Is It Really A Snow White Story? : A Short Prose


Summary : Snow White, a princess who looked like a globe, had a big dream to marry a charming lonely prince.

A long time ago, in Piatto Delizioso Kingdom, far far away, there lived a beautiful queen and charming king. They had a daughter whose name was Snow White. Although her name was Snow White, she’s not as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as ebony wood. She looked like a globe, as if you could find whole countries on her body. Then, why was her name Snow White? It was because her parents highly expected to have a child like Snow White.

One lovely morning, Snow White just woke up and looked at her face in a magical mirror.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most gorgeous woman on earth?” Snow White asked.

Her mirror yawned widely and answered, “Angelina Jolie, dear.”

“Hhmmm. I see. Then, who is the most gorgeous woman in this kingdom?” asked her while hoping to get the ‘expected’ answer.

“Of course, it’s not you, dear.” told the mirror, feeling so sick of her million same questions.

Feeling unsatisfied with the mirror’s answer, she got really mad and wanted to throw it to the floor. Fortunately, a messenger of the kingdom came to bring good news from La Pizza Kingdom and the mirror was safe. Snow White read the letter hastily as she was extremely curious about it. It was about an invitation for all the eligible ladies in kingdoms so as to find Lonely Heart Prince a wife. “It seems impossible because there might be some ladies from other kingdoms who are much more beautiful than you,” the mirror said. No matter what, Snow White put him into her potential husband list and had an idea to propose him undoubtedly. “How can he refuse this beautiful, kindhearted, humble, and sweet princess?” she said with full of confidence while looking in the mirror. She sat down for hours to think about how to steal his heart. She finally decided to meet Lonely Heart Prince and propose him before the party was held. What a slick idea. Food, drink, money, and clothes were ready for her long journey.

The long journey started. She kept on running, running, and running for her love. No matter how big her body was. No matter how big the obstacle she faced. She had to pass through the woods, jump over the swamp, climb mountains, and sail through an ocean. It took forever to reach La Pizza Kingdom. Having arrived at his kingdom, Snow White immediately found Lonely Heart Prince. Sadly, he rejected her proposal since she didn’t meet the criteria, one of which was good-looking. She walked away, still thinking how to steal the prince’s heart. Nevertheless, she kept doing a lot of efforts, one of which is begging the dwarves to change her to be a beautiful slim princess.

She entered a mushroom house, in which those ‘tiny’ creatures lived. Since there was nobody, she decided to sleep for a while. Some hours later, the seven dwarves arrived at home and found a stranger there. They asked what she was doing there. After that, she told them about her intention to buy a magical formula which could make her beautiful. All of her money weren’t even enough to pay it, so she had to work as a part-time maid in their house. She turned into a beautiful slim princess right after drinking it. She looked in the mirror and smiled widely, “I bet Lonely Heart Prince won’t neglect my love again.”

Day by day, she had been waiting for a right time to meet the prince. When Snow White was washing clothes, suddenly someone knocked on the door and shouted “Yuhuuu. Is anybody home? It’s me, Lonely Heart Prince. I came here to play with you, folks.” The prince often played with them since he felt so lonely that he had no siblings. Snow White was surprised while opening the door. At the same time, the dwarves appeared and said ‘hello’ to the prince. “Do you still remember me? It’s me, Snow White. Look at me! I’m beautiful now. You must be falling in love with me.” “I may not fall in love with you even if you’re as beautiful as Kristen Stewart,” he answered. The following day, Snow White begged the dwarves to give her a magical formula to make him love her. The dwarves said there was no formula to make someone fall in love. She might be able to buy ‘beauty’ but not ‘love’. Afterwards, Snow White decided to call a witch to buy a magical formula.

“Hello, madam. I want to buy a magical formula to make someone love me.”

“Well, I have three kinds of formula. Which one do you want?”

“I want the cheapest one.”

“The cheapest one? Well, I’ll give you this poisonous apple. I bet you can make him love you. After eating this apple, you will die. I mean sleeping. The only thing to wake you up is a kiss.”

Soon, she ate the apple and collapsed. Coming back home, the dwarves and prince found the collapsed princess. The dwarves and prince tried to wake her up. They panicked.

“Is she drunk?”

“She is sleeping.”

“You’re all wrong. She was poisoned.”

“She committed suicide because of the brokenhearted feeling. You must be responsible for it.” The dwarf said while staring at the prince with a sharp gaze.”

“You guys think it’s my fault? I only told her the truth. What should I do now?”

“Kiss her!”

“But I don’t love her. It would only work if I loved her. I have no feeling for her.”

The Prince reluctantly kissed her, yet nothing happened. A kiss didn’t even wake her up. Since then, Snow White never opened her eyes. It’s so sad but it’s true. This happened not because she chose the cheapest formula, but it was because there’s no magical formula to make someone fall in love. Nonetheless, that’s not the end of the world. The life of the prince and dwarves kept going on.

Thank Notes

Thank’s a million to Bunga A. Insani, Irfan Reza Hardiansyah, Senny Selviany Agustin , Intan Frizkiani, Putri Fatmala, and Dini Rahmatiar for correcting my grammar, choosing diction, and giving ideas of this story.

References :

“Snow White” Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Web. 12 March 2014<>

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The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare

Word Count: 1000

Link for work dramatization.

