Crimson Story: A short prose


Summary: “He won’t be here anymore!”

Selick O’Brian’s birthday party becomes the expensive party in Mahra City. Selick, a handsome man who has green eyes and blonde hair, has a well-known company inherited from his late father. There are many important people in his party. But the most outstanding appearance in there is his fiancée, Claire Strife. She is an ordinary girl, with a brown hair and golden eyes.

“Claire, this is my best friend and he will become my best man, Kirkis Caelum. Kirkis, this is my fiancée, Claire Strife.”

Kirkis, a handsome man with a grey eyes and brown hair, shake hands with Claire. “Now I know why you want to marry so soon.”

The two of them just laugh and talks about so many things. After the party is done, Claire tells Selick that she has to go to Indonesia and will be back in three months. The truth is Selick don’t want to let her go, but he can’t do anything to stop her. Claire goes to Indonesia just to ease her mind and she often go to Woles’s boutique. The owner, Siswandini Secret, has so many tricks to make her comfortable. After they meet in Siswandini’s office, without any greetings, Siswandini ask her about her relationship with Selick. Claire just smile. And then they go to the park nearby.

“By the way, that guy that watching on you this whole day is hot. At first I thought that jerk was watching on me because I am a beauty here. But well, just forget it, If you didn’t interested in him, just help me sell my hipster sheath and Woles cap in my boutique. My customers tried to burn my boutique, they are sick!”

Claire doesn’t listen to Siswandini’s whole story for she immediately turns around and her eyes widened when she see Kirkis smiling at her. And then Kirkis walks to where Claire is standing. Claire introduces Kirkis to Siswandini, after Kirkis shakes hands with Siswandini, she tells her that she must go back to her office.

“Well then, see you again, handsome,” Siswandini winks her eye to Kirkis, while Kirkis just laugh.

“Your friend is cute.”

“Well… really? Yeah she is kind, she is nice and she’s… quite mad. I still trying to find one reason why I end up become her friend.” Kirkis and Claire watching each other face and then laugh out loud.

“Wow Claire, you’re so mean.”

Claire and Kirki are having fun in Indonesia and ends up always going out together. They like the same music, movie, game and other things. Their apartments close with each other, so Kirkis always visiting Claire. They keep doing that for three months and they begin to love each other. Claire goes to the bathroom to drink her medicine when Kirkis is asleep.

“What’s that?” asks Kirkis. Claire tries to hide it, but he’s faster than her. Kirkis staring at her when he knows what kind of drug is that. “Heart… disease?”

“Give it to me!” Claire takes her medicine from Kirkis. She stares at him for a while for she remembers what Hanna, Kirkis ex-girlfriend who has blue eyes and pink hair, says.

“I’ll make you two suffer! Just wait, Claire!” she threatens her.

“Kirkis, we should… just pretend that nothing happens between us!” says Claire before she leaves.

That night, Hanna see Claire leave Kirkis’s apartment. She’s so angry, so she makes a deal with Kirkis’s step-brother, Judd Ansara.

“I’ll kill him and his lover, if you promise to become mine!” says Judah.

“Do whatever you want.”

Before they go to Mahra, Kirkis visits Claire’s apartment and he tell her to wait for him in the airport. That morning, Kirkis sees Claire in the lobby, and the suspicious man that keep following her. Kirkis stops that man and before he says anything, that man stabs him. Judah just smile and he leave him bleeding.

“Now it’s your girlfriend’s turn!” says Judah.

“Judd, I’m begging you don’t hurt me, don’t hurt her!”

Kirkis tries to get up, but he can’t. Fortunately, Selick is there because he’s planning to bring Claire back to Mahra, but he’s also worry about Kirkis, so he’s following him. When Selick tries to save him, Kirkis tell him to save Claire. And the last words from Kirkis make him shocks.

Judd almost kills Claire, but Selick come just in time to save her from Judah, not from her disease. The police doesn’t able to arrests Judah, but he doesn’t care and he’s immediately call the ambulance. Claire is coma for almost three months. When she awake, she sees Selick is holding her hand. She can’t do anything for a week, but when she slowly recovers, she asks Selick about Kirkis.

“Where is he?”

Since Selick keep quiet, Claire begins to feel that something is fishy. Selick’s expression makes her uncomfortable, but she tries to calm her heart. He’s staring at her while standing in front of the window with his hands inside his pockets pants. He’s finally open his mouth, but he doesn’t bother to answer her question.

“You should rest. I’ll just go now.”

“Answer me?!”

“Listen, Claire! Kirkis won’t be here anymore. He said that he was bored and you should forget about him. So don’t bother to think about him. He’s a jerk! You shouldn’t love him in the first place! I’m your fiancée not him remember?!”

Claire look at him like he has two heads and her eyes fills with tears. “You… lie!”

Selick know that if he didn’t get out from Claire’s room right away, he will be tempts to tell her the truth. Thus, he goes out of the room and leave before Claire crying. But two days later, someone calls him and says that Claire is died after someone kills her. Selick know who kill her so he comes to Hanna’s house. When he’s there, he sees them in the bedroom; Selick doesn’t say anything and just shoot them. And after that he kills himself after Claire’s funeral.

Thank you for Kalda Nadif Ibrahim, Rina Karina, Novianti Siswandini, Antya Catra Denira dan Rizqy Aulia Gifari.


– Name from Final Fantasy XIII and Wartune games


– Soundtrack from 2 until the end from Vampire Knight

Word Count: (1000)

Link for work dramatization:

2 thoughts on “Crimson Story: A short prose

  1. cyntia valerina/ 180410110176/A

    I rather confused about all the character in the story, like who want kills Claire and his boyfriend. I like the part when clarie , she will be tempts to tell her the truth. But I don’t understand how did she died? And where is kirkis? This story more interesting if described more when selick comes to home hana and sees them in the bedroom.


    • Thanks for your comment. Actually that is my intention, to make the readers confuse and wondering what this story is about. You should have know where kirkis is gone, claire have a cancer and kirkis is dying after judd stabbed him, he told selick to give his heart to claire, that is why selick is shocked. I mentioned it when “…she tries to calm her HEART”, that is the clue why selick told her that kirkis wont return anymore. Kirkis gives his heart for claire.

      Remember when I said that judd is escape from the police? He comes to claire’s room to kill her, I made it clear when judd said “now it is your girlfriend’s turn”, he failed his first attempt but he success after his second attempts. Judd is kirkis step-brother, he is a bad guy, who has opposite characteristics with kirkis. He is the one who killed both kirkis and claire.

      I would love to do that, but limited words remember? ^-^ but thanks for your comment. I’ll try my best next time and sorry about my grammatical mistakes. >. <

      Word count: 180


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