I Have a Pet: Songs Lyric


Summary: This song is about a child who has a pet and extremely loved the pet.

I Have a Pet

I have a pet, its name Mickey

This is not just, a name Mickey

If you look at Mickey, that’s not a mouse

Mickey is a name for, my special turtle

I give the name Mickey, ‘cause I like character of Mickey

Why I can’t keep a mouse, ‘cause I’m too afraid the real a mouse

That’s the story, of name Mickey

I have a pet, extremely cute

I fell in love, at the first sight

At the time I was jogging, and saw Mickey’s young

From the many turtles, I chose one of them

I buy aquarium, to be a place for my little pet

I also buy pellets, for my turtle food as long as young

I brings to home, I have a pet

I have a pet, makes me happy

Mickey made ​​my days be different

Since I have a lil’ pet, more responsible

My mind be divided, but not make me sad

I give Mickey’s food, every morning before go to school

I clean the aquarium, once a week every Sunday morning

I’ll keep my pet, I love Mickey

I have a pet, like a close friend

Whenever go, I’ll bring Mickey

I go to grandma’s house, for a few days

And I have decided, to bring my pet go

At the time of my trip, the water in aquarium spilled

I’m afraid to Mickey, can not survive in the aquarium

I feel guilty, deeply sorry

I have a pet, there is different

I think Mickey, has changed drastic

Every time I give food, Mickey’s never eat

I don’t want my pet sick, didn’t want to die

For now what should I do? My pet really never eat again

I try give other foods, but same as before don’t want to eat

I’ll not give up, to keep my pet

I have a pet, Mickey has died

Now I know why, my pet be changed

If I can read the minds, Mickey’s will survive

But about destiny, no one can escape

I can’t accept it all, something I love has gone far away

I hope this is just dream, and I want to wake up from a dream

My heart broken, I lose my pet

I have a pet, tried to release

My heart is still, felt really sick

My days to be different, since my pet has died

Although hard to release, but I should be able

I buried my Mickey, such as when humans will be buried

So why I do it all, ‘cause it’s my way to release my pet

Goodbye my pet. Goodbye Mickey

I have a pet, stay memories

I can’t forget, about my pet

If you think this is drama, I really don’t care

Because only I who, know how sad this fact

I still can imagine, when I met Mickey at the first time

I still can imagine, when I was taking care of Mickey

I have a pet. I have no pet

I have a pet, its name Mickey

Extremely cute, makes me happy

Mickey like a close friend, and I really love

My pet’s really special, of another pet

I won’t forget Mickey, even though it went away for good

I won’t forget Mickey, and decided not to have a pet

Goodbye my past. Goodbye my pet

Thank you to Resti Hidayati who kindly helped me on recording process.


– Westlife version – I Have a Dream.

– My imagination.

Word Count: (550)

Link for work dramatization.

4 thoughts on “I Have a Pet: Songs Lyric

  1. I like your story. It is simple but funny. And yes, I can’t imagine Mickey as a turtle, hahaha I can’t. It is out of the box. I like the way you see Mickey as a “human”. You are a lovable person. There are some funny sentences that make me can’t stop smiling like “If you think this is drama, I really don’t care” or “I fell in love, at the first sight” and two sentences next. Is Mickey your pet of your boyfriend? :D Okay, ehm, I am sorry, It is kidding. You said me that this song is for children, but I don’t think that. Overall, I like your song and your story at all.


  2. 180410110208/B

    After I read your song lyrics, I can not stop smile, your story is funny. You tell that you had a pet and the name was Micky, I guessed it was mouse because I watch a cartoon movie’s program Micky Mouse that Micky is a mouse. You said that this song is for children, and I’m with you because this song is suitable and easy to learn by young children because in this song has a vocabulary and simple sentences so easy to pronounced, memorized. In this lyrics also teaches children to be fond of living beings other than humans, because animals also have feeling when there is someone who loves him (based on my experience that having a pet). Overall I like your song.

    word count : 125


  3. 180410110213/B

    Through the title I can imagine that you of course very loves your pet. Before I read the lyrics, I guessed that Mickey is a mouse, but I know that impossible for you to keep a mouse. I was surprised that you could provide the name of your turtle. I really enjoyed to listen the song, it’s very entertain and I think all people also can enjoy if listen it. The theme which you take to the song is very simple and interesting, especially for children. I think you have done the best. I like it.


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