Short Prose: NIGHTMARE


Summary: Kalila walked in her dream, she met a girl named Tara, then together they try to solve a mystery.The adventure began, they also met the creepy girl who trapped in a dream world.

Dandelion flowers blown by blast of wind softly. While Kalila sat on dandelion’s rug that grown healthy. She saw up to the sky while thinking of ‘gift’ which she got from God. However she is not really excited with her ability that she has. Asleep and then dream that’s ordinary things, but she felt worry at the moment that her soul released from her body, then her soul walking around to different dimension. She can saw her body which deeply asleep but her soul and her mind flew to another place wherever will go. Until one time where Kalila met with a adolescent girl which at the same age with Kalila, her name is Tara. Kalila felt surprised to see Tara, she thougt that Tara has the same destiny with her. Tara smiling to Kalila. They acquainted with each other. There is something interesting for Kalila, after they talking to each other and tell each story. Actually Tara consciously released her soul from her body , this is because Tara wanted solving the problem of her brother. Her brother named Kevin, always acting hysterical when walked into Tara’s bedroom. Her brother always appointed to something under the mattress which is dark. Tara feels frightened. So, during all this time, she never tried to reveal what actually happened with Kevin’s condition. Until one day she determined to help her brother to become normal and cheerful again. She tried to revealed the mystery of her room. Fortunately, Kalila interested with that escapade. She decided to help Tara to solve her problem. Of course Tara very surprise and also excited with Kalila’s decision. Her determination more rounded to safe her brother. Now Tara accompanied with her new friend, Kalila. The adventure began. Both of them comeback to their body, in the morning during breakfast time, Kalila telling what actually happened to her last night. Kalila’s mother felt sympathy about Tara’s problem. Without asked to approve, her mother suggesting Kalila to assist Tara solving the problem. According Kalila’s mother, what she got from God as a great grace. Finally Kalila fully determined to help Tara. In the night Kalila hit the sack. She asked for her mother’s prayer before to success in solving Tara’s problem. Her mother gives smile for her, she just want Kalila to go back in the morning with exciting news. She fell asleep shortly after that. Her soul released from her body, she seek out Tara. Her soul walked to Tara’s house, after she met with Tara, they directly entering to Tara’s bedroom. For all this time they never found something scary. But this time when they look at under the mattress, there was adolescent girl at the same age with Kalila and Tara, who was sedimented under the mattress. Finally they already know why Tara’s brother always frightened with this room. There was another girl in this room, she was scary. Someone who might be a nightmare for most of the children who saw the girl. With courage, they approached that girl. They felt compassion with the girl, her eyes glaze and black, she looks skinny, slipshod, unwell, pathetic. She has a little cut on her forehead. Then the girl crying, while they tried to approach her. They presumed to ask something to that girl. Kalila asked, “who are you, why are you were here?”. The girl answer, “we are same, I’m stuck here”. First, they didn’t understand what actually the girl meant, but both of them get a view about the girl. As if the were given the inner eye which can saw something from the past. The girl has an ability such as Kalila and Tara, she can saw other creatures and her soul can released from her body too. She walking around to somewhere else, she interested with girl’s stuff in Kalila’s room. She accustomed playing in another world, another dimension. Until one day she trapped and can not go back to her really life. They’re really shocked. The girl just smiled bitterly and tried to reach Kalila and Tara. They avoid that girl, Tara shouted at that girl to came out of her room and did not bother Kevin again. The girl said that she wanted Kalila and Tara to accompany her in this dimension. She was considered dead by her mother, so her body buried like the dead one. It cause she could not return to her body.

Morning arrived, Kalila’s mother worried about Kalila. Not as usual Kalila’s yet awakened from her sleep. In another place Kalila and Tara ran avoiding the nasty girl. They retry back to their body. And then Kalila’s awakened. Her mother has long waiting. Kalila huge her mother tightly. She told anything that happened to her. Her mother forbade her to help Tara again, her mother did not want her daughter injured. She frightened her daughter was returned. While Tara awakened, she felt guilty, she tought that she should not enclosed Kalila in her problem. Finally Tara decided solving her problem by her self. The next night Tara hit the sack and released her soul from her body. She forced the nasty girl to came out from her room, instead the nasty girl tried to enter to Tara’s body and it succeed. Tara trapped in another place in different dimension, she really upset and sad. All of this moment made her suffer and mad.

Tara awakened but she was not actually Tara, she looking for her brother, she invite Kevin to cook together with her. Kevin excited, he agreed. She used a knife for cutting chilli, slowly but sure she asked Kevin for helping her toke a bowl on kitchen cabinets, in unguarded moment she stab kevin with her knife, she did not like kevin because it was he, who sent his sister to drove her from her room.
The real Tara can saw that events. She really felt guilty, she can not saved her brother. The next night Kalila asleep, in her dream she saw Tara changed become someone scary like the nasty girl that they ever met before.

(wordcount: 1.014)

Thanks to: Jennifer and Susiyanti for helping me to post and to edit my short prose.
References: This ideas was inspired by watching insidious movie.

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