Jack and the Sleeping Beauty: 10 sonnets


Summary: Jack, a poor man, tries to save her sick sister by waking up the sleeping princess.

Since his new baby born we are very happy
The king of the country therefore holds a party
To her all people bless and all people believe
That thereby beauty girl will forever live
Being not invited, she comes furiously
Bursting forward to the hall and cursing loudly
Her magical cry modifies the princess` breath
Putting the King`s baby into a painful death
Hence, all people are sad and all people worry
Her blameless body is unready they burry
All people give advice and he apologizes
But, the old witch is not nice and she looks despised
Fortunately, a fairy lessens the death spell
Turning the vital spell into a long sleep well

Take all my life, my life, yea take them all
I cannot hold this starving anymore
No mother, no father my hope has gone
But my sister waits for me to go home
She is already sick for two weeks long
It fulfils my head with a long sad song
I run, I hide, I steal their food once more
Trapped into the feeling of guilt alone
Her smile is the reason that I was born
In the rough world where we are always wrong
At last, the chance to rise I so belong
When the King`s daughter is sleeping for long
The hero`s immortalized in a song

The man with hope is ready to go
To hell which he would see in a mo
Leaving her sister to his friend and
Promising to make these sorrows end
Now, he walks fast and prays all day long
Alone, singing many long sad songs
To find a woman who sleeps alone
In the castle people never gone
The lonely night always comes too late
For him who always hard to debate
The last destiny he sadly met
Except to his fair imperfect shade
What lies ahead is a mystery
Life beyond death and men`s destiny

Sound of raven heard terrifying
Rending the loneliness by laying
And burying fear to the living
Through the strange road that I am passing
I have run out of my provision
Sprawling weak and needing a potion
A shadow approaches my body
And drags me through the cemetery
I perceive all people in my life
Smiling and reaching all to my side
Invite me to a luminous gate
Until a noise arose me from death
I find myself sprawling like a bear
And see a witch empower my gear

Is it fearful to stare at witch’s eyes?
That can consume my life in a glance
Her old face looks so gloomy and shy
Casting a spell at me to enchant
“Are you alright, dear?” it`s her question
That my gaunt face can truly mention
I feel warmth flows slowly and comes by
Closing my eyes for dying a while
Loudly, I sing my favourite song
In a destiny I don`t belong
All people speak and all people say
“It is not your time to pass away”
All holy light suddenly vanish
Cutting down by a praying mantis

I believe my power has returned
Thinking that the old lady concern
To save my life, I have to thank her
And go on as fast as possible
She is sitting on a chair while waiting
For me to enter the room smiling
“I am the old witch you are seeking,
Are you still not afraid of dying?”
At present, my heart beats very fast
I have guessed this fact in the past
But my feeling believe it`s not right
Seeking the truth for becoming white
She reveals a new reality
That will shock all men eternally

How heavy the journey I must pass
Fortunately, the witch shows the path
To the fairy`s castle that is bright
From far away I can see its light
While walking I sing a gloomy song
For the person to whom I belong
My sister who waits for me at home
Does she still remember me at all?
I climb the highest mountain toward
The deep, dark woods I have to go through
There`re many dark evil here I heard
because it`s so dark blinding my view
I run with my sword through the hollow
Wielding it to slash the black shadow

To go or not that is the question
I arrive to complete my mission
Taking back the princess to the sun
To gain the prize for my lovely one
I enter the gate stealthy really
Hoping the fairy doesn`t see me
But my hope fades away already
She`s standing in the inner bailey
“You have known my secret, haven`t you?” said she
Then, she strikes and attacks me firmly
By casting some spells she speaks loudly
“Jack, you will not get away easily”
Here is the dead land for every man
My journey will get close to the end

Seeing my sword so brightly glowing
Encourages me to take stance breathing
Ready like one of three musketeers
Before she strikes me away from here
I swing this heavy sword toward her
She dodges it mocking me over
Then, shooting a curse to me closer
I roll over but it gets my shoulder
I`m blown away through the wall badly
She wanted an eternal beauty
“Cursing the princess and the lady
Will grant me the immortality”
She casts the final spell thereafter
My magic sword parries it to her

