Killed by an Angel: Song Lyric


Summary: the love story between a boy and a girl that be disturbed by an angel.

(I am here to tell you a dark story)

A story about a love between a boy and a girl

Their love is very strong

But it does not stand for a long time

As an angel is jealous with their love

And wants the girl to be with him

The angel comes to earth

Kills the girl and takes her to heaven

This is the story; keep your eyes open to see the dark

The sun still shines

I don’t know the sign

My love, do you hear my voice?

So slowly, don’t listen to the noise.

Don’t worry, I will give you the red rose

So sorry, you are not the choice, sweetheart.

My girl, I miss you everyday

I still, I hope you come to stay

I know, you’ve always listened to what I say

Oh no, I love the way you are

Ohh… The angel comes to earth (spreads his wings and sings)

Ohh… I know that I can’t breathe

Oh darling, you can take my hand and my breath

The angel tries to steal you

Oh angel, I will kill you with my dagger

It is too hard to kill you

You are an angel that has so many lives

I’m not be able to shoot you down

I’m in the middle of a disaster

I throw a marble to you

My girl, I miss you everyday

I still, I hope you come to stay

I know, you’ve always listened to what I say

Oh no, I love the way you are

You are everything to me

My sweety, oh please can you forgive me

I’m sorry, I think that he is stronger than me

My girl, it makes me crazy

Ohh… The angel comes to earth (spreads his wings and sings)

Ohh… I know that I can’t breathe

Oh darling, the dagger lays on your neck

Your tears are falling on your face

Is it my dream or all this act is fake?

But I can see your eyes clearly

The moon appears darker

I can’t see in the dark

What curse do I have?

Whose heart that I have saved

The Angel takes your soul

Ohh it is my fault

May I ask you god?

Why’d you give him heaven?

Instead of giving him hell

I can’t believe

For what I’ve receive

I kiss your cold lips

I kiss your closed eyes

I’m at your feet

I’m your lover, I’m your anchor

Ohh… The angel came to earth (spread his wing fly and sing)

Ohh… I think I can’t breath

And Finally

I got crazy

You say to me

To leave me alone

Why does it happen to me?

You are everything to me

How should I do?

Should I die to find my love?

No, hell no

Should I bring a stair?

To climb to heaven

To see you again

Come back… come back to me

My girl, sweetheart

You everything to me

Open your eyes! Open your eyes!

Say something!

Never say goodbye

I will never die

My head!!! my head!!!



Black fonts are clean voice.

Red fonts are scream voice.

Thank you to Dimas Arbrianto for proofreading.

Thank you to Sky Sucahyo for proofreading.

Thank you Permana Putra for rhythm guitar track.

Thank you to Vinnie Maestro for lead vocal track.

Thank you to Rhendy Verizarie for lead guitar track.


Alesana – The Emptiness Album (2011)

Bring Me the Horizon – Suicide Season

Edgar Allan Poe’s works

Word Count (514)

Link for work dramatization.

5 thoughts on “Killed by an Angel: Song Lyric

  1. 180410120100

    The lyrics is so dark (as the song’ve mentioned), but I do not want to talk a thing about the lyrics. I feel a need to talk about the dramatization or the song. When I heard the dramatization in 00:00 till 01:10 I had high expectation about the song. The woman’s voice already described the dark side of the story, yet the song fell flat my high expectation. The voice sounds fall off with the music in 01:11 till the end of the song, it sounds like just put the voice and the sound together but doesn’t consider the coherency of the song. I don’t get the climax in the sounds.


  2. Zitro Alviotti
    Class F

    I got your implicit message in your song which I think it is about a despair hope of the man to try to live again with his girlfiend. It can be known by the only point of view of the speaker in the lyric who is the man. Furthermore, the second part of the song on 06:06 makes me even more recognize the message of the song. However, since the duration of the song is quiet long, I got a little bit bored to wait for the climax part and also the conclusion of it. I think it is caused by the duration of the intro of the song.

    (109 words)


  3. In my opinion your work is amusing. The most important thing is, you have a good idea for the theme of the song’s story, as good as your summary which makes me interested to read more about your work. Moreover, when I have read the whole story, I like the idea where the angle was being the antagonist instead, especially when the lyric “Ohh… The angel comes to earth (spreads his wings and sings)” is repeated, so it really builds the antagonist character of the angel. But I think, the song would be more good when you recheck some incorrect grammar. In addition, the dramatization is also amusing. First part, the narration before the song is begun, is the best one. About putting the growl voice also gives a variation to the song. (133 words)


  4. 180410120147/G

    I am interested with the lyric you made. About the story, it just does not make any sense. However, this is what makes your lyric interesting. I really appreciated your fantasy that seems ‘crazy’. In real life, something like that is impossible to be happen, but I think it is cool. It is beyond common sense. Moreover, from your work, talking about the dramatization, what makes me interested is the first part of the dramatization. The voice of a girl reading, added by the gothic music background enables the listener in creating haunting atmosphere. Overall, the lyric you made is very interesting and the dramatization, although there are some failures in its music arrangement, but I think you are capable in delivering the fear well.


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