Cal’s Sweet Outburst: A Short Prose


Summary: Driven by emotion, a girl plans to revenge on her irritating best friend.


Don’t get me wrong. I was just trying to calm down and bury the hatchet. I knew walking off the way I did was rude, but what could I say? That was the best order my mind could demand to my body in 5 seconds. This was the first time.

I sat still while watching people up and down the street, and sipped my hot coffee slowly, trying not to get my lips burn. Another heat and I no longer could imagine what might happen. This was not the first time Sandra and I got into fight, but me leaving her without a word, count that as a start.

I had been dealing with her mood swings my whole life. But this time, she literally got on my last nerve. Without even realized, I made myself promise to teach her some good lesson.

The first thing I would do was showing her my condemnation. She had been living a world of her own rule considering she was quite a rich and gorgeous—a typical well-off princess. She used to order people (read: me) instead of asking for their help. It indeed sounded irritating. From now on, I wanted to stop being nice or considerate to her. The thought of me being mean toward her was terrible, but thinking of the way she treated me, I dared say she needed it sometimes. I needed it.

Would it also fine if I told Tom that she once had a dinner with Sam? Sandra forced me to believe that was just a casual dinner and she had no lust for Sam. Bad for her, I was not a fool to fall for her endless defense. I knew what her desire was and all I need to do was merely adding some fuel to the flame. I would think of it as my generosity to help her spared Tom the heartache. That was for her sake and I would be happy to do that.

Should I just do it right away? Based on some movies, I believed they taught me several things about blackmailing: you sent the victim—I believed victim was not a correct term for her, even in this case—threatening messages, and before you could think of their reaction, she would eventually cry for your help. I did not think that was a bad idea. In fact, revealing her dirty little secret was no fun without watching her suffer first. Don’t get me wrong. I thought a girl like Sandra who ruled the world definitely needed panicking sometimes. That was for her sake.

Now how would I do that? Leaving a note would be great but I could not take the risk if she would recognize my handwri—

“Cal, when will you get back?” a cheerful voice snapped through my phone.

“I don’t know. In one or two hours, I guess.”

“Alright! Buy me some potato chips, kay?

“Why would I do that?” That’s it, Cal! It started. Way to go!

“Because I found Schmidt Miller’s old movie and we need to munch something crisp while watching, which potato chips will do.”

“Gosh okay! I’ll be there in a flash.”

“Great! Be careful on your way, Cal.” Sandra hung up first.

I could just stop by a convenient store near our dorm and bought some chips. Would ice cream also do? I thought it would. Sandra likes ice cream.


Thank you to Monica Maulidia Anilza for proofreading and shaping my work.


– Parker’s But The One On The Right. (1929)

Word count: (568)

Work dramatization:

One thought on “Cal’s Sweet Outburst: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120079 / A

    I love the way you put your diction in your story because you put it in a whole part, not only in the description about the story but also in direct speech. The complete details you give for your character make my imagination and emotion flow with the story. Due to your diction and details, I can understand why Cal hates her and wants to take revenge on her and how deep her hatred to her is. The disappointing part for me is the story has not reached to the conflict yet, whereas I am very curious about what Cal is going to do in charge of taking revenge on Sandra. (111w)


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