I stagger from the shining stiff
Entering the door to the stair If
She is in the second floor I wish
I can wake her without any kiss
While walking through the big double door
I see the princess sleep tight alone
Not getting up until I kneel down
And kiss her for an eternal bond
Loudly, I sing my favourite song
Describing my deep sorrow along
My freeway head to my lovely home
And writing the lyric on the tome
All people sing and all people praise
But, my sister is death in the place

Thank you to:

1. Ahmad Ridwan Noer, a guy who made a God damn different, for correcting my grammar and patiently hearing all my complaints.
2. Dika Satya Kameswara, the chosen one, for making my poems more agreement and telling me many medieval terms.
3. Muhammad Aditya P., the potter of the librarian, for reciting my poems and correcting some of the terms.
4. Muhammad Thommas Ilman, the laughing man, for reciting my poems and giving me some of the corrected rhyme.
5. Felicia M. Y., a school busy girl, for correcting some of my grammar although she is busy with her thesis.
6.180410120080, an anonymous who likes to play persona, for reading my poems and correcting the poem`s logic.
7. Fania Ramielda Hilsa, a tall stylist girl, for correcting the way I write.
8. Khairul Dzakirin, a raiden who likes playing DotA, for showing me how the witch and the fairy cast a spell.
9. Ronald Taufik H., the badminton guy, for reading my poems and giving me guidance.
10. Lia A., the Weasley girl, for hearing my confusion and changing it into enlightenment.
11. Muhammad Noor Rizal, the D system man, for correcting my phrase and teaching me the poetry device.
12. Fennessa Masinambo, the Darren teacher, for teaching me how cut the sentences properly.
13. Adetya Sarah, my former classmate, for giving many great opinions about my poems and sending it via yahoo mail.
14. Sandya Maulana, my newly-wed lecturer, for giving me courage to stick on my way and not direcly influence by another opinion.
15. All librarians, for still patient after hearing my confusion during writing the poems.

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Word Count: 999
Link for work dramatization.

7 thoughts on “Jack and the Sleeping Beauty: 10 sonnets

  1. Ronald Taufik Hidayat
    180410120053 / C
    According to me, the dramatization is quite matched the sonnet. There 2 things I want to ask related to that sonnet. The first thing is, in line 11, seventh sonnet, there is phrase “dark evil” is not it clear that “evil “dark? T he element of “dark” in evil is naturally flown inside of it right? So I think there is no need to add “dark” after it. The last is, in line 14, seventh sonnet, there is also phrase “black shadow”, I think there is no need to add “ black” following the “shadow” since it is just not useful redundant ( not very important repetition.
    Words: 107

    Liked by 1 person

    • Probably, you right It is clear that shadow is black. Actually back shadow reffers to something. If you search in google, you will find that black shadow is a cold-blooded king of evil feared by all. Therefore, what Jack cut in the dark forest was not the original shadow, but dark horrible creature.


  2. 180410120123/F

    In my opinion it is a great work. I like the plot and the characterization. The whole sonnets are related to each other and make the plot of the story clear. For me, it seems like a short story, but you deliver it in different way. I think Sonnet is a very creative way to deliver the story. The rhymes are so great. However, in the dramatization, I think some background music would be sound nice if you put it by “fade out” effect. So, the background music is not suddenly over. I think you did the effect, but I have a little problem in (7.22) which bother my ear. I like your background music selections, it fits with the story. Overall I like your Sonnets so much. And, is it possible to download your dramatization?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I have a problem when combine the background music with the lyric. Well, putting the fade out effect is a great idea!. It is available. You can download it free and hear it anytime you want. I am very glad thank you.


  3. 180410120035/ B

    I salute about this work, because it is not that easy to deliver a story in sonnets, since you have to deal with some kinds of rule: the syllables, rhymes, and so on. But you really did it well. You successfully make the story conveyed while keeping the rhymes orderly. Furthermore, I love the story itself. It presents something which is magnificent due to those characters’ outlandish presentation you put there. But I think the background music in the dramatization is a little bit too loud; it sometimes divide my concentration about the text although actually it is the right selection that suits the story well. As a matter of fact, I am attracted by this creative work, especially the intonation of the reading, which is quite smooth and faultless.

    (130 words)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, your song is awesome as well!. Yes, I have a problem with controlling the volume of the background music or I can say that I do not know how to make it lower. If you want to see two people who read my sonnets with their great intonation, I am going to show you.


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