His Name Is Ron: A Short Prose

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Summary: One cold night, a guy named Ron was singing and wondering about everything he thought he have been missing but it is actually not.

Being a homeless in his early 20s, he sits weakly in the edge of a small town in the middle of the cold air; in the lonely dark night. His name is Ron. He is twenty two and he has been thinking that he is young. He lives nowhere with no family, no friends, no money, and no love. He lives without feeling any regrets, loves or hates. He lives thinking of no worries since he already has nothing to fight for. He gazed upon the stars wondering if the sky could be his home. He does not know what’s right; he does not know what’s wrong. Maybe the life he live is just hard so bad that he could not cry; the life he sees through his tired eyes is fading along with the time-lapse and the running cats. He whisper to himself saying “I love this town; I love people”

People call him a piece of crap, but he gives no damn. People say he is disgusting, embarrassing, and annoying, yet he never really cares. He picks his brittle old guitar, turning people’s insult into a melodious gripping. He screams along the song he sang, he cries along the smile he shows. In his rhyming about his life he said:

“I am Ron whom people hate. I am the lonely Ron.

Do you know how much I struggle living life alone, alone.

Who knows how long I’ve waiting for them to come along?

And be friends of mine so we can live the life better, I wish.

Every day I walk all by myself, every day always the same.

Looking for those who want to be my friends, even if it always fail.

I am Ron whose love is none. I am the lonely Ron.

Living under sky on the ground without anyone to talk to.

And I’ll always smile and be myself and always be happy, I will.”

He looks around and finds nothing to eat. He sits calmly and closes his eyes wondering if he were sitting in the middle of a caste and eat whatever he wants. He then opens his eyes and finds himself full and satisfied with the food he just imagined. He is smiling and closing his eyes again. He starts to imagine about having a warm place to sleep. He then opens his eyes and feel save; like he is sleeping in a warm house. He starts dreaming about the life he truly wants to live; the life full of love. Life with parents he could count on to; life with love he could feel. He then opens his eyes but he feels nothing. He feels bad and he starts crying for real. Why could not he feel the love he is dreaming of? Isn’t he worth the love given to every human being? He continues crying.

In his crying, he feels something hugs him from the back. It keeps hugging him and starts to sing:

“Don’t you ever feel you’re all alone, I will always here for you.

Don’t you ever feel I’m not around, because I will never leave your side.

Even if you don’t see me and you cannot hear me,

My existence is real and I was born for you.

I don’t mind carrying your sorrows; I don’t mind carrying all of your pains.

Looking after you every single day; seeking for your happiness all the time.

Because you worth the love, you worth the love.

You worth the love, truly worth the love.

So please be tough and smile for me every day, so please be tough to wait again.

Even if people bad mouthing you again, it will not make any change.

Or even if everyone in the world go against you,

I’ll always stay here be by your side and support you.

You don’t need to hide, you don’t need to run.

You don’t need to feel the shame of being alone.

You don’t need to cry, no need to worry

Just keep believing and you’ll get anything you wished.

Just remember me when you’re lonely, and believe in my existence.”

He is still crying and staying still. Trying to believe what he has been heard just a moment ago. Then he close his eyes and sleep on the ground with ease.

A bunch of thanks addressed to Nadira Dhaifina and Nia Sarawsati as the proofreader of this work, Ferlanti Nailassuffa and Bella Mega. The homeless Jatinangor guy and my imaginary character.


– The Beatles, I Will.

– Maroon5, She WIll be Loved.

– A homeless Jatinangor guy

Word Count: (754)

Link for dramatization.

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