He Is My Friend: A Short Prose


Summary: A friend tries to make her ex-boyfriend and her best friend go dating.

In an afternoon, Anne was reading a message from Sophie. Sophie ordered her to come quickly to Anne’s favorite Cafe. Anne was bored with Sophie’s efforts to make Anne cheerful again by introducing her to more than ten boys for this week. Sophie would stop if she successfully had tried to match Anne with all the single boys in school. Anne thought Sophie’s effort was in vain because Anne still loved Kevin, her ex-boyfriend.

Finally, Anne arrived at the Cafe. It felt strange to come in there without Kevin. This Cafe is one of the most familiar places for Anne and Kevin. When Anne was in this Cafe with Kevin, she felt like she was at home although there was not a single stuff in this Cafe that reminded her of her home.

“And here she is.” said Sophie when Anne was walking up to her table.

Sophie was not alone, there was a boy who was sitting next to her. Anne stole a glance at the stranger boy, then she felt something unpredictable but familiar in her body. Anne felt her blood flowing rapidly beneath her skin, so fast. It produced heat which covered Anne’s body, especially in her face. Anne successfully flashed a smile at him and the stranger boy smiled back at her.

“Who is that boy?” whispered Anne while she took a seat facing Sophie.

“Whoa, I think I will success this time. You like him, right?” said Sophie with full of excitement shown by her eyes.

“Oh Sophie, I don’t know whether I like him but I feel something familiar when I see that boy.” said Anne.

“Don’t think too much Anne, I’m sure you will love this awesome boy.” said Sophie with a wink to Anne.

“I’m sorry if I interrupted your important conversation and you must be Anne, am I right?” asked the boy.

“Yeah, never mind. Yes I am Anne. And you, what is your name?”

“I am Alex, Sophie’s friend.”

Anne felt an uncomfortable tone when Alex pronounced the last phrase in his sentence but she did not know the reason for it.

Both Anne and Alex seemed clumsy and did not talk too much during their first meeting. On the contrary, Sophie was the only one who seemed enthusiastic and was continuously telling everything about Alex to Anne but how did Sophie know lots about Alex’s life?

However, Anne felt something familiar when she saw Alex. Alex’s eyes remained her of the eyes she admired most, the eyes of Kevin. Both Kevin and Alex have small brown eyes. Anne strangely felt comfortable and happy at the same time when she looked at those eyes.

The next day at school, Anne sat in the front row instead of sitting in third or fourth row as usual. She wanted to concentrate on the subject thought by Ms. Pauline and tried to stop thinking about Alex and Sophie. Unfortunately, Sophie who sat beside her talked about Alex and his superiority than the other boys.

“He is handsome, isn’t he?” said Sophie.

“Just because he is charming, tall and has sweet brown eyes, still, he is nothing compared to Justin Timberlake.” said Anne.

“Oh come on, you will not date JT, ever. Just let Alex know about you, and I assure that you two will match for each other.”

“Nothing is impossible, I think there is still chance. Oh, I remember about what you said about Alex yesterday. I think Alex is the boy whom you talked so much as your boyfriend. Is that true?”

“No, no Anne, I think…, I mean he is another boy, not Alex of course.”


“I gave your number to Alex. He said he will send you a message soon.”

“You don’t have my permission to give my numbers to stranger”

“But he is Alex, my friend. He is not a stranger.”

Honestly Anne still wanted to argue with Sophie, but she changed her mind because Anne realized that Sophie seemed annoyed when she asked the resemblance between Alex’s figure and the boy whom Sophie talked about two months ago.

Sophie was right. Alex sent her a message and offered to have lunch together after the school end. Anne agreed but she had a plan. She would force Alex to tell his real relationship with Sophie.

The next day at school, Anne could not fully concentrate during the Biology class. She kept thinking about the conversation with Alex yesterday. Alex is Sophie’s ex-boyfriend. Why Sophie wanted Anne to date her ex-boyfriend. Although Alex said that Sophie did it because he asked Sophie to introduce him to some girls, Anne still did not understand.

