Immortal Memory : Songs Lyric

180410110213 / B

Summary : This song is about a man who feel lonely.

I’m sitting here alone
On the silent night staring the moon and sky
Remember the day
When I used to laugh and troubles far away
I’m missing you
And all those things that we’ve been through

Now I cant find
What’s the meaning of world and the true of love
Seems blue and gray
Since you’ve been gone I don’t know if I should stay, or
Whether I should go
And never wished for you anymore

Never ask for a chance
Its hard to believing when the believe is fade
It there’s a faith
I know it will denied all the pray and hopes
Cause heaven belongs you
Just its hard to realize all the truth

Now open mind
I try to move on and get starting something new
Though shadow comes
Entering the wind and pushing into cold
I won’t give up
I know all the faith will lifted me up
Brand my new day
Still I believe with the plans of God

All I have known
Where I get the choice to keep looking for hopes
Was made me grew
To face the trouble with much patience and now
What I get deserve
I have much time to keep all my words

Night turns to day
All the dark is gone and see that rising sun
Its bringing my pray
To wake up from the sorrow and go find my way
But remember the rules
Don’t let the bad breaking out the good

So take some air
Draw on all the fresh to make me better, and
Walk on my path
Never let anything intimidate my neath
Say hey to the world
I’m make sure they smile and make me comfort

Now share my time
Hang out to the crowd with all some good friends of mine
Relax and watch
Little happy pigeons dancing in the park
Though they’ll never knew
My fragile heart still cant hide the truth

Remain and gone
It’s hard to believing that now I’m all alone
And now I guess
I’ve never been away from time of tears and sad
Think about you then
Remember a promise to the end

Packed all the days
But in my memories that it wan’t be erased
Still firm still stand
When I want forget it will appear once again
It now have been chained
In my whole live memories and brain
But I won’t give up
Give me more times to washed all the pain

Back to my live again
Take some courses or driving keep away from pain
It helps me through
To never say give up is all I wanna do
Though its hard for me
But if I never try I can’t see

I’m getting old
But I’m much too young to let love breaks my heart
So I will run
And never look back to looking back in time
Run after my dreams
As much as rough like the typhoon wind

What I really mean
I don’t wanna be dust in the wind
Like the typhoon wind
I don’t wanna be dust in the wind

Thank you to Purwanto Hadi (friend from Cirebon University, who kindly give an idea and correcting my grammar) and Handrian Eka (friend from Jakarta University, who kindly helping on recording process).

References :
– The song of Dust in The Wind – Kansas
– True story of my friend

Word count : 524

Link for work dramatization.

6 thoughts on “Immortal Memory : Songs Lyric

  1. 180410100177/B
    Well, it is interesting. I doubt this is story from your friends :), perhaps it comes from your self. But, do not take care with these words.
    at the end of the song, it seems the characters in this song really want to convey the message that he will continue to live his life. Despite the impression that the characters seemed upset. The song is good. Although classical, which is about indecision in love. but it is quite funny, you say that the story of this song comes from the story of your friend. I have never encountered a very troubled song, but this song is very melancholy, but it’s okay because I think this song is based on a true story that is pretty good.


  2. 180410110212/D

    What makes this song is interesting when I realize “I” in this song is a man. He is very melancholy. From this song, I can learn that woman and man have the deepest feeling each other in many ways. I like both music and lyrics. When I listened it, I imagined what the man was feeling at the moment. This song is sung by woman, so I enjoyed listening music and story in one pack. This is a man song with a taste of ordinary women feel. You did a good job; I can read your lyric or listen your music, I have many ways to enjoy this work.


  3. 180410110208/B

    This song is quite interesting and has a profound message for those who experience it. The message are do not have to drag on in the grief and must try to face what is going to happen and do not be desperate to turn out to be better in the future, such as in piece of this lyrics “get starting something new and I will not give up”. I think that many people have had a love story like in this song. I love your song, which is so clear pronunciation, notation fitting, which supports the guitar sound makes this song so good to listening to.

    word count : 106


  4. 180410110202/B

    The conclusion to which I had taken from lyrics of this song is, not all dreams are created with beautiful, will end up with beautiful too. Love has always been a big hope, but sometimes what we hope are not comparable, maybe it’s destiny. Honestly, I love this song. It’s just, a conflict that was built from the lyrics of this song less strained. A song that is packed from the real story never fails to make me ‘galau’ and ringing in my head. Especially, if this real story is taken from a love story of a woman, because if a man will looks excessive if of his love story like that. Dramatization of this songs pretty well, no less and no more. Maybe, if the process of recording more live with the song lyrics, will not close the possibility of making me feel drift in the song.


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