One Precious Thing Called Friendship: A Short Prose


Summary: A girl who looked strong outside but felt empty inside her heart without her besfriends.

The school’s bell rang so loud that afternoon. For Cornelia, Kendall, Zetta, Syefilla, and Luna, the rang of the bell was like a ticket to get out from hell; the math class that teached by the killer teacher. Those girls came out from the class with their super happy faces.

“Hey, let’s try the new cafe at Sudirman street!” Said Luna. While she was asking her friends, she checked her phone and updated about the math class to her media social account. “Girls! I got 90 likes on instagram! Yeyeye!” Luna laughed.

“Shut up! We just do not care about it,Lun.” Syefilla said.

“We can try the new cafe tonight! How about that?’ asked Cornelia.

“Tonight? I can not. I have to go to the Rave Cafe with my friends from the music club.” said Syefilla.

“Me too, I need to stay at home tonight to take care of my little sister.” Kendall smiled.

“Everybody is getting busy!” Zetta grabbed her bag and ran away. She looked very angry.

“Hey, what is wrong with you Zet? Come back!” Said Luna.

“Calm down, Lun. I think she needs time to think.” Said Cornelia.

“Think about what? Weirdo!” Luna said.

“There are something wrong with Zetta. She becomes more emotional recently.” Syefilla said.

Zetta was already at the Lόrde, the tattoo shop. She decided to make a tattoo on her back. She waited for her turn while smoking a cigarette and staring fixedly to the space. She felt tired, tired with her life. Her eyes were red and her face looked miserable.Her mind also full of her negative thoughts. There were such a deep pain in her heart that can not be explained. For the first time in her life, she felt weak.

“Zetta! This is your turn, come in!” Said Jared, the tattoo maker at that tattoo shop.

Zetta sat as still as she could when Jared printed a tattoo on her back. She wanted to cry because it was so painful. She wanted to scream when those needles touched her skin but she wanted it; she wanted to be hurt for real, she wanted to distrac the pain inside her heart.

“Ahhhhhh Jared! Please just make it fast, this is killing me!” She screamed.

After 4 hours that full of painful, finally she had the beautiful wings tattoo on her back and she was so happy.

“You look bad.What is going on? Want a cigarette?” Jared asked.

“Thankyou”, Zetta held up a match. “I have a lot of problems. I am tired.”

“I have something that can make you forget about your problems.” Said Jared.

“What is that? Drugs? I told you that I will never touch that thing.” Zetta smiled.

“You have to try it.It is full of joy. Trust me.” Jared laughed.

“No, I do not want it.” said Zetta. The corners of her mouth drooped, “Honestly, I need it.”

After school, as usual, Kendall and Cornelia were having a lunch together but without Luna, Syefilla and Zetta this time. Luna was busy with her boyfriend, Syefilla was busy with her music club, and no one knew where Zetta was or what she was doing.

“One cup coffee and one slice of redvelvet, please!” Cornelia ordered.

“I want the smoked beef and orange juice, thanks.” Kendall ordered. “Hey, where is Zetta? She becomes more mysterious now. I never see her at school anymore. I don’t know where she is.”

Cornelia shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, but I saw her yesterday at the coffee shop near my home but I did not get a chance to talk to her because I was in hurry. I am so worry about her. I think we have to do something.”

“What we can do now? She never answer our messages or calls. How about her mom? We can call her mom and ask her what is going on with her daughter, right?” Kendall asked.

Suddenly Cornelia got a call from hospital. “Cor, we have go to the hospital right now! Police found Zetta passed out with drugs in her hands this morning at her apartment.” Cornelia cried.

“Hey, take a deep breath and speak slowly. Okay, now we have to call Luna and Syefilla.” Said Kendall.

The smell of the hospital made all the girls felt hurt. There was a deep sorrow in their heart. Zetta, the strongest person they have ever known, were laying in that patient room. Zetta’s body looked so weak.Her face looked so pale and full of pain.

“Get out from this room! Get-the-hell-out from my room! How dare you come to here and said that you are sorry. Where have you been, girls? You, Luna.What’s up hah? You are too busy with your boyfriend. Kendall, you used to be my closest friend but when I need you, you never there for me. Hey Cornelia, don’t you ever cry in front of my face anymore! I am so done with you.And you, Syefilla, just go to the hell with your friends from that fucking music club! Hah! You know, I got frustated because my parents divorce and I thought I have my bestfriends that will always be my side but the truth is all of you are just too busy and do not care anymore about our friendship! I miss “us”! I miss how we spent our times together.” Said Zetta with the anger and dissapointment.

There was a long silence in that room. Kendall, Luna, Syefilla, and Cornelia embraced their bestfriend, Zetta. They felt guilty.

“Hey, we are so sorry because we were too busy with our bussiness and forget about our friendship. We promise we will fix this and make everything better. We love you, Zetta.” said Cornelia. Zetta smiled and realized that she had the best girls in the world and she felt so greatful.

“Yes, we will! We will be the best bitches in the world!” Zetta laughed.

“Hahahaha. You never change, Zet!” Luna said.

(Word Count: 1000)


Thankyou to Nurul Undira Putri, Ananda Fitriana Rizky, Nadira Natasya and Nurul Aprilia Hanifa for inspiring me to write this story. Thankyou to Ghina Alifia and Nikko Kurnia Hermawan for correcting my grammar and helping me to choose this tittle.

One thought on “One Precious Thing Called Friendship: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120065/B

    When I read this work for the first time, I have knew that it would be my favorite short prose. There are some reasons to support my statement previously. Firstly, I love the using of simple vocabularies and it makes my job so much easier to understand the story entirely. Secondly, the basic idea of this story is so current and it is like a life’s learning lesson how to behave if we experience such a problem like in this one. Thirdly, the plot is flowed smoothly. This short prose talks how to deliver simplicity yet still elegantly meaningful.


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