Lost in Liath: A Short Prose

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Summary: A man, who made a big mistake, lost in another world and has two options to save life.

I woke up in the middle of nowhere. It’s all green as far as I could see. I didn’t know what happened to me. I didn’t remember it. I walked on the grass while trying to remember what happened to myself. Suddenly, I heard someone call my name in a distance. I tried to look for the source of the voice. Then, I saw someone waving his hand to me while calling my name in a distance. He was wearing a black suite. He was taller than me. He smiled at me. He said he knew my name. I was very confused. I didn’t know who he was. He also said he was not only knew my name, but also everything about me. My hobbies, my favourite band, my favourite food, my habit in the morning, and so on. He started freaking me out, but he said don’t afraid of me. He was my childhood friend. He said he was a silent boy back then. Maybe, he was true because I had a lot of friends when I was a child. Suddenly, he says, “My name is Demian and I will take you to a place where you can erase all your problems” God, he even knows I have a lot of problems! After that, Demian and I go to the place that he says before.

On the way to the “peaceful place”, (I said “peaceful” because a place that can erase our all problems must be really peaceful) I still didn’t know where I am. I asked Demian about this place, and he said, “You will know about this place soon” His answer made me more curious. The place, to where we were headed, was a little bit far. Suddenly, I saw a big white bird was flying above us. It wasn’t like a bird in general. I looked at it very carefully. I was shocked because it wasn’t a bird. It’s a horse! It’s a flying horse, pegasus. Then, I realized that it must be a dream. Yeah, it must be a dream. Pegasus is just a myth. I felt so relieved that this was just a dream. I wanted to wake up as soon as possible. Finally, we arrived the place. It’s a giant tree with a black gate at the bottom. I didn’t feel good there. It felt like something bad was going to happen, but I didn’t really care about this because it’s just a dream. Demian said that I had to enter the gate, but I didn’t want to. The gate was like a hell gate and I do not want to go to hell. Demian was angry and his eyes turned red. Suddenly, stone around him flew and attacked me. Then, he pushed me with his magical power to a tree. I was very confused because his attack really hurt me, it shouldn’t. The fact was I could feel the pain. I was very confused and I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, I saw very bright light came from the sky. Then, I lost my

I woke up and I saw a white-suited guy stood beside me. I thought he had saved my life. I didn’t know this man and his face looked like Demian, but in a white suite. He was somehow different from Demian. He emited a good aura. He said that Demian was very dangerous. He wanted to take me to hell. I was totally confused and I didn’t understand why Demian wanted to take me to hell. “My name is Michael. I will protect you and I will take to the white gate so that you can live again,” he says. Live again? Was I dead? Was I in heaven? My head was dizzy because of those questions. Then, Michael explained to me about this place. This place is a place between life and death. It’s called Liath. A person can be sent to this place because he has made a big mistake in his life and he does not want to live anymore. The Creator gives two options to him, he can choose the white gate so that he can live again or the black gate so that he dies and never live again. Suddenly, I remember that I got an accident. I had a fight with my wife. I lost my job and my wife kept complaining about this. She made me sick so that I go away. I drove my car very fast on the slippery road. I said to myself, “It’s better die for me right now because I’m tired with this life” Then, I lost control and I hit a big tree. After that, I woke up at this place. Wait, Liath? My uncle had once told me about a place between life and death and I thought it’s just fairytale. I had two options now. Go back to live again or die. Actually, I didn’t know what I had to do. If I had to live again, I would have to apology to my wife and find a new job. If I wanted to forget all about those things, but I would have to die. Those were difficult options for me.

Demian came and tried to influence me to go to hell with him. I realized that I had a family and they were waiting for me at home. I rejected him and then he disappeared. Then, Michael took me to the white gate and said goodbye to me. After that, I could feel the pain all over my body. I heard people said my name. I tried to open my eyes and I was at a hospital. It was like a dream, but it’s real.

Thank you to Anthea Viddie Yudhistira, Imam Ismail, Edo Christian, and Anwita Citriya

Word Count: (956)

Link for work dramatization

3 thoughts on “Lost in Liath: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120129

    I loved reading fantasy stories, and of course I loved yours. I think situation in this story similar with mati suri or maybe the main character was in a coma. When a person does not live nor die. I like the way you built the main character. At first, he wanted to die because he was tired with his life. But when he was given the opportunity to choose between two options, he changed his mind. I think it was because the main character regret about what he said that he wanted to die. Moreover, your dramatization is very accurately depicting the story.

    (107 words)


  2. Fidhika Fitrah

    This is a good story. When I read this, I feel like in that position. You can drag the reader to feel what the main character feels. You build it with a good way, but when you write about ‘the gate was like a hell gate…’ you don’t explain this how is a hell gate looks like. We never see a hell gate. Overall it’s good. It’s just like ‘Angel & Demon’. Michael is an angel who gives a chance to repair your mistake and Demian is a demon who invites the main character to run away from his mistake.


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