, river as the example, as additional word, it could have been nicer if there’s analogical relation with the plot you are trying to present. It might give a web to the reader to catch your image of the theme and plots, because your poem is very identical to the senses of the narrator (you), from what I have read, and those senses will bring the meaning within the words are easier to understand from analogical relation between the plot and words in your poem, but some of them such as the bruises have done it well, and some of the others are still floating, I think, such as rivers, smell, etc. Thanks.


    • The Mountain in my poem represents the high society in the sinner’s home it also could be interpreted as oldest persons in our family who asked us to behave properly. As for The River, I can say it just a bunch of friends who are so judgmental about everything and easily jealous if one of them getting close to other person who better than them. Why is river? Because I think if people talk behind you because you are different or good to be true it becomes a burden and it will give an effect like wave that swept you away. Why not sea? It is aligned with the setting on the surface of this poem which actually not the real setting, besides sea is too majestic to replace those people. And for ‘smell’ I used it to give the feeling about something is going to happen. Anyway thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it :)


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