Friendzone Never Ends : A Short Prose

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Summary: A girl who finally realizes that friendship does not recognize anything; a bestfriend will always care in any condition and it does not mean that it is “love”.

One sunny April, a girl named Rachel was brooding in his room. Happiness that she showed in front of her friends turned out to conceal a thing about which her closest friends did not know. She wrote her all anxiety that she had buried long ago. It was started from a friendship between Rachel, Rama, Shaney, Kiki, and Vino. They had formed a friendship since high school and all seemed fine.

One evening, they gathered in Rama’s house, and Shaney invited another friend. She came with her close friend named Frisa who was also Rama’s junior high school friend. In the evening, they talked about the plans to celebrate new year together and finally agreed to celebrate it in Rama’s villa which was located in Lembang. At the moment, Rachel did not have a boyfriend, but she was close to a young-tall-man named Adnan and she intended to invite him to New Year’s Eve. Rachel also told the other friends about Adnan, who already had a girlfriend. All friends responded her at once that it was not good and she would only ruin their relationship.However, she did not care about anything that all her friends said.

As the day passed by, Rachel tried to cook for her friends. When she was cooking, Rama came to her and they both talked to each other. Rachel always talked about Adnan who had a handsome figure and was always there when she needed. Then, Rama tried to find a solution so that she did not get caught in a romantic karma. At the moment, Rachel had something to tell, but she was reluctant to tell it then.

A few days passed, Rachel was in the balcony of her house with a cup of hot coffee. There were some messages on her phone, when she began to read, the messages were from Kiki, which were about his desire to know Frisa, but he had no desire to start a conversation. Rachel was thinking that she could help his friend to approach Frisa, a good friend brought by Shaney few nights ago. While walking to her room, she had an idea to bring together Frisa and Kiki at the time they assembled later. After a few days, they gathered in Rachel’s house by all plans created by her. Kiki, Rama, and Vino had already come. However, Shaney could not come because there was another sudden business. Therefore, Frisa automatically could not come at that time, because it was only Shaney who could persuade her to come.

Rachel paid attention to Rama’s face on and on which at the moment did not look really happy, but she did not suspect anything. They were sharing and joking with each other about their own personality. When Rachel began to tell about Adnan, she was crying, because she often got terrored by Adnan’s girlfriend, who always called her “bitch, people’s-lover-poacher”. Her friends could not do anything, because it was her fault. Vino and Rama also tried to advise her and provide solutions in order that she would leave Adnan. Rama look very concerned about Rachel and it was indeed that she became interested in the figure of Rama, but she knew that she had to bury her feeling, because it would only ruin their friendship. Meanwhile, Kiki had already dared to approach Frisa through some short messages.

New Year’s Eve had come. Rama, Vino, Shaney, and Kiki, they were all together and Frisa also came after being picked up by Kiki. They enjoyed being there with cooking, storytelling, fireworks and much more.Rachel started forgetting Adnan’s figure that had made her much in terror. At that night, it was agreed that they ought to do something, that was truth or dare about romance. A bottle was turned for the first round, in which Kiki got the first turn, and he chose to dare. He claimed that he liked Frisa since they met. All friends were very happy and laughed hearing that. But there was something unsuspected; when the second round of the bottle belonged to Rama, he chose to write on a piece of paper, and it should only be opened on his birthday. Rachel felt confused about his purpose.

On the day before Rama’s birthday, Rachel prepared everything to surprise Rama and she asked the others for help. When the time came, Rachel and the other friends came to visit Rama’s house to celebrate his birthday, and…

“SURPRISE!!!!!” they shouted, lustering Rama’s birthday.

Rachel felt very happy, because she did it well to surprise him. Then, all her friends asked about a piece of paper that Rama wrote in new year’s eve. Rachel was trying to read it in front of other friends, and in fact, it was written that:

“We have been knowing each other for along time. I’ve ever approached you before, yet there is no answer. Now I want to redo it, Frisa.”

All friends were silent; they never suspected it. Rachel was silent with no any single word spoken; she felt hurt. Kiki straightly went away and he started to really hate Rama. In Rachel’s inner heart, there was a space for Rama, but she was grateful for never expressing directly in front of Rama. Friendship which they built long ago began to fade with this incident. Rama told Vino about his feelings that he did not want to see Kiki approaching Frisa, but he could not do anything.

At home, Rachel cried continously, wondering why all became like this. She lost the person that she loved and also lost her friends who were always there. Conflict between Rama and Kiki still found no way out, but the inner conflict about her feeling was something that she must finish first. From this incident, they thought that friendship is everything, and they should let a best friend still become “just” a best friend, without expecting too much, for a friend’s caring is absolute existence and it is not because they have more feeling for us.

Thank you Peni Rizki and Nurul Undira Eka Putri for proofreading my work.

Reference : This story was from my old friend’s experience.

Word count (997)

Link for dramatization.

3 thoughts on “Friendzone Never Ends : A Short Prose

  1. 180410120001/ A

    In my opinion, your short story: Friendzone Never Ends is good. It is good because the plot is very clear. Moreover, your short story is good because the characters like Rachel, Rama and Kiki are building the plot. So that, I think that simple plot makes your story more understandable. Due to I only read two kind of the direct speech, I think your short story is can be better if you put more direct speech in the beginning, middle or ending of the story. Moreover, I think it is good if you write more about the characteristic of the main characters like Rachel, Rama and Kiki. (107)


  2. 180410120035/ B

    The story is presented utterly with its simplicity and it really reflects the teenagers’ love life from how Rachel, Rama, Kiki, and others tell each other’s story about their beloved ones in special places. But, unlike some love television film or what we used to call “FTV”, the ending of this story is unsuspected. That is what makes this story different. You successfully offer the readers some riddles in the initial part by presenting a lot of different characters there and unite them in one moment with a surprising event. Furthermore, the place and circumstance setting of this story is nice; it pushes the plot of this story to be livelier and makes the reader’s imagination well-developed.

    (117 words)


  3. At first, i thought this story is based on your own life but when it came to characterization of the three main characters i started to think that it was about your friends and you kept trying to build the plot with your own way. The dramatization that you put in the story especially in the ending is kind of driving me sad. Nice story after all though it is a little bit lame.


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