Calamity: A Poem

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Summary: It is about someone who shows his disappointments because the one he loves always take him for granted, and in the end leave him for another guy.

You wont find any perfection,
even in the posies
Don’t ever take them for granted,
there’ll be no agonies

Did you hear what they say?
‘Everything will go astray’
We were too numb to make decisions,
So we took the wrong way

You can bury your promises
Or throw them into abyss
Afraid there’d be someone we’d miss,
We kept thinking the ‘what-if’s

Lifting to the expanse of the sky,
Where the clouds are tangling
There’s no need to apologize,
Cause I know we’re breaking

The moments appeared on my mind
When the silence cave me in,
We let the rain erased the pain
Cause we knew that no one can

You were flying after the birds
Amazed by their laughter
You told them you’d surrender,
but forgot not to blunder

I don’t believe in happy ending,
I don’t believe in anything,
Be careful as you are flying,
Or you’ll break another wing

We were staring at the mirror,
Waiting for the right answer
But we saw the shattered souls
That guiding us to start over

You don’t need any compass
To know the direction
You can find the right one
By listen intuition

Everything changed for a reason,
We weren’t good, or fine
‘Every cloud has silver lining’
A Cliché that stay on my mind

Don’t know what I’ve been thinking
But the sun still rising
And spiders keep creeping
All we can do is nothing

No apologize came to our ears,
Seemed like we were too weary
You kept running away and away,
Without saying I’m sorry

Once we played in the same team,
We were so great as one
We had been fighting for nothing,
‘Til one of us pulled a gun

We may meet the wrong person,
who gives a bitter end
However, time heals the pain
And brings us back to the game

We had been hiding in our thoughts,
Waiting for someone to see
If things did not work out,
Cause we weren’t meant to be

Didn’t I give you chances?
Yes, you blew it all away
Maybe you had no courage
To admit it that day

I know I took a wrong decision
When I saw my self broken
Making yourself as an option
Will only bring you down

Now you’ve found the new one
Who gives you all you want
But you can’t trust anyone
Since there’s no warrant

I will leave my worries behind
I will leave the aches behind
I will leave our stories behind
You can keep it in your mind

You have to know it ain’t easy
To wake up in the morning
And find something has gone away
But you can’t do anything

No, you’re not my inspiration
Not this time actually
No, you cannot be my muse
Not only this time, maybe

Appreciate the things you have
Treat them right before they’re gone
Don’t take anything for granted
Live your life and moving on

Can I say Calamity,
than Serendipity?
Should stop taking them for granted,
if they love tenderly

(508 words)

-Of Monsters and Men’s songs

Thanks to someone out there as the inspiration of this poem.
Thanks to Della Rahadiyan for the suggestions.

Dramatization link.

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