Concealed Resentment


Summary : when kindness doesn’t turn back in a kind

Her life is not as gala as fireworks’ bang,

And is not as blue as a widow;

Her life is up-down grooved,

But is not so special.

She sees the world within her angle,

And praises the abundance of blessings;

A passing of jealousy bashes every once in a while,

Still easement and felicity circle her.

As she excesses her limit

None is triumphant in keeping her head above water;

Her wrath is hardly held in her heart,

Shown vividly to her surroundings.

The sweet and the bitter are surrounding her,

In passing thru the darkness and the awaken of the living;

Once she goes over in her head,

Other’s mouth goes against her feeling.

Her treat is an ideal deed,

Her reaction is a positive thing,

Her guidance is a wise step,

Her care is a pure sincerity.

Her goodwill is nothing but to give a hand

To lick into shape

Against the underestimated and the belittled

On the behalf of the horde.

Still it is how the life journey hit the road,

Her good isn’t good enough,

Simply because the clash of two heads,

The goodwill is trivially unconsidered.

Her sincerity is perished wittingly to pieces,

Her tenderness embarks to harden in gradual manner,

Her heart is getting numb,

Pure sincerity turns into vain to the core.

She felt so unworthy as if a bunch of scraps,

She felt so disenchanted as if slapped by dishonesty,

She felt so sore as if brine touches a wound,

She felt so worthless as if alienated into the sanctum.

The cold shoulder greatly touches her heart,

Alters the act of her towards the pal;

The deep bitter pill loathe her,

And pull her to one side out of the pal.

Her ambiance summons her mind,

It is enough for the virtue,

It is enough for the sincerity she willingly spread,

It is enough, enough.

Hardly plausible she thought,

Hardly she hidden the ache,

Hardly she bestir oneself normally,

Hardly she buried the reminiscence.

Hiding away demands plenty of times,

Sticking up the camaraderie demands the more,

But still, she tries to forgive and forget

In a wholeheartedly way.

Though how great the matter is,

Their camaraderie is atop of everything;

Though her act is mildly dissimilar,

But slowly remedy day by day.

A pure sincerely virtue,

Is not eternally turned back in a kind;

Injustice is fair in living the scene,

Even if clashing every head.

Each matter rings a bell to read up the past;

What the past said is merely not being an afterthought,

It shall to be a lesson of life.

The lesson of every last soul owns the virtue inside the heart,

And every last soul owns the villainy inside the heart,

Nay the harshest and the holiest man in the world.

The more matters we are dealing with,

The riper our thought

To step on our life’s next chapters

And the riper our thought is,

The more prudent we are

In confronting every last matter in our way.

Thanks to Adhiatmaka Baskara, Nadira Natasya, Nurul Undira Eka Putri, and Maulia Sefriani for proof-reading

Word count : 502

Link for work dramatization.

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