Almost Friendzoned: A Poem


Summary: A poem about a girl that almost friendzoned by his crush and receive a help by something.

Almost Friendzoned

As I walked to the edge of the sea, the hopeless wind was blowing stronger

The blue sea, blue sky, blue sand, blue fishes, blue clouds, blue me

The waves were crying harder and harder as it turned into dark blue

I saw my hand turning blue…. my emptiness building up

Always expected more than what I thought I could reach

Our togetherness can not combine me and you to be one

To be more than what now we were

To be a beautiful red pinkish pearl, not deep blue dark sea

Thinking why my all my pictures about us being together, never be together

While it was you, the adorable one, the unreachable one

The cool, navy, strong, expensive…

Being next to you never fill this emptiness

A great big, hard, strong wall, between our connection, will forever be my enemy

Got to crush that, got to remove it

My knowledge is more that just knowing what to do

My heart will never be able to do it

Sailing to find the answer, to be the answer

Believing God knows what’s best, I believe I am trying hard

Just like them, the other candidates, I am trying hard, long to be with you

To be more than this, to have a special connection

I want to be your special on in my special way

Again, my knowledge more than just knowing what to do

My need more than it, my desire of you

I could imagine how easy to be anyone but me

And then you, the reason why I keep trying and changing

The great you, who always looking at the far far away sky, saying there must be something beneath the sky,

Fading out, pulled by another one..

What I heard, what I believe

People say good match good, perfect match perfect, sky match sea, mountains matches green grass

And big, strong, great tree will never match a little unattractive flower

I never be one of your list, not even your grocery list, not even your neighbor list

Sharing feelings will never be enough you said

I go on pretending I will be helpful just to be able to stay by your side

This awful thing beside you, you are the almost perfect creature, is trying hard..

I knew from the first time this will be disgusting

Looking at the mirror, seeing my own reflection

Huh, how awful

Searching beneath myself, that, so dark

Words and sentences only make me look worse

Cause I always wearing a cheerful mask, thinking I am a good actress

Revealing the truth always hurts

Accepting those hard facts

Just like trying to learn how to fly

Until, when I jumped, jumped again, with wings of hope, feather of confidence, I fly

I thought I was flying alone

But there’s something behind me

A light approaching

Warming my wings

A dim little unshiny light coming through my darkness

Touching the broken sensor of hope

Trying to pull me out, to light me up

Saying, “this is your fault”


So I’m the one at fault? I knew it.

I should never be a human being without human feeling

Without humany things, without human’s sense

I knew it, I shouldn’t sway those feelings away

I should have run faster and fly higher

That was what the light said, the miracle, the magic

And then, the new me was born

Together with my new cells, my stronger molecules

I am new me, reborn with new brain new lungs

I can even breath on the water

My heart beats faster and harder

I can feel the rhyme of me, new me

I am a great one, I am

Being full spirited by miracle

I should have known it from the first

Miracle, magic, my answer

My hope, my light, my drug, mine!

I can make you mine!


The wave brought him here, so easily

Wave of my words, while the wind of my greatness was blowing

The shiny warm sun of my attractiveness

See? You could never decline it, no one can!

How does it feel, to be tied withmy charm?

Goodbye, old us.

Thank you to Noviyanti Katerina and Radisti Dwikalisti who proofread my work.

Thank you to Iron & Wine ‘s songs as the soundtrack when I am making this poem.

Word Count: (735)

Link for work dramatization.

One thought on “Almost Friendzoned: A Poem

  1. Noviyanti Katerina
    180410130039 / A

    I am in love with your poem. Despite the fact, and the amazing coincidence, that I am now trapped in a friendzone situation, this poem is amazing. How you picture everything, starting from the sky, the ocean, the sand, and everything is just special to me. I think your diction is somehow presentable in the world of literature. This is going to be even better if it’s being read with a matching song playing as the background song. And again, I see how you didn’t make the language hard to understand, at least it doesn’t bother me. It has a story flow which makes it even more interesting to read. Shortly, it’s a very good poem.


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