Sakura for Haruka: A Short Prose


Summary: Japan was led by the new leader, and this leader had a power that precisely showed that her leadership was counterfeit.

Sakura for Haruka

17th September 2017 was the most important day for this country, Japan. It was a dark cold day. The heavy rain and the strong wind made most of people prefer to stay at home. The television showed the inauguration of the new leader of this country, Haruka – the strongest woman in this country. Smart, pretty, and kind-hearted was what most of people knew about their new leader. She is PERFECT, people said. Wearing beautiful knee-length pink dress, she looked dazzling among the others. She did not pronounce her oath as a new leader on that day. She did not need to because people always believe her. She is DIFFERENT. She is EXCEPTIONALL.

In her inauguration speech, she only expressed her gratitude to the people and ended it with saying, “Trust me my people,” and everyone in that place replied it simultaneously, “We will trust you,” and then they cheered calling her name.


Isamu turned off the stove and poured the hot green tea from the teapot into the cup. He smelled it and sipped it slowly. He was waiting for his friends who would come to his home this afternoon. “27th March 2020,” Isamu murmured while seeing the calendar, “It’s been almost three years,” he continued. Looking at the window, hoping his friends would come to his home quickly. He was bored, so he turned on the television and watched a popular singer, Miwa, singing the song for the leader. “She always smiles on the stage, but I know the truth. Poor Miwa,” Isamu said scornfully. He heard the door was knocked. He ran quickly and opened the door. He was so happy meeting his best friends, Juro and Kamiko. Juro, a handsome tall guy, nowworked as a photographer for fashion magazines. Kamiko, not like her name which has meaning “superior child”, now workedas a cashier in a minimarket.

“What are you doing now, huh? With these pencils, drafts, ink. Are you become a mangaka now?” asked Juro.

“Haha, I’m not a mangaka, yet. My story is always rejected by the publisher,”

“Of course it’s rejected. It’s about her,” Juro read some of the drafts.

Kamiko put the paper bags that she brought on the table and took out many kinds of food and drink from it. “You bought those things? Or you stole it from your minimarket?” Isamu asked. Kamiko looked at him with her peeved face and said, “It’s only for me and Juro, sorry,” Isamu chuckled, “I’m just kidding, sweety. Now, give me that chocolate bar,” Kamiko threw it and smiled at him.


Isamu, Juro, and Kamiko were busy making a new program that could hijack the national television and radio broadcasts that broadcasting the daily leader’s speech every 06.00 PM. On the first two months, they just hijacked it with a running text for the television broadcasts: GOVERNMENT ORDERS: TURN DOWN THE TELEVISION VOLUME UP TO 10%. For the radio, it was easier because there was only one radio station that was trusted by the leader, and this radio station was ran by the people whose mind cannot be controlled by the leader, but for almost three years, they acted like they trust the leader, so it was easier; they only made the speech sounded discontinuously. No one realized it as a resistance to the government. The people who work in the television station did not know about the running text, for they saw it was running smoothly from their work place. The leader also saw it same as the people who work in television station; she saw it from her place called “Sakura no ie” or “House of Sakura” – a 700-meter tall and triangular-prism shaped building; reputedly there were 350 cherry blossom trees that would never wilt in that building.

June and July were the most stressful month for the people who against the government. The leader realized that there was somebody who tried to disenchant the public mind that was controlled by her. The leader never stopped the television and radio broadcasts, even though some people did not watch or hear it anymore because in some places this broadcasts was totally interrupted. The leader ordered the police and army to arrest the perpetrators of this broadcasts hijacking. They would face the death penalty.

“She will find us sooner or later,” Kamiko said to Isamu and Juro, “Our people in the radio station have been arrested two days ago,” she continued, “We’ll fail! We won’t be able to get her. Her people are too many, and they are trust her.”

“Juro and I have made a plan. We’ll meet her on her annual speech commemorating the day where ‘she saved Japan’ from the dangerous virus,” Isamu said tonelessly.

“It’s too dangerous! She knows us! She recognizes us! She’ll….,”

“We’ll kill her on that day,” Isamu interrupted.

“We’ll what??? Our deal is to get her and inject her with the serum that will paralyze her nerve tissue and brain, so she will lose her power for controlling people’s mind.”

“You said that her people are too many, so do you think that we can get her?”

Kamiko was silent.

“We can get her by kill her with this long-range rifle. We can shoot her right in the head from a 2000-meter distance,” said Juro excitedly while holding the rifle.


17th September 2020, People thronged the main square of the “House of Sakura”. Haruka would soon begin her annual speech. She had stood on the podium. She opened her speech by criticizing the hijacking that happened on television and radio broadcasts. Almost 45 minutes she stood there. Then, people on that place could see a young girl was running and crying while hugging someone who was part of her body was covered in red and pink. The people did not remember anything about the person who was hugged by the young girl. “At least, she died beautifully,” said Juro. Kamiko saw that Isamu shed a tear but smiled.