And there is Sophie. She was walking up to Anne with snacks in both hands. But, wait a minute; there was a boy who was walking not far behind Sophie. Is it Kevin? And look at him; he is holding hands with a girl that Anne didn’t know. But look at those happy faces; is Kevin already has a new girlfriend?

Seeing that not so romantic view, Anne’s eyes flashed with anger. Finally, she knew why Kevin wanted to break up with her. While she touched the necklace given by Kevin on her 16th birthday a month ago, she thought about Alex. Sophie was beside her now but she kept her mouth shut.

Word count 903


– An experience from a friend

Thanks to

– Senny Selviani Agustin and Aliffia Nur Rohmawati for proofreading my work and correcting the grammar

– My sister, Alfitra Nasihaassakinah for her comments and ideas

Link for dramatization.

7 thoughts on “He Is My Friend: A Short Prose

  1. Cyntia valerina/180410110176/A

    I like this story, your writing like ordinary life. but I don’t understand about this story in the end, so who is kevin new girlfriend?, why in the story not described continuance about anne and alex? And why sophie want anne to be alex girlfriend? This story will be more interesting if we know continuity about alex, anne ,Kevin girlfriend, and why sophie try to make her ex-boyfriend and anne go dating?


  2. 180410120043 / B

    Your story depicts today’s teen love story. However, I found things here that are not related to each other. I figured out the story has three problems which are the mystery of the relationship between Sophie and Alex, why Sophie introduces Alex to Anne, and why Alex reminds Anne of Kevin. Unfortunately, I do not think these problems work very well together. I cannot find the climax of the story and the solution of the problems. Moreover, I think the whole misteries and problems are centered in Alex, but you end the story with Kevin. In the summary you write ‘her ex-boyfriend,’ means Alex is Sophie’s ex-boyfriend, but all I can see here is Anne who is confused about their relationship. You do not include the certainty of Alex being Sophie’s ex-boyfriend. So, I am a little bit confused here.


  3. 180410120057/B
    I think that this is an interesting story which often happens in everyone’s life. I also think that the story somewhat draws a matchmaking between two persons because I think that Anne’s friend, Sophie is similar to a cupid because she introduces Anne to Alex. However, I am confused with both of these characters, Alex and Kevin. I do not follow the conflict between the two of them; I mean what are they doing to Sophie and Anne? I am confused to see the dramatization work you have included as well because it does not describe the story specifically. In the picture, there are three girls and a boy, but there are only three girls and two boys in the story. I am sorry whether I am misunderstood the story, or your dramatization work indeed describes the story.

    word count: 138


  4. 180410120051
    Kelas C

    Just being honest, I did not really get the ending and I think that the ending seems like in a hurry but slow in the beginning. Sorry to say that the ending did not work with the whole story for me and different with what I have expected before. I think you should give more detail at the ending or, since we are not allowed to write more than 1000, I think you could just shorten the beginning that looks too slow for me. By the way, I like you arrange the story but still, I just a little hampered with the ending.

    Word count: 103


  5. 180410120045

    Actually, I am rather confused with the point of view on the first paragraph. The shifting of the point of view is too fast that, in my opinion, makes the story in the first paragraph fragmented. It begins with Anne then shifts to Sophie, then back to Anne again, and it goes back and forth. But after the first paragraph the story goes pretty smoothly. But there is another part that gets me confused; it is the ending. Why does Anne think about Alex and why does Sophie keep her mouth shut? What is their relevance the story?

    (100 words)


  6. 180410120049 / C

    First of all, I would like to tell you that after finished read this story, I think that the plot was easily predictable and the main idea of the story is somehow mainstream. Triangle love among friends is very common yet could be interesting if you add some unusual side problems. But, I found your story just ordinary and did not have any ‘different’ problem that could make the love story interesting. However, there is one thing that I like about your work, the way you describe the situations is good and it make the setting and characters appear stronger in front of the reader.

    word count: 105


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