Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: A Short Prose


Summary: What Scarlet does when the love of her life marries her sworn enemy in 12 hours.


To call or not to call is probably the biggest life changing decision I have to make today. I can feel my head starting to pound as the internal battle inside my brain continues. If I don’t call him tonight then I have to “forever hold my peace” as the priest would say 12 hours from now. 12 hours…12 hours until my world is ending. Yes, I know I’m being totally dramatic, but can you blame me? The love of my life and my other half. No, my BETTER half is going to marry my sworn enemy. How could that happen? One day, we’re strolling down the street eating ice cream and cheering me up after Nicole’s latest prank to destroy me and the next day he guiltily admit that he has been in love with Nicole for years and now, 12 hours from now he would agree to spend the rest of his life with her. Funny how in 12 hours, Nicole’s lifelong goal to destroy me will finally come true, and the worst part is, she won’t even know. Thanks to the theater courses that I took during high school, I’ve been able to hide my feelings for Alex for exactly 4 years tomorrow. Back to my life changing decision, should I call him or not?

11 hours. I’ve been debating with myself for an hour. I have to do this, I have to call him now. 0815322386…please don’t pick up please do- “Hello?” oh no. “Hey Lex..it’s me, Scar”

“Thank God you called, I need you to calm me down, Scar. I’m very nervous.”

“Well I guess I know you too well huh Lex? Why are you nervous?”

“You think? Tomorrow I’ll marry the love of my life, but I don’t know if I’m ready, Scarlet.”

“You are ready Alexander. Trust me, you are. You’ll do great tomorrow. You’ll wear that nice suit and nice shoes and she’ll wear her dress. You’ll be her husband before you know it. I promise I’ll be there to cheer you on.” Lie. Lie.

“Me and my nice shoes huh? I wish I could wear my sneakers instead.” If I was your bride, I’ll let you wear anything you want love.

“Nicole wouldn’t like that now would she?”

“No she wouldn’t. But you would.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Scar.”

“No, Alex, I love you. I love you not as best friend. I love you. Please don’t marry Nicole. Please.”

“Scarlet…I….I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t need to say anything Alex, all you need to do is call off the wedding. I promise I’ll help you clean up the mess. I’ll be with you forever Alex, please.”

“You don’t understand Scarlet, I love you, I really do, but I love Nicole too.”

“Can’t you see? Nicole is evil! Who do you think locked me in the janitor’s room? Who do you think mixed my coffee with dietary pills until I got a diarrhea? Are you that oblivious Alexander?”

“Don’t you dare blaming Nicole for all of that!”

“Open your eyes Alex, I’ve been your best friend for 4 years. I wouldn’t lie to you!” “Best friend? Are you sure? What kind of best friend tries to ruin their best friend’s wedding? Oh I know Scar, you’re lying this whole time right? You staged the janitor’s room accident and also the coffee one! You always crave for the attention! You know what, don’t bother coming to the wedding tomorrow. Goodbye Scarlet.” “Alex wa..” he hung up. He hung up on me. I’m such a fool, why did I call him? Why did I confess? Now all I can do is cry and cry because the last person who really gives a damn about me has left. I might as well cry myself to sleep and never wakes up……goodbye world. Goodbye indeed.

“KRIIIIIIIIIIIIING” uuugh that sound. That damn sound. Wait, I never knew there is an alarm clock in heaven…or am I in hell? “KRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING” shut up!! I don’t want to wake up please somebody shut it up. “KRIIIIIII…” oh thank God it stops. Wait, it stops? “Ugh.” Oh my God somebody groans beside me. Am I abducted? Pretend to sleep Scar pretend to sleep. “Scarlet darling, time to wake up. Today is Helena’s first day of school.” Who the hell is Helena? Who is this guy? OK now I’m getting scared. “Momma wake up! Its my first day of school momma let’s go I don’t want to be late.” Momma? Helena? Oh right Helena! “Hey baby girl I’m awake now, go wait in the dining room, I’ll make you breakfast.”

“Okay Momma.”

“I can’t believe our daughter is growing up so fast. I will have to scare all the boys away from our baby any minute now.”

I smile at my husband and realizing how perfectly imperfect my little family is. I am blessed with a beautiful daughter and a loving husband. The nightmare I got last night will not be able to erase the happiness feeling I feel now. Right here, in my husband’s arm.

“Oh don’t be dramatic, Alex. Now help me prepare breakfast for the little missy outside.”

“I love you Scarlet.”

“I love you too Alexander.”


A fanfiction i read somewhere in Mibba

Word Count: 872

Link for work dramatization.

One thought on “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: A Short Prose

  1. Noviyanti Katerina
    180410130039 / A

    This story might be one of the story that I have ever read that has a very unpredictable plot twist. I wasn’t expecting the end of this story to be a happy ending. The story flow is good. The first thing that bothers me from your story is how you picture the sound of the alarm. I think it’s not “Kring!”, and the second thing is that I don’t really get the connection between the title and some parts of the story, but it is okay because your story is still great. Lastly, I love how you made the story funny and light with a little hint of romance. It’s a very good short story.


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