13 thoughts on “Is It Really A Snow White Story? : A Short Prose

  1. 180410120043 / B

    I love this fairytale of Snow White you wrote. You flipped the real Snow White story brilliantly and facetiously. You kept the main aspects, the poisoned apple, the sleep, the mirror, and even the witch, but you could remake the whole story differenly. This makes the readers, especially me, still believe that this is a Snow White story. What makes it more unique is you made a fairytale not like a fairytale used to be. The ending is really amazing too. It is a happy ending for the prince and dwarves, and a sad ending for Snow White, yet it still looks a happy ending for me. Well done!


  2. 180410120051
    Kelas C

    Well done! I like the way you turn Snow White tale that should be the happy ending story to the tale that have a tragic ending. Actually there is something that I want you to fix. It is the appearance of the mushroom house that suddenly appears. I know that 1000 words is not enough for you to explain the mushroom house only, but it looks strange for me if there is mushroom house all of the sudden. Maybe there is other way to explain it in a simple way. But still I impressed with whole plot. You successfully did it.


  3. 180410120089/E

    This is a Snow White story with its identical points: princess, apple, sleeping evermore, and the prince’s kiss. However, the writer just offered up an alternative narrative to the pictures with a sense of humor.
    The original Snow White story shows female passivity, concluding in a male rescue finale. I like how this story does the opposite. It also shows that being beautiful has nothing to do with self-acceptance. Snow White in this story is against princesses stereotyped looks. She is not beautiful and has not a Barbie body kind of way. She is not intelligent. If she were, she would not rush to buy a magical formula that in the end gives her nothing but death. Nevertheless, her recklessness moves the plot and affects the outcome.
    In the end, I cherish the creativity the writer demonstrates here.

    Word count: 138


  4. Ronald Taufik Hidayat
    180410120053/ C

    I overlook the story in a very fugitive ways. I might want these comments into question-kind-of-thing. According to me there are some strange things within the story. First, how could she know that there were dwarves and the place that they lived? Second, how could she know that the dwarves sold the potion to make over someone’s face to look more beautiful? Third, how could a princess summon a witch that easily as if they have known each other for a long time just like a friend? And the last how could she buy the cheapest potion, but not the highest price of that potion remembering that she was a princess and she could buy the highest price of that potion. I hope you can respond my question, beside it is a good story after all.
    Words: 136


    • Wow! I thought that a man won’t ever be interested in reading such a princess story. Yet, you did it. As I described the characterization of Snow White who is half-witch (you should see the scene while she was asking her magical mirror about the most beautiful woman), it might be possible to be friend with the witch who gave her the poisonous apple. Even she is a princess, she is penniless. That is why she had to work as a part-time maid in the dwarves’ house only to pay the beauty formula. Anyway, thanks for your comment and interesting questions. It makes me realize that I should have thought about the details to make my story more make sense.


  5. 180410120045

    This is a cute and funny story. The character Snow White in this story is like the opposite of typical princess character. She is not ‘good-looking’, her body is like a globe, and she is uber confident. She is aggressive; she is willing to do anything to get the Prince. It’s really the opposite of other princess stories, but that is what makes this story unique and interesting. But, I wonder, though, where does the story take place? I mean the time period of the story, because Angelina Jolie and Kristen Stewart are mentioned in the story. But then again, that makes the story amusing to me.

    (107 words)


  6. 180410120117
    Class F

    You successfully have changed Snow White’s image I have known as a kind-heart princess to a devil-witch princess. It impressed me so much because I never think that Snow White will be a bad princess before. And you still wrote the original story of Snow White like a poisonous apple and a mirror can answer who the most gorgeous girl is instead of the prettiest girl. There is a twist that I like the most, when the mirror answered Angelina Jolie was the most gorgeous girl. I laugh so hard when I realize that the time setting in this story is not longer in 19th century like the original story. (110 Words)


  7. 180410120015/C

    I love the comedy of the story, it’s a great story of “changing” a nice story into a funny and pitiful one. But in your dramatization I think your intonation doesn’t help as I expected as when I read the text. There are some “funny” things and I laugh, but when I heard the dramatization, the voice is a little bit low and the intonation is a little bit flat. I feel the comedy as when you said “Angelina Jolie” and “Kristen Stewart” just in the text I read. That’s my opinion but overall I really enjoy reading the story you made.


  8. 180410120021/C

    For a second I thought ‘La Pizza’ was Snow White’s kingdom, and found it neatly funny because it fit Snow White’s fat figure. But it was quite a letdown as I began to realize that it was the Prince’s. Then again as the story progressed to the part where Snow White fought to get to La Pizza, I found a different entertainment from picturing how a globe-shaped princess struggles to get into a kingdom of pizzas. When the story referenced to Angelina Jolie, it was odd, to me, as it just came out of nowhere. But when the dwarf mentioned Kristen Stewart, I was reminded that she played as Snow White in the movie, and that was when the references you put into the story worked well with my external knowledge when reading. It is a good example of putting names and references in narratives.


    • Actually, Snow White comes from “Piatto Delizioso Kingdom”. If you use Google Translate from Italian to English, you will find that it refers to “delicious food”, which fits Snow White’s fat figure. I intentionally used that name, so that the readers can find out that Snow White really loves eating. It’s true that when I referenced the story to Angelina Jolie, it didn’t work.


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