Rugrats Theory : A Short Prose


Summary : Angelica’s point of view of Rugrats.

Huh. Today is a day off for my parents, they should take me for a walk or maybe just shopping to buy some toys for Cynthia, but unfortunately they just take me to Uncle Stu’s place. I never know what they do on their work, they are rarely at home actually. That’s why they always leave me in Uncle Stu’s place. And now, in this kind of situation, when they’re not busy, they want to take me to Uncle Stu’s place.

“Faster Angelica, wear your dress, we’re already late!”

“Awright, mom.”

What a chatty lady, right Cynthia? She really doesn’t care that I’ve been bored to go to Uncle Stu.Oh well, nevermind, I’m gonna put on my princess dress so that chatty lady shut her mouth. I’ll definitely look beautiful there, anyway. In addition there will be a lot of cookies and cakes. And yeah, there will be that fool babies that will take those cookies for me.

“Angelica, can you wear it faster? Let me take this doll, if you just chatting with it instead of wearing your dress.”

She seizes Cynthia from me. I was really upset with this lady, offhand taking my stuff. Moreover Cynthia, my lovely doll, the one who always accompany me. But, what can I do? They don’t even listen to me. It just seems like there’s no point in talking at all if no one hears me.

Well now, I obey to what they want and get my Cynthia back. I wear my princess dress and look great. I look like a princess in the royal palace, right Cynthia? I’m sorry, anyway, if it that lady treats you not good.

Uncle Stu’s house just a few blocks from mine. It only take a box of Reptar’s cereal to take us there. There are already many adults, Uncle Stu’s neighbors. There is Uncle Chas, who always fear of losing something, he is Chuckie’s father. Aunt Betty, mother of the twins Phil and Lil. And, of course those fool babies who have been waiting in the playground. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil.

“Hi Angelica, you look very beautiful.” Tommy greeted me.
“You’re as beautiful as me Angelica.”
“No Lilian, you’re prettier than her.”
“Thank you Phil.”
“Aha, you’re fool babies what are you doing here?”
“We’re thinking about what we want to play today.” Chuckie with confusion.

It’s what I like the most about these babies anyway, when they confuse with what will they do. I will choose a game for them and they will do what I tell them. Although sometimes they don’t listen to me, but I still love to play with them. Really.

“How about choosing a princess between us?”
“Hi, Angelica!”
Suzie’s voice from far away. He is wearing a princess dress just like me, but I’m still prettier.
“What are you doing here, Angelica?”
“I’ll play a princess game with these fool babies. Do you want to join in? ”
“Fool babies, eh? Hmm well. But how it will be? ”
“We just walk like a princess and let them choose one of us.”
“Wait. It doesn’t seem fair Angelica, I don’t even know them. ”
“Come on Suzie, the winner will get the whole toy at the house and also the super big cake.”
“Well Angelica’s up to you.”

We play the game well. Suzie and I walk like a princess. We do a kind of fashion show. Those fool babies is watching us and without Suzie’s knowing, She is noticed by Chuckie who seems to like Suzie for a long time. Suzie and I walk around the back yard, we seem to do a fashion show with a royal horse riding around the kingdom.

“So who wins Angelica?”
“Lets ask the babies. Who is the winner? ”
“You Angelica.”
It looks like they’re afraid of me. Or maybe I’m more qualified to be a princess than Suzie.
“Well, you have heard that Suzie, I’m the winner.”
“What? I didn’t hear anything. ”
“Come on Suzie’s, face it. Now it’s my turn to take all the prizes. ”

Suzie follows me into the living room to take one of the gifts , the babies also appeared to follow me. Baby Dil looks great besides cakes and piles of gifts . I rarely play with Baby Dil , he can not speak , not fun to play with him . The closer to the prize pile , Suzie does not follow me anymore. And so do those fool babies. Now it is just me and Cynthia approaching , I take one of the prizes . However , Baby Dil trying to pull it and take it away from me . I keep trying to pull it, those fool babies also help me . Until finally I kick him . Baby Dil falling towards a big cake . The whole room was crowded before, but now it suddenly silent . Everybody look at me . Only Uncle Stu and Aunt Didi direct saving Baby Dil that directly cry and broke the silence . I am blamed . No one beside me . The baby suddenly disappeared. No, there’s still Cynthia that I hold while holding back tears .

I am drawn by my parents. But, fortunately there are those fool babies, who I can blame for what happened.
“Why did you do that Angelica?”
“I don’t do that dad.”
“Then who? ”

“Those babies Dad, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil. They contributed in this inciden. ”
“Who are them Angelica?”
“They’re babies who always accompany me to play here. Tommy was son of Uncle Stu, Chuckie was a son of Uncle Chas, Phil and Lil are the children of Aunt Betty. Dont’ you know? ”
“Stop Angelica, they’re already dead, even they died when their birth. Stop making such a strange reason. ”
“Angelica is just like her mother Drew, your ex-wife, Cynthia, Psychopath who died of an overdose. Never mind drew. You don’t have to respond her. ”

References :


Rugrats Theory (Song)

Word count :1000

3 thoughts on “Rugrats Theory : A Short Prose

  1. 180410120143/G

    I had a huge smile on my face when I was reading your story, until I reached the end. I really didn’t expect such a twisted ending. Though I laughed, I wasn’t really fond of it, but maybe it’s because throughout the story, I had a movie playing in my head with all the familiar characters. So in that sense, I think your story is a success. The narration is close to what Angelica would say (“he is wearing a princess dress just like me, but I’m still prettier.”), the babies also brought me back in time, and the ending shook me to my very core. Your story, at the same time, warmed and haunted my heart. So if that was your intentions, you hit a home run.

    (128 words)


  2. 180410120081/A

    At first, I thought that this is just an ordinary (fan)fiction starring Angelica and her Rugrats frenemies. But later I sensed something wrong—since when are Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil so obedient? Angelica is acting weird, too. She talks only to Cynthia and that is kind of creepy. I started to sense darkness ever since. And then, the ending says it all. Angelica is a psychopath “just like her mother.” Her friends are all imaginary except maybe Suzie and baby Dil. I never suspect anything like imaginary “fool babies,” because the narrator, Angelica, narrates just like how a kid should narrate. So, it really is a twist! It also gave me an eerie feeling when I play the song. Congratulations, author, you successfully made me feel sympathetic to this universe’s Angelica. (132 words)


  3. 180410120064/ A

    This story has definitely succeed in bringing me back to the time when I frequently watched the movie, and it indeed helps me to visualize the story as exact as you probably mean. I like your being Angelica; it is so natural as if you know her so well, which means you do well in seeing things regarding her perspective. I had no idea that the story would end such astonishingly that I feel such kind of creepiness inside. It fears me that Angelica is in fact playing with the imaginary babies and it is shocking to know that, in this story, all of them have already dead. Overall, it is great that you make an unexpected ending which differently happens in the story of the movie. (127 words)


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