Love To A Mother Is Endless


Summary: Harry’s mother’s regret about something she did not want to do before to her son Harry.

Love for a mother is endless, that is a word from a 20-year son to his mother. In the living room, his mother was watching television with a cup of ginger water on the table beside her thigh. That day was a cloudiness day so she has to turn on the lamp cause the window is not big enough for sunlight to enter. At 2.00AM, the main door was opened and her son Harry came back from his college with all his cloth wet.

Mother blunding off her son to change his cloth immediately. “Ok Mom” he said with his shivering body. Harry run to his room fast and change his cloth with a warm black jacket on him. Feeling nothing to do, Harry decided to join his mother watching television. Mother smile to Harry a moment when he sat down on the couch. Watching comedy channel which they usually watch after lunch.

“Hahaha” Harry laugh complacently. She smile to her son unnoticed. then, she looked up and remembering by the time when Harry was still a 6-year kid. “is there anything wrong mom?” ask Harry. Again, Mother smile again to Harry but now with a tear drop from her eyes. “mom what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Harry begging. She open her mouth and said “Sorry for everything”. Hearing that, tears run down from Harry’s eyes. “sorry for being a bad mother for you before” she said. Quickly Harry hug his mother with his eyes still producing tears. Tears drowning into his mother’s shoulder.

Harry still hugging his mother with his eyes wet. “Mom please stop, i know you are feeling crestfallen, i know what you did, but please stop.” Harry said with high voice. When Harry was 6, he used to be a target of his mother’s anger, being slapped, hit by a rattan, and also being locked outside. His mother had many problem with financial and her relatives. “i used to upstaging you when you was a little boy, i am sorry, i was under control for many reason; i often release my anger to you for no reason” said mother with cry bitter tears. Harry released his hug and gazed into her eyes. The atmosfer suddenly become cold due to the heavy rain. “please mom don’t say that, look at me right now mom, i still love you as always” Harry said with his little smile on his face.

Harry can see his mom’s smile after that but still with her tears. “Harry” mom call softly, “if you are a father, please take care of your child and treat him softly, don’t hurt him, because you will regret every time you remember that back ok?” mom explaining. With a tear on his left eye Harry said “ of course mom, but for now, don’t you think that i hate you, cause love for a mother is endless.” And they hug each other without any tears but with a big smile on their face.

Word Count: 512

Thanks to : My mother who inspire this true story of mine.

One thought on “Love To A Mother Is Endless

  1. 180410120007/A

    It is a short story that really touched my heart, as I read, the lessons that I can grab from your mother is a woman who is very patient and able to face life without a husband, she was also able to take care of her children. In the last paragraph made me teary when your mother said “if you are a father, please take care of your child and treat him softly, do not hurt her, because you will regret every time you remember that back ok”. I could feel something that maybe when she still has a husband, her husband do not keep well his son and his wife, and your mother wants her son did not do the same as her ex-husband do.

    Word count: (125)


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