Father, how are you today? : A Short Prose


Summary: A tragedy story about a girl who regretted and realized that the true love in her life is actually her father.

The rain is falling heavily in Queensland. The sky is so dark. No sun, no birds. All Rose hears is the raindrops which are falling on the rooftop. She is looking at the raindrops flowing from the top to the earth. They compete each other to be on the ground. Suddenly, her eyes are burst into tears. The rain is not only falling outside, but also falling inside.


“Mom, where are you going?”

“I am going to work, my little girl. There is something to do.”

“Hmm.. I see, but why are you crying? Did someone hurt you?”

“No, dear. Everything is alright. I have to go now. Listen to your dad, and be a good girl while I am working, ok?”

“Ok. I will be a good girl, just like you. You will go home sooner, isn’t it? I have something to show you. It is a picture of dad, you, and me.”

“Yes, I will.”

Little Rose was waiting her mother to come home. She played with her beloved dolls, Cherry, and then colored her picture. She was so excited to show it to her mother and father. Day by day had passed. Her mother did not come. She finally realized that her parents were not living together anymore.

Rose never asked her father what was actually happened with him and her mother. She had promised to her mother that she would be a good girl, and listen to her father. Her father, in fact, loved her very much. He took care of Rose just by himself. He did everything that can make Rose happy. Everything.

Year by year had passed. Rose was not a little girl anymore. She already became a high school student. As a teen, Rose started to fall in love with a boy. The boy’s name is Nathan. He was in the same year with Rose. Rose and Nathan spent time together almost everyday in the school and even outside the school. One day, she came home in the evening. Her father was waiting for her in the living room.

“Where have you been, Rose?”

“I went to my friend’s house to do homework together, dad.”

“You are lying, isn’t it? I know that you were going with a boy this afternoon, and it’s not the first time. I’ve told you, Rose. You may not have special relationship with a boy now! Boys suck. You’ll be hurt. Trust me.”

“No, he is not! He is a good boy. He does everything to make me happy. He said he will never leave and hurt me.”

“No, he won’t, I bet.”

“Dad, I’m not a child anymore. I’m sick and tired of being in the cage. You never let me do what I want. You don’t love me.”

“I let you to do what you want, but in this case, I don’t. It’s all for you, Rose. I’ll do everything for you even if I should die. I’ll do it.”

“It’s enough, dad! I’ve been thinking of this and now I will go to mother’s house, so you don’t have to worry me.”

“But, Rose…”

Rose walked to the door. She did not even think for a while. She left her father alone and went to her mother’s house with no words uttered. Her father kept in silence, doing nothing but crying.

“Is.. is that you, my little girl, Rose?”

“Yes, mom. It’s your daughter.”

“Oh, thank God! Let me hug you. I really miss you, dear. It’s been a long time.”

“I miss you too, mom.”

Then, Rose lived together with her mother. Now she could feel very free like she wanted before.

One day, when Rose was walking on a pathway in Queensland City, she saw Nathan standing across the road. She was so excited. She ran across the road without seeing to the left or the right side. Suddenly, a high speed car was coming toward her and crashing her. At that time, all Rose could see was just the darkness. She was unconscious and fell down.

After being coma for 10 days in the hospital, Rose finally woke up. She saw her mother falling asleep beside her. When she was looking around the room, she found a letter which was tied with a stalk of wilted white rose on the table. It said, “To Rose”. Her hands were trembling as she took the letter.

“Hello, Rose. How are you today? I’m sure you are fine and happy there. I’m sorry I have to say this. I really miss you, de ar. Do you remember I’ve told you that I will do everything for you even if I should die? Now, I do it. I give my heart to ou so that you can still live. Good bye my little princess. I hope happiness is always with you. I love you not only for the rest of my life but also for the rest of your life.”


The rain is still falling. Rose’s heart still beats so fast. She is still looking at the raindrops from her bedroom with tears on her cheeks. Her hands are trembling. She is speechless. All her heart can say is just…

“Father, how are you today?”

Thank you Annisa Hida Robbiani for being my proofreader. Thank you Amanda Alifia for correcting my vocabularies. Thank you Vera Citra Utami for giving the best mood booster to me (ice cream).

-Lidya’s life story
-Seandainya (2012): Movie
-Malaikat Tanpa Sayap (2012): Movie

Word Count: (870)

Link for work dramatization.

7 thoughts on “Father, how are you today? : A Short Prose

  1. 180410120146/G

    Wow, it’s really… touching. The most make me touched is a part when Rose received the letter from her father. The plot is so unexpectedly that the father would give his heart for his little daughter. It shows sincerity of the father, no matter how grumpy he is, he did it all for his child. I think this story is easy to read. It’s really deep to read the last sentence in the letter, that he would love her not only for the rest of his life, but also for the rest of her life. I can’t imagine if it’s my father said that. I really like this story.

    Word count: 109


  2. Ineza Rachma Putri
    Class F

    By the way, I prefer to listen to the sound rather than to read the contents carefully since I know your voice is very nice, smooth, and soft, whether you are about to sing or not. I like the plot you build. There are 2 messages here:
    1. Don’t try to tell lies toward our parents, as soon as they would easily know since they have a strong instinct which never goes wrong.
    2. Please be a good listener to our parents, whether their opinions are accepted or not. They know what’s the best for us anyway.

    Overall, this is an easy-to-read short prose since you use the simple words. I think this is a simple trick to easily get attention from the readers by using familiar words.

    Word Count: (128)


  3. 180410120067/A

    I like the way the flashback event is presented in this story. Generally, the story tells about the flashback event which is covered by the present event in the first and last paragraph. I think this is a unique form remembering a story usually just uses the flashback events as interlude within the present events. The story is also interesting and unpredictable. The interesting part of the story is the strong bond between the father and the daughter remembering that the bond begins to appear from the separation of her parent. The ending is also unpredictable since I thought that father is still alive and will live with Rose again. Overall, the story is well-arranged and inspirational.

    Word Count: 115


  4. Ananda Ayu Meidiana
    180410120033 / A

    The short story that you serve really touching my heart. The plot is very clear from the beginning to the end, so it is very easy to understand it by the reader. Rose is the protagonist character who is very visible, she has a good nature but sometimes she has stubborn. I can take the point of the story like we never wasted a person who very loved us moreover it is our own father, and also we should begin to understand that the words that are pronounced by our parents certainly for the good of their children. Once again, I am proud of you that have made this wonderful short story.

    Word count : 102


  5. Nurul Hidayah

    I think the setting of place of “Father, How Are You Today” story takes part in portraying the characterization of the main character because there is a difference between Rose inside and outside the house. For example when Rose was a little girl, she spends her time at home and has no curiosity at all about something like children as usual. She tends to hold back his curiosity rather than reveal what actually happened to his parents (L.20). Room which is identical with small space and narrowness gives influence in the way of thinking of a little Rose at that time. However it is different when the teenager Rose has known the outside space. She automatically turns into a daughter who is disputant and uncaring to her beloved father. Place’s role is further strengthened when Rose was treated in hospital because she cannot describe her regret in words anymore.


  6. 180410120090/E

    Your short story title catches my attention. First because it remains me of my mother’s favorite song “Mother How Are You Today” the difference is the subject in your short story is father while in my mom’s favorite song is mother. However, after I read your short story I think the plot is predictable since you cited the references from Indonesian popular movies but I love the way you creates the characterization. I think the portrayal of the main character reflects teenager’s life so it helps me to understand the character. I still have a question, why did her parents separate?


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