Money Less, Sweat More: A Short Prose


Summary: Money and power will never speak louder than your sweat.

Living in the big city along with glamorous life is a dream of everyone’s. Everything seems to be easily gain access to. Life needs ying and yang to keep the balance. God knows how to make this universe exquisitely colorful like radiant colors of the rainbow. The survivors know how hard to hunt for livelihood in the big city like Bandung. Both situations are owned by the lucky Amanda McKenzie and the survivor Randy Armando. They behave their own life with dissimilar vision. Amanda thinks that the world will be tender because her money is incredibly tender to get. In the other hands, Randy thinks that he must be tough in order to conquer the world.

It is a new day in the last semester of senior year. The students are busy to decide which university is the best to get in. Amanda meets Randy and his best friend, Mike Williams, in the hallway of high school.

“Hi Randy, have you decided which a university is the best for you?” Amanda asks.

“I am not sure this one is the best for me because I am still looking for it. I will consult it first to our counseling teacher, Mrs. Victoria. She knows the best.” Randy answers.

“Have you decided it, Amanda?” Mike asks.

“Yes, I have. I choose University of Padjadjaran as my future campus and the major is medicine. I believe I can go through it.” Amanda answers confidently.

“What a coincidence! I think we will be in the same campus but I choose International Relations as my major.” Mike says.

“Oh really? You know what that university is so expansive especially the tuition fee. I do not think you can pay all of it. Well, best luck.” Amanda underestimates them and goes to the class earlier.

“You do not have to take it seriously. I believe you can make it to University of Padjadjaran along with the major that you have dreamed of. I get your back all the time, Mike.” Randy cheers Mike.

“Thank you so much, Randy. You are my best buddy ever.” Mike smiles.

The bell starts to ring and it is time to get in the class. Mrs. Victoria is a woman with long brunet hair and tall like a supermodel comes in. She teaches for counseling and becomes a darling of boy students.

“Good morning, class. I just want to emphasize that the day after tomorrow is the last day to apply your SNMPTN form. Please check your data and make it correct. If there is something you want to consult, just go to my office now. Thank you, class.” Mrs. Victoria speaks.

Randy and Mike go to the counseling office and consult their problem especially Randy’s confusion. They knock the door like gentlemen.

“Come in! Good morning my handsome boys and take a sit please! What is going on?” Mrs. Victoria welcomes them happily.

Randy tries to speak really carefully and politely.

“I have a problem regarding the university that I want to choose. It is still blur, but I have already decided the major. It is medicine.” Randy explains.

“Oh that is great, Randy. Well, University of Indonesia and University of Padjadjaran are two best universities with advance accreditation for medicine. Probably you can choose one of them. I know that you are genius. You won two times National Biology Olympiad successively.” Mrs. Victoria follows.

“Amanda says that University of Padjadjaran is expansive for tuition fee. Is that correct, Mrs. Victoria?” Mike asks.

“Yes, it is correct, but government provides easiness currently by giving a scholarship for those who are not able to pay the tuition and have a lot of achievements like you, Randy. Do not worry about the fee. There is a will, there is a way.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Victoria. The information helps us a lot. Let me consider first about the university. I think we have to go because there is another class waiting. See you soon, Mrs. Victoria.” Randy and Mike leave the office.

Knowing his future campus is vital, Randy thinks hard to figure out which one is the best for him. He prays to God and asks the truth which will be faced by him after senior year is done. It seems Randy has decided the decision to choose University of Padjadjaran majoring in medicine same as Amanda. Amanda gets upset figuring out that Randy chooses the same thing like her. She knows that Randy is her greatest competitor of all. She is frightened that he will take her spot. She takes Randy’s SNMPTN form from the counseling office and rips it to the garbage.

The plan of Amanda’s goes really well. Randy cannot join the SNMPTN for not applying the form. He is devastated and he knows that there is something wrong with it. When everyone is joining the SNMPTN, Randy complains to Mrs. Victoria for why it can be happened. Yet the janitor tells to Mrs. Victoria that he saw Amanda came to her room and took something like a paper. He ignored her because Amanda told that she was asked by Mrs. Victoria to take something.

“After finishing the SNMPTN, I will call Amanda and finish all of this drama. Randy, you need to be calm.” Mrs. Victoria says.

“Thanks a bunch, Mrs. Victoria. I do not know what to do without your kind help.” Randy speaks gladly.

Finally Amanda is disqualified from the SNMPTN. She is absolutely disappointed of herself and she is depressed, but Mrs. Victoria makes her comfortable by giving her some motivations. Even though Mike does not get a golden ticket for Faculty of Medicine at University of Padjadjaran, he gets into International Relations at the same university proudly. Randy wins all what he wants to get into Faculty of Medicine at University of Padjadjaran for all achievements that he has already earned. Government gives him a scholarship, even he is free for not to pay the tuition fee until he finishes his education there.

Thank you to:

Ghina Alifia Qonitah, for checking my grammar.

Maulia Sefriani, for giving me an inspiration in naming the characters.

Nurul Undira Eka Putri, for suggesting me about the story’s problem.


A drama musical movie, High School Musical.

Word Count: (999)

Link for work dramatization.

2 thoughts on “Money Less, Sweat More: A Short Prose

  1. Maulia Sefriani

    I like the story line of this short story, it is quite simple and the readers can understand the story easily. I also like how the author describe every single characters in this short story, I even can imagine how the characters look in my mind clearly. Its quite fun! There is also important moral values in this story, money can not buy everything. It is shown when Amanda, who is a rich and arrogant young girl can not always get something that she wants and can be defeated by the kind and humble guy, Randy. Money can not buy our hard work, effort and persistence. The “good” one will always win!


  2. 180410120055/ F

    Actually, what I like in this story is that this is a very a close story set in a high school which everyone in college must had been through. Anyway, there is something bother my mind on the characterization-making, especially the way you named all of the characters there. The term of “SNMPTN, and you mentioned Bandung” means that the story takes place in Indonesia, doesn’t it? But why you named the characters sounds like that they were American/British? I think it would be much better if you used Indonesian names like Dewi, Titin or Haikal, instead of Amanda McKenzie, Victoria or Mike.The way you named them more Indonesian, the more it is approachable to all the reader, so you can hit the dart to its board and also your story can be more relevant and looks like real, I guess. But overall, this is a very nice story.
    (150 Words)


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