Hurricane Drunk: A Short Prose


Summary: A man was visiting a strange city, and he was attacked by the dwarves; finally he woke up from his bad dream.


A few miles from Illinois, there was a city that is full of horrible uncertainty, anger, deception, neglect and burial mankind. People lived there under conditions of caprice, where every action was defined as an act of hypocrisy and no benefit to the lives of fellow human beings. Every corner of the city was unfamiliar; there was something that created a feeling of fear was greater than the peace; something which made feeling uncomfortable to be there; something which convinced us that there was something wrong. Thus, it made everyone who had just come to the city for the first time would feel totally wanted to go back and get away. Edward Adler felt so.

Edward Adler has visited many places around the world. He works in one of departments at Tourism Development and Investment Company in Glasgow, United Kingdom. His love of travelling and history places forces him to visit various places that are considered interesting be analyzed and investigated. At the time, he was being trapped in a city that did not make him feel pleasant, and made him felt strange because he had never visited a place like that. He was trying to be silent because the place was very bad pollution caused by industrial steel and tin, so it made his breath hard. The city was very barren and rare plants growth there because they were not strong enough to against hot temperatures. Moreover, sunburn made him could not bear to stay in such a place. He felt confused to ask, because people were busy with their own affairs. When he wanted to ask, people like did not want to serve him, so obviously people behaved arrogantly.

Eventually, he found two people who were talking about the industry in the city and he knew that the city’s name was The Unconscious. He thought something strange about the name of city because it’s not familiar, but he didn’t take offense and he decided to move to place else.

He wandered around the city and he stopped at a crossroads. He saw a crowd there. A number of people are flocking march into the court. They were demanding justice as they feel the decision closed by the court was not fair. He captured the intent of their speeches stating that the court’s decision not to side with the workers and peasants; their right to earn wage reduced to 50 percent of their gross wages. So it just gave the benefit for employers and stakeholders in the government. Unilateral decisions without regarding to the interests of the lower classes, was something that causes Edward was inconvenience. He began to feel the condition of the city that filled with greed committed by the upper class.

After a while he saw and captured the people who were marching up, he felt bored and hungry; eventually he decided to look for restaurants around town. He walked a little longer and finally found a restaurant that is quite small. He was a little disturbed by the condition of the restaurant that was a bit dirty and inadequate place; the food served was nothing special, just bread, oats and bacon that were imported from other country. Moreover, the place was filled by citizens who wore a bad wears, so he inferred that it was the place intended for the lower classes people. While he was eating, the majority were perplexed by his presence because he dressed somewhat differently. Then, one of them asked Edward.

“I think you are not a resident of this city, right?” The man asked.

“Yes, I come from Glasgow, UK, sir.” Edward said.

“How could you be here?” The man asked.

“I just want to know more about this city.” He said.

“You know, knowing that failed and broken civilizations, is something that is very unpleasant, isn’t it? We here are the perpetrators of civilization itself, and can you imagine how tortured we were here?”

“How did that happen, sir?” he asked.

“In the past, this city is a city that is almost the same as Atlantis. The city is one of the most fertile agricultural and livestock with a very good results. However, evil dwarves who are now in government change our system. They have changed the system by freeing the entrepreneur to open an industrial plant that is not environmentally industry. They act really greedy. They are blinded by worldly sheen alone, regardless of the consequences they cause.”

“Aren’t there good people, sir?”

“Now, the people who behave well regarded as wrong by those sneaky, they are put in jail and tortured by the dwarf’s in sadistic manner. “

“So, why no one dared to stop it?” he asked.

“People are helpless. They run out of power by those who act greedy.” The man answered.

Edward caught his talk with the man and concluded that the city had been damaged by ignorant hands in the government. Then he got interested to get in and see how the prison is. Prison conditions are monitored and guarded by the guards and it makes it difficult him to get into prison. However, he slipped into the prison bravely, and finally he could get in. He saw the conditions in the jail for a while. Unfortunately, he was spotted and chased by the guards who were the dwarves. Then, he was taken to the jail and ready to be tortured by the dwarves. The dwarves bound him with a rope on a pole, and Edward tried to shout for help. However, his efforts were failed. He was left for one night in jail, and he thought about running away, but he has run out of ideas.

In the morning, the dwarves came. But, when the dwarfs were going to torture him, Edward woke up unwittingly, and it turned out that it was all just a bad dream. Then he looked into his window; it was raining, and the storm was happening.


Thank you to Noviyanti Katerina, Meis Dina Santika, and Rahmat Satria Harmi.

Word count: (987)

Link for work dramatization.

One thought on “Hurricane Drunk: A Short Prose

  1. Noviyanti Katerina
    180410130039 / A

    First of all, I was amazed at first when you said you wanted to make a story like this. I didn’t expect such an extraordinary thought and imagination from you. Moreover, I am also amazed at your place selection. I didn’t even know where Illinois was before I read your story. My problem is, I don’t really get the connection between the title and your whole story. I understand that at the end, you mentioned that Edward Adler was sleeping under a stormy-rain-kind-of situation (which clearly has an obvious connection to the title), but I don’t see where in the story the ‘hurricane-drunk’ situation is connected. Don’t worry, I still love your short prose.


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