How I Met My Girl: A Short Prose


Summary: The story is about a boy who met a girl that very beautiful but he is not brave enough to approach her, he just imagines about it.

How I Met My Girl

(Phone ringing)
Aw, shit!!! What an annoying way to wake up in this gloomy morning. Not just that, who’s the smartass calling me at 5a.m.
“Assalamu’alaikum, who is this?”
“Alaikumsalam, it’s me Sam. Where are you, freak? I’m tired waiting for you alone like a bozo.”
“I’m still at my room, douche. Why are you so early? Didn’t we promise to meet at 7 o’clock?”
“Well, if I’m not blind, it is 7.30 now, dumbass. Hurry or I will go there without you.”
Oh, damn. I forgot to reset my time at my phone. Yes, it is 7.30 at my watch. “Aw man, I’m sorry. You can go there first, I’ll catch you later.” “(Sigh)… okay, hurry or I’ll kill you for ruining my plan.” (end call) Oh, yeah. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Bimo, an average boy with a boring life. I’m a student of English literature in Unpad. The one who called me is Sam, the name is Samsudin Setyo Sudarmaji. He called himself Sam because he thinks his name is uncool, but he isn’t important, so forget about him. Today, we plan to search some PC game that recently released in our favourite game centre. We plan to meet at pangdam at 7 a.m. But here I am, still in bed at 7.30. I instantly move to the bathroom, wash my face, brush my teeth, change my cloth and Voila, how handsome I am now. It’s time to go, oh yeah, don’t forget to buy some food for breakfast.
It’s 7.45 now, but the bus isn’t coming yet and it really drives me mad. But at that moment, I saw an angel. The `girl has a beautiful face with long hair, flawless skin, and a mind-blowing body.Aw man, I’m speechles, don’t know how to describe her beauty. She is even more beautiful than the Angel itself. I want to know her name, I must. C’mon leg, move, please move. What a shame, I think Ihave lost my guts and just can stare at her.
At the same moment, she looks at me, and how surprising, she comes at me. The first thing in my mind is ‘come to me, please’ and guess what, she really comes to me and stands beside me. And more surprising, she talks to me, what a heart attack to me.
“Excuse me, why are you staring at me? Is there something wrong?” Oh god, her voice is very lovely that makes my heart melting and my soul flying. Once again, I’m speechless, don’t know how to answer her question, even it feels like I forget how to speak; I lost my voice for a moment. And when my soul back to my body, I can answer her. “Oh… n-n-nothing, miss. There is nothing wrong about you, you just look so pretty.”
“Oh, thank you. Wait a minute, do I know you?”
“Y-y-you know me?” Is it true? Or not? It feels like I don’t know her and I’m sure it is the first time I meet her.
“Are you come Lampung? From 10th senior high school? Are you the one who named Bimo?”
“Yes, it is.”
“ Yaay….” and suddenly, she hugs me. What a surpise
“W-wait, how do you know my name?”
“I absolutely know you. I’m Sella, SellaSaptarani, we’re a classmate in our 1st year in high school. Don’t you remember?”
“Sella? Are you really Sella Saptarani? Oh god, you’ve changed, fellas. You’re sooo beautiful, I mean look at you now, you look very different from back then. What happened to you?”
“Really? Thank you very much. Many things happen to me, lets talk about it later. By the way, what are you doing here?”
“Just like what everyone do, waiting for the bus.”
“I mean, why are you here? Do you study in Unpad too?”
“Yes, I do. Do you? Which faculty?”
“Yes. I’m a student of psychology. You? “
“I’m a student of English. By the way, where you wanna go?” “I want to go to bandung, searching some game for my laptop” “What a coincidence, I wanna do the same. Then, why don’t we search it together?”
“It would be nice if you accompany with me, two is better than one, right?” “Couldn’t agree more.” Then, I remember something . Think it is the best time to ask it again.”By the way. C-can I ask you something?” “what?”
“It is about what I ask you before you move to Jakarta. W-will you be my girlfriend?”
After hear that, she smiles at me, stares at me for a second, and when she’s gonna answer me….
(Phone ringing). Oh damn, Sam called me again, right at the moment when Sella will answer my long-life question and now she is gone. Wait, is what happened from a moment ago just my imagination? Damn, yes. There is nothing happen from the moment she looked at me, even she wasn’t looking at me.
“What, man? Could you just wait for me in there, I’m on my way.” “Hey, why are you so angry to me, dumbass? I’m supposed to be the one who’s angry. I’m tired waiting of you. If you don’t come in a hour, I’ll leave you”
“Yeah, okay… okay. I’ll be there before you notice” (End Call) Now, I think there is nothing I can do except look. But how surprising, she really looked at me now and I’m sure it is real, not just my imagination. This time, I must be the one who come to her. And thanks god, I can move my leg now. I walk to her, stand by her side, and now I’ll be the one who asked her first. Hope it’ll be my momentum.
“I beg your pardon, miss.Do we know each other?”

thanks to:
Olfath Thoriq
Rizki Puji Gustian
Stupid idea

Word count: 968 word

Link for work dramatization.

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