eyewitness of abduction: a short prose


Summary: this story about an eyewitness of abduction. “ I” is a girl named lala who planned to see her family and friends in Bandung.

It was raining so heavily when I was in a rush to go to Bandung. The announcer called the train passenger from Jakarta to Bandung to go on board because the train would soon be leaving. Along the way from Jakarta to Bandung, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the train window, sightseeing. Fresh air, bright-shining sun, and big-blowing wind in Bandung welcome me after I arrived. From a distance, I saw a tall, dark-skinned man waving his hand at me. It was Bagja . He hadn’t changed a bit; he was still annoying but his smile was also still unforgettable. He greeted me, “Welcome to Bandung. Let’s go home.”

He took me to a house. It was very familiar to me. The house hasn’t changed a bit. I told him to wait a minute because I just wanted to change my clothes and then went out with him for a lunch. A met my mother. She hugged me and said, “How are you? It’s been a very long time. Have you had lunch? Hurry and change your clothes then take Bagja to lunch.”

I standing in front of door the handle is as shiny as gold, with some ethnic detail. I hold the key of that door in my hand. Same color, identic detail with the handle. But, there is a letter crafted to the key. Something likes ‘L’. I don’t know what means, but at least it presents the first letter of my name. I put the key to unlock the door. I opened it, and find some sticky note with a quote on the floor. Seems like somebody put it on my door, and the wind blew it down. Maybe Gita usually sleep in my room when I am in Jakarta.

I sat on my bed, a window in my bedroom already open when I came here. I saw two people standing in front my neighbor house. They are wearing black clothes and letter jacket, maybe it’s my neighbor guest. Not so long after that I saw they were taking out things from the house. But then I got suspicious because there was nobody at home. To be sure, I called them, but they ignored me. Then just to be sure I called the police.

The police came. Surprisingly, they had the same plan. They worked with the robber. I looked at them from a window but unfortunately one of them saw me. They came to my house. I hid in the wardrobe and tried not to make any noise. Someone came in to my room. The police noticed my hiding place and told me to come out of the wardrobe and then bound me in a chair. They muffled my mouth so tight that I couldn’t scream for help. There was no one around in the house. “No one can help you!” the police told me.

I struggled. I gave out all of my strength to fight. I kicked the police so hard that the chair on which I was bound fell and got broken. The rope that bound me was detached and I tried to run as fast as I could.


The police shot my leg. I fell. They chased me. One of them stabbed me in my back

I run straight downstairs and saw Bagja was sleeping in the living room. There was nothing happened that day.

Thank you to Imam Ismail and venna who helped me to correct grammar

Word count: 594

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