Poor Me: A Short Prose


Summary: I don’t want to come down. Not until my mom apologizes to me. Not until she says she sorry. Not until she takes back her words. What she said so cruel!

I have an older sister named Melisa. We don’t look alike; everybody says she’s prettier than me. Which, I think, is okay. It doesn’t hurt… well, yes, it does. Maybe a little. Sometimes. Like, when visitors come over to the house and they start gushing, “Oh, Melisa, you’re so pretty, you’re so cute.” And Melisa will flip her long, silky, honey-colored hair, prompting another outburst of silly shrieks. “Oh! Oh! Oh! So adorable!” While I’m like, “Hello-o-o! I don’t look too bad either, do I?” But they don’t even hear me, never mind look at me! Oh well… maybe Melisa really is an eyeful. I shouldn’t hold it against her. I don’t want to go around eating my heart out!
The other night I was curled up in my bed, fast asleep, and so, I thought, was Melisa, in her own bed. But, as I found out the next morning, Melisa hadn’t been in her bed at all. Because the next morning she was gone. Mom questioned everyone in the house – dad, the gardener, the driver, the maid, nobody knew where she was, and she didn’t ask me, though. Maybe she thought I was just as clueless. Which was wrong, because you know, I had a pretty smart idea where my sister might be hanging out. Bet she snuck out of the house to make out with that dorky guy she’d been crushing on. A total loser, if you don’t mind my saying so. I’m just so glad I’m still too young to have the hots for anyone. Anyways, I might have told mom-if she had asked me. But she hadn’t I wasn’t about to blab.
Meanwhile, mom had worked herself up to lather with worry. She went around nagging everybody for not knowing where Melisa was (were they to blame?), even though these same people went over the top to help look for her. Even the neighbors said they would keep an eye out. Dad said, very reasonably, “Don’t worry, honey, she’ll be back, you’ll see,” triggering a heartbreaking howl “she’s been kidnapped! We need to call the police!” from mom. To which dad responded, “I don’t see how that would help,”—again the voice of reason.
In the evening, mom had gotten so severely stressed out that the maid had to give her a backrub and burn some lavender-scented oil to help her chill. Thinking I could perk her up a bit, I snuggled close to mom on the couch. And that’s when she said to me, “Oh, Viona, I wish it was you who went missing instead of Melisa. I wouldn’t have missed you so much.” Can you believe she said that?! Just because I’m supposedly not as pretty as my sister, it was all right to lose me? “Oh, Mom! How could you!” I cried, scrambling off the couch.

I rushed out of the house into the cold, dark night outside. I felt so wretched. I wanted to do something, something so horrible that she would feel sorry for what she had said to me. I just didn’t know what that something was, not yet.
Blinded by the tears in my tears, I stumbled on until I reached Mr. Miko’s house, where I spotted this very tall tree in his garden and then it hit me. Mom would feel sorry if I went missing too. And I would go missing. I would go hide up there in that tall tree, where she would never find me…
And so here i am now, in this tree. This is my second night here. I saw mom walking the street late this morning, then once again in the afternoon, calling my name. Stopping everyone on the street to ask if they’d seen me. Nobody had. Nobody saw me hiding here in the tree. Hahaha! Let mom wear herself thin fretting not only about Melisa now, but also about me. Serves her right! Hey, I might even have upstaged my sister by now. So, I’ll stay put.
I only wish my tummy would stop making those horrible rumbling noises. And it’s gotten so dark now. Maybe I better come down like a ton of bricks. Oh, gosh! I feel so woozy!
“Mommy! Please, help me! Somebody! Please, get me down!” but there’s not a soul around to hear my bawling. As my sobbing gets louder and louder, finally Mr. Miko, the owner of the house, sticks his head around the front door and announces to no one in particular, “yes, she’s definitely up there in the tree. I can hear her loud and clear. I’ll go get the ladder.” And behind him a female voice, probably Mrs. Miko’s, squeals excitedly, “I’ll call Mrs. Yona right away. Gosh! She’ll be so happy to have her other kitten back, too.”

Thank you to:
Cantika for giving her ideas
Tom and Jerry cartoon
Word count: 835 words
Link for dramatization.

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