Thank you to Raden Hari Hariadi, Annisa Hida, and Haris Munggaran.


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Word count: (999)

Link for work dramatization:

8 thoughts on “Sakura for Haruka: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120031/B

    First time I read the story, I don’t expect that the leader is typical mean and authoritarian. I thought the story will tell about woman’s power. I must have misunderstood it because I skip the summary. However, it is a great breakthrough that you use a woman character to create a dystopian story, because most dystopian stories I know have a male figure as the main character.
    I like the idea that best friends are not only hanging out buddies. We can also start a “revolution” with them. Even if we might end up in jail or die.
    There is a few typo in there, but that’s okay.

    Word count: 108


  2. 180410120022/B
    First, I thought this story would only be the description of Haruka’s dictator character when she led her country. But after I read it all, I found a rebellion that did by Kamiko, Isamu and Juro and those rebellion characters that I like the most. Kamiko, Isamu and Juro, the trio who have the same principle that is to against Haruka’s reign, although they do not have enough power to against her because they are just ordinary citizens but they do not give up to resuscitate Japanese resident if their leader were not really a good person.
    In this story I also think have a moral value like do not give up to uphold the truth whatever the risk.

    Word count: 119


  3. 180410120041/B

    I have same impression with Inayah, that this story will tell about the leader, Haruka, who would kindly and wisely lead the country and the people, due to her proper characterization in the first part and also from its title which give an impression that she is an enchanting person who deserved to be given Sakura. But in such an opposite way, from the three revolutionist’s point of view, Haruka is depicted as the immorality leader who have to be overthrew. From the two point of view, which are the common people and the revolutionist, you (the author) properly construct Haruka’s characterization as she is two different people.

    Word count: 108


  4. 180410120081/A

    Hello! I like the universe you create; a dystopian Japan with a building surrounded by hundreds of cherry blossom tree in it, a serum that would kill someone, and a tyrannical leader with superpower. Those things add spices to the sci-fi-ness in your story successfully.

    At first, it is quite hard to catch what kind of person Haruka is. I thought many people like her because she wears talisman or “the cherry blossom trees that would never wilt” are her charms, but when I scrolled down, I see Eternal Sabbath (my favorite manga!) on the reference list. So, Haruka is like Izaku, right? However, there are still some typos and I think this story could be more interesting if you add some background on why Isamu and friends are immune to Sakura’s power. But overall, you did a great job, dear author! (142 words)


  5. 180410120089/E

    There is one thing that interested me about this story. I noticed that the writer wrote a woman in different way. Some storytelling in the same theme choose main male character for the story driven by the supposition that the male capability is the extensive, while the female capability, determined by biological factors, is specialized. However, Haruka plays characters who abusively desire an excessive amount of personal authority. This story provides audiences with a female character intended to represent the extensive human capability. I think science fiction or dystopian narrative is a great genre for gender flipping because in an imaginary realm, everything is possible. It can show not just who women are but also who women can be.
    In the end, I appreciate the writer for include a woman character who is different and pervasive.

    Word count: 136


  6. 180410120037

    I love how you gave a title on this story, where the story title was attracts me since it sound very Japan. I think you were a brave writer for picking such difficult topics, like deified leader and rebellion against government, but serve it in a short story form. Overall, your story was great. But I’m a bit disappointed for the ending. I think it would be better if the leader was murdered in other way like what was planned before (the paralyze serum, it sounds cool) instead of killed by a sniper. But again, overall, your story was great and i really enjoyed reading it. Good work!

    (word count : 108)


  7. 180410120034/B
    I agree with Vera. You should add some background about Isamu and friends that are immune to Sakura’s power. Although it only a sentence.
    After I read the whole story, I wondered why the title is “Sakura for Haruka” not “Haruka for Sakura”. I think “Haruka for Sakura” more suited because it shows the dystopian story. It is like tell the reader that Haruka, the new leader, is for Sakura, Japan (if you mean that Sakura represent Japan).
    But, I really like your story because it is a dystopian story that happened in Japan. If it is about Japan, usually it is a utopian story. I think you should continue the story or expand it.

    Word count: 115


  8. Dimas Bimo

    As far as I know, there is not so many story that giving a picture about dystopian Japan, whether in Manga or in a film, and there is not so many story that use a woman as a dictator. It is not an easy task to write a good story even if it just contain one of those two thing, not to mention of using both of which, but this story is contain both and formed a great story. The depiction of the characters is also very good, the way you describe haruka as a not-so-bad dictator and rebellious trio as antagonist who intends to kill the dictator, even though not all of them wanted her to die, is very interesting and makes me curious about the end of the story.

    131 words


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