Peter: A short story

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Summary: This is about woman who works at the United States Department of the Treasury. She is looking for Peter her office friends who suddenly disappeared without a trace at all.

At the cafe. I waited for him as usual place. “why he’s so long huff”, I said.

Suddenly , he came with strange face.

“ Hi, Angeline sorry I’m late”, he said.

“ What happened peter?, I said to him.

“Nothing,he said.

He drank americano with trembling hands. “Hey we have been friends for 2 years, why do you hide something from me “, I said. Suddenly, he approached to me by giving a box. Angeline I entrusted it to you”, he said to me with low sound. And I tried to ask him,” what is this?”. “Nothing, tomorrow I will take it again because I’m going to some place. I can’t tell you about this”, he said. “Ok, I won’t ask you but let’s enjoy our Americano’. I felt a little bit upset because he didn’t tell me what happened. Suddenly, he held my shoulder and said to me, ”Angel I have to go , cause I must do something. so see you tomorrow”. When I wanted to said ,he gone with a rush until he almost hit a waiter.

I was very upset with him, but I also felt worried about him. I thought he would tell me tomorrow.

In the morning I entered the office as usual when I entered office their ‘s word United States Department of the Treasury. For some reason, it has become a habit that I read that every time I entered. Today, I’m going to Peter after I put my bag. I quickly went to Peter’s desk which is next door to my room.I’m looking for Peter’s table ,but I was really surprised I didn’t find Peter’s table even his stuff . I run to Serena’s desk, “Serena where’s is peter. why his table gone?”, my voice sounded like would cry . Serena looked confused with my question,”Peter? hah who’s peter?”, she said. I approached Serena’s face and he tried to back away to avoid my face I asked with raised my voice.“You’re kidding you don’t know Peter his table right next to you”. She looked at me with face as if I was dreaming,” Angeline honey. There’s no peter here are you dreaming?” Suddenly, Amel and Jack came to me and asked to me,” What happened with you Angel”. I answered with a rough voice,” Serena pretending not recognize peter”. Amel suddenly laughed and looked at me with wonder. ” Angeline, who’s peter? have you slept well last night? emm maybe you’re still dreaming. There’s no peter in here”, said her. ” Why you surprised us.I think you should go home and go to doctor. I realized that they thought I was crazy. Without thinking I walked left the room and rushed toward Mr.Clack’s room . Mr.Clack’s room door opened and I just went straight. ” What happened Angeline? he asked to me. ” I’m sorry suddenly without permission I come. Sir I just want to ask you why peter’s desk suddenly disappeared from the room, and where does he go? I asked. “Sorry Angeline who’s peter? I don’t know who peter is. I could believe it, that all people do not know Peter. I urged again to Mr.Clack,” I’m Sorry Sir but Peter is your subordinates who works as Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial”, I asked. “And you work as? he asked. Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis sir”, I answered. “Good, you know your position and this is not your part, you should back to your position and go to doctor maybe you get stress, ok? He answered. “But sir”, I said. “PLEASE GO”, he yelled at me powerfully. I really feel weird because no one knew peter. Still in my memory, I remembered that yesterday I met him in a café and he promised to me to bring his box. And suddenly I remembered, so that it can be used as clues the existence Peter, I felt sure that Peter was there and there was something wrong with peter. I opened the box that Peter gave to me and I found an agenda, I discovered that he had been visiting top the state officials. I decided to go home early by reason of being unwell. Of course they believed because they thought I was sick. I visited his house and knocked on the door but there was no response. I knocked on the door again. I surprised, when the door opened is not Peter or even his assistant, but I thought a Mexico man wearing a typical Mexico. “ Who are you? what are you looking for”, he asked me. “I’m looking Peter. Who are you peter’s friends? I asked him with a cynical tone. “ Peter? who? maybe you wrong way. just go please!”. I knew that he would close the door so I directly hold the door.” No this is Peter’s house not your, who you are?” I yelled to him. He was immediately pulled me and I asked to me,” why are you looking Peter, I suggest you, you should forget about Peter, there’s no Peter in here? Why do you care about me?” I asked. I feel sorry to you. I suggested you should not have to look for that person who does not exist. If you still do that. You will be in danger , he said to me. “why am I in danger”, I asked again. “Maybe your friend knows about the big secret at state officials. enough you should go home”, he pulled me out. “Why do you look like you know about something. You know Peter right?where’s Peter answered me?I yelled to him but he closed the door. I was quite surprised to hear it. It was looks like Peter knew something and there’re someone tried to eliminate the existence of Peter. It means Peter was in danger. Somehow I must find Peter . Suddenly, when I wanted to get car someone with the bike hit me hard so I fell.

When I woke up I was in bed gray and with white paint wall and looked not like my room. There seems a dip in my hand. I thought I was in hospital. I immediately took off it and ran out in panic. When I ran out, someone stopped me. a man was wearing white coat and hold my hand. “Angeline, where are you going? Stop playing game again with me, I’m so tired, he said. I asked him “who are you, I don’t even know you?” He was smile to me with gentle voice “I know you’re looking Peter. I’m peter you can read my tag, you always do this remember”. I immediately read on her shirt with the name Peter. I immediately shouted , “you’re not peter. You’re not”. “You should back to your room. I’m tired of this I have to follow you when you run away from the hospital and follow your drama became Peter and and you went to Mexico man. You got hit by a bike fortunately I followed you. You better sleep . I’ll stay with you until you fall asleep”. When he wanted to call the nurse, I immediately took his hand. “ I can get into my room. Remember this I’ll find out again Peter and I will take revenge”, I said. He answered, “all right play again”. She smiled again to me.


Shutter island movie (2010)

Word count: (1275)

Link for work dramatization

One thought on “Peter: A short story

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    From the summary I can guess that the plot will go like what it is. Honestly, while reading it, I tried to figure out what reference you used to write this story and I am right, I have ever watched it, Shutter Island. Moreover, after knowing it, I like how you can picture the main idea from that movie because the first time I watched the movie, I needed to read all the story line again from the internet. In addition, I am a little bit confused in the last part when you said “She smiled again to me.” Isn’t it supposed to be ‘he’?


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