Get the Point : A short story


Summary : I have been working for this company about 4 years. I get nothing from this job. In the noon of my busy day, I get daydreaming that makes me confuse. The daydreaming in that moment takes my life. My whole life.

Get the Point

In the noon of my busy day, when my boredom in the highest level, I suddenly remember several years ago when I dreamed kind of job that I really want to do. My Friend told me, if working in company, it would make you have no freedom. Your boss always gives you some demands and we have no chance to refuse it. Then the owner of you time is your company. Life is so unfair for employee, boss is like parents. They are never wrong and we are wrong at all times. There are always many reasons why people never enjoy their job, now I already understand that and I realize I have been trapped in this cycle. In my daydream, there is a voice that comes into my head, it seduces me “You can do what you want, and leave this suppression. Take all the big opportunity that GOD gives to you, create all your life by yourself. Kick all command from your boss and put it into garbage”. In a moment, I am in confusing situation, I know if I leave and have no job, I will not have a security in my pocket. As we know, financial always is important element in life for many people. My mind suddenly full of questions and upset my feeling. I see around in my office, see my friend in busy. Their face expression is never looks so happy, or express “I love this job and I am ready to do it all my lifetime”. I assume they do it because they are in situation that make them must do that. I mean many employee do their job is not because they really want to do but it kind of recessive. Security becomes main reason why they still do the job. Actually majority of them wishing a better job, some pleasure job that make them happy when doing it. So do I. The ringing of my cell phone interrupt all my daydream, I turn it off. It is still in office hours, so I am not allowed to use my cell phone.

The time shows 5 o’clock, it means the daily time where my dedication for my boss and his company almost over. I have been here almost 4 years, although I have no sense why I work in there, I still feel lucky because I get good friends. We have routine, after working we always hangout in coffee house for an hour. In our hangout instead getting a pleasure time after working and enjoy talking with them, I am still thinking about my daydream. My angel says that my situation now is the stage that I have to do to get my life goal, to step into next level and finally he persuades me, “You have to survive and believe it will not take a long time”. In other side my demon whispers into my head, very sweet cradle. “Imagine if you have freedom in your life, without pressure from your boss. Your job is only a joke for others people. You can replace it, do what you want, you can set your time to relax. You can go everywhere that you want to visit, every time. Set it by yourself. You can fully own yourself. Life is not only how you earn money in a month and you get trouble to manage your needs and desire. Is not it a beautiful story? Did not you feel boring with your condition? Just do it and do not try to think twice”. Ah that is sweet sensation. Sometimes I cannot feel my life, my job takes all my chance to enjoy the life. I arrived at my boarding house, lying in my bed. Still get confusing, should I survive in my comfort zone as a slave in my company or seize it from them and starting my new life, using the golden ticket that every people do not use. For next day in my life, I am always trapped in the uncertainty that I make by myself without doing something. Without any decision, and it is slowly disturbing my life. Whole my life.

Thank you for Eminem for the lyrics.

References :

Eminem songs : 8 Mile and Lose Yourself

word counts : 691

Link For Dramatization.

One thought on “Get the Point : A short story

  1. 180410110127 / D

    This story related to me, because sometimes I also daydreams and think about what I’m doing. That’s the first reason why this story attracts me. Unfortunately, I can’t found the plot of this story because the conflict begins from the first word until the last word of this short prose, the conflict is happens in the main character mind. I also can’t found another character besides “I’ on this short prose. When I read this short, I also expected that in the end the character can solve the problem, but I couldn’t found it. Overall, I still love this work because this related to me.

    [105 words]


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